the best year of my life

I just realized today how amazing 2009 has been for me. I can honestly say that this has been the best year of my life [and most eventful] so far. {I cannot wait to how it can ever be topped.}

1. After over a year of dating, Adam Benjamin Robinson asked me to be his eternal companion on Valentine's Day.

2. I was able to make sacred covenants with my Heavenly Father in His Holy temple on April 25.

3. Adam and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Mesa, Arizona temple on May 1st. Everything was perfect and I am reminded everyday how lucky I am to be with Adam forever. He truly is my perfect companion and I could never imagine myself any happier than I am now with him.

4. I finally got my wisdom teeth out for free + $400

5. I am a real adult!! I turned 21 on July 7th. The long awaited age of every young adult I'm sure. {even if you can't drink}

6. Me and Adam found out we are going to be parents of a {hopefully super chubby} baby boy

7. My parents moved to the MARSHALL ISLANDS {of all places...} [this falls in the most eventful category, not "the best year of my life" category]

8. [This is for Adam] WE GOT GOOD GRADES these last semesters. yay!!

I can't believe how much has happened this last year {and this was just the highlights}. I truly am blessed to have had such amazing experiences and opportunities. I am blessed to be living in this day and age. And I am blessed to be around such wonderful friends and family through the last 22 New Years in my life.

I cannot wait for what t 2010 has in store for me!

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