that’s the smile of a girl who just found out SHE GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!!

and it’s a dream of an internship.

like literally the exact thing I want to do after I graduate.

work from home, doing what I love, teaching/helping people about something I’m passionate about

I was practically giddy when I came home after my interview. (which might explain the rather strange-ness of my smile… too much excitement to be contained!)

I will be working with the Utah Commission on Marriage as the writer for their newest [and very first] blog! and I will be using what I have learned in my classes and recent research to help couples form and sustain healthy and enduring marriage.

I am so {beyond} excited for this opportunity to test my knowledge and stretch my abilities.

I can’t believe the chose me!!!

Dr. Hawkins who is the Committee Chair told me after interviewing the other candidates, there was no doubt I was perfect for the position. He also said Ms. Reese (who is the coordinator) told him I was her top choice!

That made me feel pretty amazing.

like {on top of the world} amazing!

holy cow….

I kind of nervous my writing capabilities are not good enough…. and that I won’t have good ideas (or enough ideas!)… and that the whole project will fail because I suck too bad as a blogger so they cut the program…. and I won’t gain enough of a following…. and it might get overwhelming…..

okay. now I’m having anxiety….

but still excited!!

more nervous now that I thought about all that…. but still excited!

now what should be my first topic????

I am open to any/all ideas! please let me know what you think the most important things to know about marriage/preparing for marriage

I would love to know about what my audience (you’ll read my blog right?) wants to learn about


::: To find out more about The Utah Healthy Marriage Initiative go to utahmarriage.org or strongermarriage.org


Sarah said...

I remember right before I got married you told me not to expect fireworks to happen as soon as we get married. The wedding is beautiful and important and powerful, but in the end you're still the same two people. I remember that you explained that it just feels like real life so not to expect something magnificent every day.
At the time I remember thinking, wow that's completely different from anything anyone else had told me, but you were absolutely right. We were married and happy but in the end we were still two best friends living together and not every day was perfect like people had told us it would be.
I think it would be great to have an entry about setting realistic expectations not only for before you are married but also for in your marriage because if you set unrealistic expectations you will always be disappointed, which leads to an unhappy marriage.

PS that is so crazy that your parents live in Majuro, I used to live on Guam and still had never heard of Majuro until we landed on it. How big is it? We couldn't make out a single light on the island (it was around 1 AM) except for the airport.

Sarah said...

Oh, and congratulations on getting the internship, that is really awesome! You'll do great, your blog is absolutely one of my favorites so I will be interested to start reading the new blog on marriage. You will have to post a link when it is started up.

Traci Butler said...

Wow, that is pretty amazing! Congratulations!!

The best marriage advice I ever received was from my dad saying that everyone's needs will always be met if the husband is more concerned on providing for his wife's wants and needs, and the wife is more concerned about providing for the husband's wants and needs. It will the couple a chance to serve one another, and each person is getting what they need without getting it selfishly.

Also, my dad gave my husband great advice when he asked my dad if he could marry me when he said, "if you treat her like a million buck, cause that is what she has cost me!" :)

Good Luck Megan! You will do GREAT and I really look forward to reading your blog!

Courtney said...

Totally agree with the others. You'v already touched on it on your blog, but I think its really important for both husband and wife to have goals important to them. Many times one will have to sacrifice for the other, and there has to be a balance found, but as long as the couple is willing to look to the other's needs first, love will grow, happiness will be found, and everyone will be taken care of.

Jenny said...

Congratulations Megan! I'm excited for you! Sorry, no marriage advice, though. Haha.

Daniel and Whitney Condie said...

Congratulations, Megan! I think you'll be an amazing writer and that you'll have plenty of ideas and gain a GREAT following! Seriously, it sounds like you're perfect for this internship. I think (somewhat sadly) that there are tons of things you could write about. I've been really concerned about the growing trend toward not marrying ... You saw what I posted about it a couple weeks ago. I think it's an interesting topic. Good luck!!

amber lee said...

How awesome! You'll be so great! And I agree with the first comment, definitely don't go into a relationship with expectations of any kind. That sets a lot of people up for heartbreak. Another thing once you are married is make time for each other often. My husband and I like to have dinner together and make sure to go on a weekly date and to go to bed at the same time. All of those things add a little time for us and gives us the chance to continue to build our relationship daily. Also, communicate. Huge. That doesn't really need to be explained, but I think its super important to keep things between you and your husband and not involve parents or friends in your disagreements. And to let each other know when you really love or hate something that is happening in your family. This keeps communication open and you both know what's going on. Anyways, I'm pretty passionate about this topic too, so I can't wait to read this blog! Good luck with everything! You'll be so great! :)

Christine Frandsen said...

Wow! Sounds like my dream job too :) Maybe the state of New Jersey will let me write about marriage enrichment... oh wait- no one gets married here.


An interesting topic... hum... I think it's interesting how to mesh two peoples lives- different traditions, beliefs, how you run a house, etc.

And I'll definitely read! Just give me reminders and put links on this blog :)

leean robinson said...

Congratulations on the internship. what a great opportunity this will be. Good luck with it all. When do you start? Love all the pics on the past blogs of Christmas and Elijah. Looks like you made Christmas special there in Provo. I knew you would!

Becky said...

I don't want to sound like the downer, but I think the issues of divorce are so important to talk about. The effects on children, the immediate, and long-term consequences and changes, and the unexpected regret many people feel. It seems to be an easy solution, but it just isn't. Congratulations! I look forward to reading it!

Hannah said...

Megan that is so exciting! Congratulations. You are a great writer and you're going to do so well. I am not married but something I wonder is how couples think of enough things to do together without things becoming routine or mundane. I remember you saying when you first got married you and adam didn't know what to do besides watch tv so...yes...that is something I wonder. Yay again for you!

Megs said...

Wow these are all really good topics! Thank you all for your input. I hope to talk about each of these topics in a post. So thank you for giving me some great starter points! It is very helpful!