Elijah sleeps by himself now.

in his crib

all the way through the night

without making a peep…usually

that’s like 10-12 hours!

no feedings, no 3am crying that lasts for hours

{knock on wood}

and he hasn’t even cried much as we tried to fix his routine!

{bonus points}

i know i’m like 7 months behind all the more awesome mamas out there but hey at least i got there


i can honestly say i feel like such a better mom when i get sleep!

looooooove it.

baby E’s first snow day

We took Elijah out in the snow during Christmas Break to introduce him to the cold/wet/craziness/beauty that it is. He wasn’t quite sure about all the white stuff surrounding him. (Which only means we trained him well…. we are not fans of snow in this house)

At one point, I showed him a little snowball in my hand and he grabbed it and ate it.


That is one thing snow is good for I guess. And of course as a baby he would pick up on that right away.

We don’t have a snow suit for him or boots so I sat him down in the snow on my jacket and he seemed very confused


But he loved being outside with Mom and Dad! Even if there was some strange cold stuff surrounding him.

DSC04808 DSC04806


Here is some video of our little outing. I tried to see if he’d eat the snow again but he wasn’t interested this time I guess.

snow day from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.

a day in the life of a 9-month old

wake up in the morning (feeling like P.Diddy? no) with big smiles and hungry tummies.


play time.


whine whine whine = nap time.


wake up. eat cheerios.


cry because mom went to the bathroom without him.


play some more.


cry and bang on the bathroom door while mom is in the shower.


whine whine whine = nap time #2


(he fell asleep like that! Adam took this picture when I was in class and he was totally passed out and drooling, ha!)

wake up. eat some more. make a fort.


follow mom around the house whining.


which leads to nap #3 with Dad


talk to himself.

Untitled from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.

help Mom with homework.


bath time.


last minute play time before bed.


eat. and bedtime.


okay that’s not exactly what he looks like before bed… this is just a funny picture to me cause he’s pouting so hard. he’s more like this:


love that chunky crazy boy!

found this little gem

Cousin Camilla singing Elijah to sleep this last summer in California.

warms my heart!

Camilla singing to Elijah from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.

let me tell you a little bit about my husband…

m&a (34)

if you didn’t know…. my husband is very smart and an extremely hard worker!

he scored in the 98th percentile on the Dental Admissions Test. 99th percentile for Perceptual Ability Test (where people usually score lower on). has an above average GPA. way above average science GPA. been the head TA for molecular biology for 2 years. been a research assistant for 2 years. not to mention taking care of a wife and baby!

and i could go on and on and on.

he’s amazing!

but what is even more amazing to me is his strong faith. 

though Adam’s Dental School application is overflowing with “above and beyond” credentials and has had 5 interviews so far, we have yet to be accepted to any schools.

we (or Adam) have even talked to a lot of other students, teachers and dentists who are amazed at Adam’s scores and have told us that he is a shoo-in to any dental school.

and yet no acceptances.

we have been over it again and again in our minds where we could have gone wrong. we look at the acceptance averages to the school he’s applied to and are baffled at the lack of response we’ve gotten when his scores are above the average.

it’s hard to wrap our brain around.

but then Adam comes home and says,

The only thing that makes sense, is that the Lord has a different plan for us. And I am really okay with that.”

we did our best. we did everything in our realm of control.

but the rest is just not up to us. the rest is in someone else’s hands.

Adam is a huge example to me about what it means to have faith. And not just faith that everything will be okay, but faith in moving forward and not giving up hope.

although he is definitely bummed, he won’t let it get the better of him. he knows there is some things that are just beyond his control. and instead of letting it bring him down or curse God or wallow in self pity (like I have been doing!) he moves on and takes the next step.

I am glad I married a man of great faith. 

the biggest thing I struggle with is not knowing what the future holds.

but for Adam, it’s okay to not know. all we can do is keeping moving forward—doing what is right and working hard—and things will come together.

“Therefore, let your hearts be comforted; for all things shall work together for [your] good to them that walk uprightly.”

