the best year of my life

I just realized today how amazing 2009 has been for me. I can honestly say that this has been the best year of my life [and most eventful] so far. {I cannot wait to how it can ever be topped.}

1. After over a year of dating, Adam Benjamin Robinson asked me to be his eternal companion on Valentine's Day.

2. I was able to make sacred covenants with my Heavenly Father in His Holy temple on April 25.

3. Adam and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Mesa, Arizona temple on May 1st. Everything was perfect and I am reminded everyday how lucky I am to be with Adam forever. He truly is my perfect companion and I could never imagine myself any happier than I am now with him.

4. I finally got my wisdom teeth out for free + $400

5. I am a real adult!! I turned 21 on July 7th. The long awaited age of every young adult I'm sure. {even if you can't drink}

6. Me and Adam found out we are going to be parents of a {hopefully super chubby} baby boy

7. My parents moved to the MARSHALL ISLANDS {of all places...} [this falls in the most eventful category, not "the best year of my life" category]

8. [This is for Adam] WE GOT GOOD GRADES these last semesters. yay!!

I can't believe how much has happened this last year {and this was just the highlights}. I truly am blessed to have had such amazing experiences and opportunities. I am blessed to be living in this day and age. And I am blessed to be around such wonderful friends and family through the last 22 New Years in my life.

I cannot wait for what t 2010 has in store for me!

the little tyke

he already kicks me always. I almost can’t remember when I don’t feel him during the day.

It’s exciting, reassuring, and gets annoying all at the same time. Mainly because it comes at bad times.

When I’m just sitting on the couch not doing anything, I welcome his small greetings to me. But in the middle of taking a final, it makes me distracted when I feel his flips and turns. {Cause yes, it is not just little punches here and there anymore.} It is full blown “I can feel you move from side to side in my stomach” moves. It really freaked me out when I first starting feeling him slide across my stomach. But I guess I’m used to it now. Uh… maybe.

But then he does it when I’m trying to sleep. Which isn’t much of a bother but again, a distraction. I focus on feeling where he is going to go next than how much I need to sleep.

And then other times he just kicks constantly. Over and over and over without stopping. And this is what I have to say to him:

“You can’t come out yet! We don’t want a monkey for a baby. So please keep growing and be cute and chubby and then we’ll let you out. You can wait can’t you?”

Well we can’t wait. But that doesn’t mean we’re willing to take a alien baby over a chubby one. So we’ll wait as patiently as possible while he grows big. I just hope he doesn’t break a rib…

I’m not fat, I’m fluffy

So Gabriel Iglesias is one of my favorite comedians. He came to my junior high school when I was younger and did a stand-up routine for some assembly. We were all dying! Here is a clip from some of this stuff.

{Granted} I haven’t seen all of his stuff, I’ve only seen edited versions. But what I see I love love love.

 I die laughing every time.