year in review {blog style}

some favorite posts of 2011:


:: my 2011 resolutions. i think i made great progress though i can always improve!
:: some favorite pictures of cute, chubby, Elijah baby
:: an important lesson {and word} i learned to help a marriage be healthy and happy
:: got hired for the most fabulous and perfect internship ever. it was like a dream!
:: love my husband!


:: Elijah is chubby
:: {Just} Dance party with best friends
:: a sweet and touching dream i had that reminded me that my Heavenly Father is mindful of me and loves me
:: Elijah starts walking!!

superman powers

:: my cousin & best friend came to visit!
:: Elijah practices his Rocky impression
:: Superman baby {daddy’s dream!}


:: me and Adam finished school and graduated from Brigham Young University
:: Elijah turned one and we had a big party
:: Elijah celebrated his first Easter

honeymoon picture

:: Adam and i celebrated our 2nd anniversary
:: we taught Elijah about the letter U
:: we found out that Elijah really really doesn’t like being pointed at
:: i realized i wasn’t being completely honest on my blog and vowed to be more genuine

photo (5)

:: Elijah became obsessed with this song and it was sometimes the only way to get him to stop crying
:: i realized i couldn’t ever make it as a single mother
:: my sister opened her shop on Etsy, Rhi’s Designs
:: Adam turned 25
:: i really did {finally} finish my last class EVER
:: i understand the importance of the phrase “marry above yourself

fourth of july family pic

:: celebrated 4th of July with friends and blowing stuff up
:: i turned 23 and had a month long celebration {and had a wonderful date}
:: Adam wrote me a sweet birthday message
:: i reached 100 followers!
:: was reminded of the valuable lesson to put your spouse first and how we can have perfect love
:: talked about having depression for the first time

eli wanting to be picked up

:: had to say goodbye to our best friends/cousins
:: figured out what being a mother means to me
:: an old lady in the supermarket taught me the importance of enjoying these moments
:: talked openly about my struggle with depression and getting help
:: shared a great analogy about the way we handle feelings in ourselves & relationships
:: embraced my inner fashionista

my reason

:: had a very special experience of answered prayers
:: realized that Lord really does know best
:: shared my reason for getting help
:: talked about my feelings after Elijah was born

halloween family

:: went to the family carnival
:: shared my feelings about Elijah growing up
:: went to the Utah Blogger Meet-Up
:: visited the beautiful autumn scenery up the canyon
:: realized that it is okay to wait to have another baby
:: threw an awesome {un-Halloween} party []


:: resolved my feelings on motherhood and womanhood
:: Elijah thinks Aragorn looks like Jesus
:: tried to learn to accept myself better
:: joined the awesome RevolutionizeHer project
:: shared my feelings of gratitude for my blessings and family
:: began my 30x30 under $30 project


:: realized how fast Elijah is growing up
:: opened up about pornography addiction and it’s dangers on the Stronger Marriage blog
:: offered some small words of encouragement during times of high stress
:: threw my friend an awesome Soda Shoppe Party
:: shared how my heart opened up more compared to last Christmas

it’s been a great year!
being able to look back on past events and feelings is one of the greatest blessings of having a blog.
i may not be good at keeping a journal, but i’m glad i have this little blog to document the things that happen in my life.

it’s also kind of interesting to see how my blog and writing style has developed throughout the year.
hopefully it’s gotten better and will continually get better as we head into a new year and have new opportunities!

so grateful for this last year and all that has happened.
i know i learned a lot of important lessons that i hope i can remember for years to come.
and i have loved getting to meet new friends and soul sisters!

here’s to another great year!!


The Dayleys said...

Loved your year in review :) I have to agree with you that blogging is a huge blessing and a wonderful way to look back on everything.

Crazy side note - My birthday is July 6. And I love that your birthday is the 7th! We should have a lunch to celebrate this coming year if you are still in Utah :)

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley said...

Shoot I realize I just wrote my comment in the wrong post lol!! I wanted to say I love your blog and thank you for sharing your 2011 journey!!

LV said...

Great year in review! You have such a beautiful family and I love all of your photos:-) Happy New Year!