a week of firsts

Elijah rolled himself up in the blanketElijah rolled himself up in the blanket and thought it was so funny

First time Elijah put his head under the faucet in the bath. It totally freaked him out then he went back for more.

First time Elijah called 911 and we had a cop show up at our door

First (and second time…) Elijah fell off the bed (Hi, we’re horrible parents!)

First time {since I’ve been here} BYU has cancelled school for a snowstorm (that didn’t happen….The Storm of the Century/2K-ten was a bust)

First time Elijah nursed after a month hiatus (Mama was very very happy! until he decided to stop again…)

First time I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner from scratch (minus the pie crust…more on that later)

All in all, it has been a crazy/fun/happy/heartbreaking/stressful/awesome week!

we’re in trouble now


Elijah learned how to pull himself up yesterday.

he looked at us and smiled like it was no big deal.


we’re in biiiiiiig trouble now

soon he’ll be climbing on things…. walking…. getting into things he shouldn’t

what happened to just being a blob of a baby that used to just lay there?

he’s only 7 months!

i love my big fat baby

but boy do i miss my little scrawny dependent newborn

standing up from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.

(he started trying to stand up while I was doing homework so I grabbed the camera real fast to video tape him. which is why this is kind of all over the place…)

this may be embarrassing....

but to me, it's hilarious/awesome/fantastic/andilovelovelove

two fat boys crying. and of course, any good parent would also take video.

Elijah and Dane crying from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.

(this is Dane and Elijah in California this last August. Dane is Adam's sister's baby. He's a week older than Elijah)

mover and shaker

did I tell you guys Elijah officially crawls now???


as of right now, we love it more than hate it. but I know soon he’ll start getting into things and we’ll probably learn to miss how he used to sit immobile in his crib and sleep allllll day long.

oh wait. we actually do miss the sleeping all day long part.

but Eli actually plays by himself soooo much better now that you can actually start getting things done more than 3 minutes at a time.

so we {love.love.love.}

and I even think it’s endearing when he finds me in the kitchen doing dishes and [crawls/whines over to me and sits at my feet looking up at me with puppy dog eyes until I pick him up.]

a puppy = very, perfect description of Elijah (in more ways than one)

maybe some day I’ll write a blog post about that to show you the similarities.

but for now, enjoy this cute video.

Elijah crawling from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.


there a lot of videos i posted to Vimeo (for grandmas to see more easily on the blog) but have not posted on the blog yet. so if you have already looked through them, I apologize that you may get double doses.

but they are still so stinkin cute so of course you want to see more, right?

don’t let the smile fool you….


i had no idea what i was in for when i got ready for my last year of college with a new baby.


at i’m not even full-time. i have a whole new respect for those girls who are taking 12 credits {and more!!} after having a baby while their husbands are also in school.

i thought it would be easy.

two classes

two hours/three days a week

piece of cake.

yeah right. going to class is the easy part.

[minus today when elijah had two major meltdowns before i could go to either class]

there were so many times i told adam i wanted to quit.

what is my major really good for anyways?? [human development?? i’m still wondering what marketable skill i’ll really have after all of this… instead of left with time lost/major debt]

papers, tests, readings, syntheses….


baby tugging at your pants whining




husband gone most of the day then comes home to do his own {papers, tests, readings…}


all the other stuff a wife is supposed to do


the stresses of the other wife-y things not getting done



i can’t wait until this year is over.

i absolutely cannot wait!

but even more, i can’t wait until i can look back on this time and say:


cause adam is right.

i’m going to be proud of my degree [marketable skill or not]. and i’m always going to be proud of having my little chunker.

and i’m going to be proud that even during such a horrendously stressed out time, i got to spend it with my little babe and get to know each other.

{even if i do want to run away sometimes….}

doesn’t this just melt your heart?

it melts mine.

lullabyes from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.

a few of my favorite things


  • the way Eli scrunches his nose when he smiles his {big} smile
  • when Eli raises his eyebrows when he looks at you
  • how he’s learned the sounds “DDD” and “NNN” and all day says “duhdada nerner nana buboo dader” and sounds like the Swedish Chef
  • Eli’s {army/inch worm crawl} that has just recently turned into a more synchronized movement that quickly gets him stuck under the table
  • when he waves his arms & legs ferociously when I come home from school with a huge grin on his face
  • his little Mowgli half smile
  • the way he slowly {rubs my face and arm} as he falls asleep (then digs his nails in my nose… not a favorite)
  • the way he closes his eyes, holds my face {and smiles} as I kiss his cheeks
  • how he crawls to me and scratches at my legs when he wants me
  • or how he crawls on top of me in the morning to get my attention and kisses. sweetest wake-up call (even if it may be earlier than I’d like…)
  • his undeniable love for his mama and papa. and MAN, we {sure dang} love him back

i got it from my mama

scan0002 scan0005 scan0006 DSC04520DSC04602 DSC04528


he’s totally my baby

all this talk about him looking just like Adam… come on! he’s like his mama through and through (and of course a little bit of Adam… but the smile’s all mine!)