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pictures of Halloween past


i thought it would be fun to go through the last few years of Halloween costumes
you know, for {posterity}


yes, we were so clever!

Amy and i
{we cry black tears} 

i’m lame… i think i had to work though.

Captain von Trapp and Maria from Sound of Music
favorite movie

maria and capt. von trapp DSC02668   


Juno and Bleaker
i was 2 months pregnant at the time
{my belly was stuffed… i wasn’t that big at 2 months!}


skeletons {and a witch but no picture of me} 
Eli in his glorious chub!



Dwight, The Queen of Hearts and Absolem the caterpillar
i’m pretty sure our costume skills have improved?

halloween family


i don’t know what you guys all thought of that, but that was fun for me to look back!
oh good times!!

what have been some of your past costumes?
i’d love to know!




un-Halloween part: how we’re super cheap/the crafts

for our Mad Hatter Halloween, we had lots of big decoration plans but very little money
so we ended up borrowing, thrifting, and crafting most of them.
even though they were just little details we really felt like they brought it all together
and in the end, the whole party cost us
less than $50!

you read that right!

so i wanted to share with you some of the crafts we made
{with little tutorials if applicable}
that helped make this party amazing
and hopefully show you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great party.


i designed our invitation using Paint.Net.
i really like this program and it’s free to download and simple to use.
my husband has Photoshop on his computer but i always get lost using it.
i feel like this program isn’t nearly as daunting.

halloween invite 5x7 

i then printed the invitations off on white cardstock and backed it with some black cardstock (both already had). i also included little tea bags in the envelopes that said “drink me!” on them.
i know. cute! 


picture wall: 

picture wall

we found these cute Alice in Wonderland silhouette downloads that we wanted to hang on the back fence. instead of buying frames, we cut out frames from cardboard we got from the recycling plant (Kelsey’s husband works there) and then painted them.
i thought they turned out nice and it was an easy and free project!


the arrows:

signs 3signs 2 

again, we cut the arrows out of cardboard and then painted them bright colors. i then took a permanent marker and made a border around the edge and wrote the different “directions” on them. i also think we found the sticks at the recycling plant too and nailed the arrows to them.


card garland:
this project was kind of frustrating at first but then turned out awesome!

  decor 3

Kelsey and i each had some packs of face cards at home and used them to make this card garland.
(you can also get them from the dollar store)
all we did was run the cards through a sewing machine and sewed them all together.
at first my sewing machine kept jamming though so that was frustrating…. but all of a sudden it started cooperating and we were able to attach them all together.
i absolutely love how it turned out!!


yarn and tissue balls:

food tables 2 food tables 

we really wanted whimsical and eclectic flairs of color around the party and so we decided to make these yarn and tissue balls to hang on the porch. both were super easy and free to make since we already had all the materials.

to make the yarn balls, all you need to do is dip some yarn in a glue/water mixture and wrap it around some small balloons. let it dry overnight (or longer) and then pop the balloons.
easy and so cute!

the tissue balls are also really easy and so fun to make! i’m pretty sure i’ve made them for every party i’ve hosted lately cause i love them so much!
you can find a great tutorial here or i’d be happy to post my own version as well
(i use pipe cleaners instead of string)


Kelsey’s Mad Hatter hat:

Kelsey took all this stuff that she just had around the house….


and turned it into this!

mad hatter

pretty amazing and completely free!


my costume:

red queen

believe it or not, my costume cost a whopping

the red dress is actually a prom dress that my mom made for me in high school
(go Mom!)
then, Kelsey and i had some extra felt hanging around so we cut out some hearts and pinned it to the dress. easy peasy!
to top off the ensemble, i purchased the gloves and heart wand from the dollar store and the crown is from Michaels. [each $1]
and the necklace was a gift from my sister of Rhi’s Designs.
and voila!


i think that’s about all the crafty things we did.
i was really proud of ourselves and how we were able to take simple items around the house and make them into awesome party elements!