Doctrine & Covenants 100:15



(click on the picture to enlarge the fine print)

this is a flier from the media campaign of the program I will be working for.

so so excited about it!!

i love this poster

i love this message

i love this opportunity i have to contribute what i have learned from my schooling and own experiences [as short as it may be but hoping for eternity!]

i hope i will be able to help/inspire/support/teach as much as i can.

cause that is my true dream. to do all the above and have a positive influence on those who i come in contact with.

i really hope it comes true!

i start sending in my ideas and posts next week.

please tell me you will read???

be my followers :-)



that’s the smile of a girl who just found out SHE GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!!

and it’s a dream of an internship.

like literally the exact thing I want to do after I graduate.

work from home, doing what I love, teaching/helping people about something I’m passionate about

I was practically giddy when I came home after my interview. (which might explain the rather strange-ness of my smile… too much excitement to be contained!)

I will be working with the Utah Commission on Marriage as the writer for their newest [and very first] blog! and I will be using what I have learned in my classes and recent research to help couples form and sustain healthy and enduring marriage.

I am so {beyond} excited for this opportunity to test my knowledge and stretch my abilities.

I can’t believe the chose me!!!

Dr. Hawkins who is the Committee Chair told me after interviewing the other candidates, there was no doubt I was perfect for the position. He also said Ms. Reese (who is the coordinator) told him I was her top choice!

That made me feel pretty amazing.

like {on top of the world} amazing!

holy cow….

I kind of nervous my writing capabilities are not good enough…. and that I won’t have good ideas (or enough ideas!)… and that the whole project will fail because I suck too bad as a blogger so they cut the program…. and I won’t gain enough of a following…. and it might get overwhelming…..

okay. now I’m having anxiety….

but still excited!!

more nervous now that I thought about all that…. but still excited!

now what should be my first topic????

I am open to any/all ideas! please let me know what you think the most important things to know about marriage/preparing for marriage

I would love to know about what my audience (you’ll read my blog right?) wants to learn about


::: To find out more about The Utah Healthy Marriage Initiative go to utahmarriage.org or strongermarriage.org


there’s no words for this picture. Elijah is just really fat.

but that’s the way we love him!

it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

well it did at least.

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of our cozy little Christmas and some of my favorite decorations.

I made this wreath from some $1 ornaments from Target and a wire hanger. I think it turned out great!DSC04828 

I got the stockings from my sister and at Michael’s so they were free/cheap. then I just added the felt and buttons. they are really simple and not fancy at all… sometimes I get really critical of them and tell Adam all the mistakes. but for now I think they are cute and have that “one-of-a-kind” look which I loveDSCF0260

DSCF0263DSCF0267 DSCF0266  

when we first got married, my sister gave me these great little Christmas ornaments. I really like the color of them when they are all bunched together. so I put them in this little glass vase I had. I always liked when the Christmas lights hit it just right and is glowed. it was probably one of my favorite decorations I put out just because of the great colors it put off.


top of the entertainment center.DSC04855

I won this Nutcracker at a Mesa High School assembly. it was so random and I loved it! I remember later that day a friend in my homeroom tried to break a candy cane with it to see if it really worked and then it broke. so since we weren’t doing anything and it was half-day before Christmas break, our teacher let us go to the shop class and they glued it back together for me. GOOD TIMES!DSC04858

our cute little 3 foot Christmas tree. We didn’t have an actual Christmas tree topper so I used this star ornament my parents sent me from the Marshall Islands. the locals made it with leaves and sea shells. it’s pretty cool looking.