some other things that we did to help ease the cost of our party were:
-ask around for things to borrow! we borrowed lots of tables, chairs, decorations, tablecloths, etc. helped A LOT!
-potluck. we had a dinner party which could essentially be really expensive. but we asked everyone to bring a dish and they were happy to do it. it might seem tacky but everyone were really great about helping out!
-and be creative! more often than not you probably have really great things around your house that you can turn into the perfect design element. all it takes is some creativity {& lots of pinterest!} and you can do amazing things!

i know this is kind of a long post {sorry}
but i hope it shows that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have the party you imagined!

that pretty much concluded my posts about our Halloween party
i hope you enjoyed it all and aren’t totally bored with it

[other parts: instagram pictures, decorations, & characters]

start here

i wanted to share some craft tutorials and recipes from our un-Halloween Mad Hatter party
but 1. maybe you guys are bored with reading about the party?
and 2. i am participating in the Fall Follower Fest and i thought it would be a good time to introduce myself to any new followers.

bridal veil falls 1
bridal veil falls 2

my name is Megan Robinson and i’m a wife, mother, wanna-be-crafter, lover, and comedian in my own way (at least, i think i’m funny!). i love all things associated with Arizona and am a sucker for rainbow chip frosting.

here on my little corner of the blogosphere i write about my adventures as a wife and mommy. some of my stories are fun, some are challenging.
but through it all i am learning more about who i am and how to love myself!

clothed much 2

my biggest goal is to be real.
i want to share all parts of my story.

this summer, {with less than 50 followers}, i started sharing my story of happiness and heartache.
i showed that even though on the outside it may seem like i have everything together
[that we all may seem like we have everything together]
i have my own weaknesses and struggles.

i wanted to tell my story in hopes that it touched at least one other woman.
and at least one other person didn’t feel so alone, like i felt alone.

my dream is to bring women together,
all sharing their honest & inspiring stories,
to be there for one another as only women can be.

my biggest goal is to be truly honest in all aspects of my journey.
and i hope that you stay a little while to share it all with me.



Stronger Marriage blog, guest posts, & a giveaway winner!

this is one of those annoying,
mass announcement
type posts.


but i got stuff to say and i realize maybe not everyone is a fan on my Facebook page where i usually announce this stuff
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1. there is a new Stronger Marriage blog post up called
Intimacy in Marriage
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the winner is……

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un-Halloween party: the characters

hostesses[the hostess{es} with the mostest{es}]

when we sent out the invites, we asked everyone to come in their Halloween best.
everyone’s costumes were SO awesome and creative!
plus, althought it wasn't required to dress like Alice in Wonderland characters, we almost got someone dressed up as each character!
it was amazing!

now please enjoy a plethora of pictures with very little commentary by me
{seriously, if you can get through these pictures, you can get through anything :)}

halloween family

[Dwight, The Caterpillar/Absolem, the Queen of Hearts]

family 2

[Circus Dog & Circus Bear // Dwight, Absolem, & Red Queen]

little cattepillar Elijah

oh yeah, my son is SUPER cute!

craig and kelsey

[the Mad Hatters]

mad hatter and hare 2 craig and kelsey 2
[the March Hare & the Mad Hatter // Craig & Kelsey]

kelsey's family[Dracula & his bride // Facebook BYU Fan // Mad Hatters]

tweedle dee and tweedle dum 2 holli and jacob
[Tweedledee & Tweedledum // Circus Dog & Circus Bear]

DSCN0260[50's housewife, biker, & a little unicorn]

DSCN0261 [50’s housewife, little unicorn & biker // Hawaiians]

DSCN0262[Alice & the White Rabbit]

DSCN0273[Harry Potter & Cho Chang // biker, unicorn, & 50’s housewife // Alice & the White Rabbit]

DSCN0275 DSCN0266
[Playing Cards // me & Jessica]

DSCN0277[Mad Hatters]

dracula and his bride[Dracula & his bride]

dogs[Facebook & puppies]

mad hatter

queen of hearts



{did you make it to the very end? good for you!}