I also wrapped like every tiny little present I could just to make it look like a lot. that may seem dumb or shallow but whatever… I thought it made it look fun.DSC04839 

this was Elijah’s ornament I got for his First Christmas. I got it from http://www.personalizedfree.com/. I love it!! it looks so much better in person too. I was pleasantly surprised at how good of a job they did.DSC04845

and this the panoramic view that Adam caught of our Christmas-y little place. please don’t mind the mess-ups in the picture. we are still trying out the new camera and it’s features. but it still looks cool don’t ya think? (also, please don’t mind the messy table/clutter…)


anyways, thanks for letting me share with you!

our apartment definitely seems more bare and sad with all the decorations gone… until next year!

i'm not sure what to do with my hands

me and Adam are always catching Elijah just staring at his hands.

when he's going to sleep, he'll put his hands up and open and close them into fists. he'll also feel each finger with his thumb over and over.

he's been doing this since he was {much tinier} and it cracks us up every time. ever since we started catching him holding his hands up awkwardly we quote this movie.

perfect description of Elijah's ways.
but of course Elijah's waaaaaaaaay cuter.

one word.


in the last few weeks, I have learned an important word that when practiced can keep a marriage healthy and strong.

the word?



there will be a time when you and your spouse may have differing opinions. or you don’t agree on plans. or your spouse asks for your help even though you really don’t want to do it (like driving on a construction/pot-hole/ice filled freeway)

you will be asked to sacrifice plans/time/effort/feelings/wants/desires/comfort for the needs and wants of your spouse.

it doesn’t come easy. in fact sometimes sacrifice can be very hard. it is not something that always happens instinctively.

but it will always be worth it.

to put another’s needs/wants/feelings above your own is something that can be very rewarding.

a definition of sacrifice that I love is: To sacrifice is to give up something valuable or precious, often with the intent of accomplishing a greater purpose or goal.

as I have contemplated this word sacrifice and thought about it’s place in my marriage, I have realized that with sacrifice comes a greater love, respect and understanding for my husband.

I have seen how we complement each other. I have recognized Adam’s strengths. I have appreciated his efforts. and more importantly, I have appreciated more the times where Adam sacrifices as well.

I am sure there will be times where I will want to focus on myself instead of my husband and need a swift reminder about the importance of sacrifice.

I am not perfect.

but I know I can continue to improve and be with my family for time and all eternity 




:::this is something that I learned after our foiled Christmas plans. and so I guess I did learn something after all.…

and the winner is…

Elijah picked the winner

and it is….





QUICK COOL STORY: Adam doubted a little that Elijah really randomly picked a piece of paper instead of just going for whatever was nearer in the hat…

which made sense. he is a baby after all.

so to be absolutely sure, I entered the numbers into random.org

and no joke the same number came up!


that must mean you really are the true winner, LEDAWN since the Universe told us twice!!

I thought that was pretty cool…


LeDawn, I will email you the $20 gift code so you can use it for your new sheets!


thanks to everyone who entered! I hope to do another giveaway soon



P.S. If anyone is interested in doing a giveaway or review for CSN on their blog, let me know and I will send along the contact info.

all you need is LOVE


My New Year’s resolutions can be summed up in one word.


Love myself**

Love my husband

Love my baby

Love others

Love the Lord


I have tried to reevaluate my life this last year and find what I can improve on to make my life happier. This is when I realized that sometimes I struggled to show LOVE with others, myself, and my relationship with my Savior.

Not that I don’t have any LOVE. That is not the case. I have much to give. Yet there were still times where I found myself sinking into depression that I could not shake.

It then occurred to me that I could not be truly happy unless I was happy with myself. Which meant I needed to LOVE myself. And not only do I need to truly LOVE myself, but I need to grow closer to my Heavenly Father who would teach me more about LOVE. And once I truly loved myself and my Lord, that love would spillover more to my family. And when I showed more LOVE to my family, I would be able to show more LOVE to those who surround me.

And I knew once I could feel more LOVE in my life, I would be able to be truly happy.


I have a feeling this year is going to be one of the best ones yet. I am excited for what is ahead. I am excited to start over. I am excited to reach my goals and through them become a better ME. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me and my little family. I am nervous for the challenges and trials that I am sure will come. But I feel optimistic that I can overcome and I can succeed.


Here’s to New Beginnings!

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and a Happy New Year!

HAPPY 2011!!!

love, the Robinsons




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