guest post: Gentri Lee

Hello Mrs. Robinson's lovely readers! Isn't Megan the greatest?? I'm so excited to be guest posting over here today. You want to know something else exciting?? I get to meet Megan soon! Yup! I am lucky, I know. :)
Anyways, I am Gentri the blogger from Gentri Lee. I thought I'd just show you a little piece of my blog today. I am a random blogger. I don't have a set schedule (besides my Blog of the Week. Which Megan was HERE), and I blog about whatever I feel like.
Mostly you'll see posts about my latest adventures and travels...

Sometimes I post about fashion and trends...

Or sometimes when I'm feeling particularly ambitious- you'll find DIY's and Recipes.

I like to think of myself as a lifestyle blogger because I like to cover all areas. I'd love love love for you all to stop by, say hi, and let me know where you're stopping by from. :)
Thank you Megan for letting me guest post and introduce myself to your lovely readers! And thank you lovely readers for reading! :)


i seriously love Gentri! she is the cutest girl and one of the nicest people i've ever met. i was so excited when we became bloggy friends cause i kind of idol her.

i hope you enjoyed her post! you should definitely check out her cute blog and see all the fun posts that she does!

:::p.s. last day to enter this giveaway!! hurry and enter!

some matters of business

i have a few announcements i wanted to share so i thought i’d do it all at once.

brace yourselves.

first, i want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the kind comments on the last two posts!! i swear i have some of the most incredible readers! you are all so kind and supportive and
i cannot thank you enough!!
thank you for welcoming mine and Jessica’s story with open arms and being nothing but kind and encouraging as we share something very personal to us.
(i tried to reply to each comment individually but some of the comments didn’t have their emails linked. i will try to find another way to get a hold of you :) )

second, i forgot to mention yesterday on the blog (but i did announce it on facebook and twitter!) that i had the wonderful opportunity to guest post over on Jennifer March’s lovely blog! If you haven’t checked out her blog you should!! Jen is one of the most influential people i’ve ever come across. all the money she receives from sponsors she donates to “Bite Back” to prevent and treat malaria. it’s such a great cause and i’m so happy to be a part of it.
so definitely check out Jennifer March!

third, there is a new Stronger Marriage blog post about marriage after baby!
[kind of goes perfectly with the other posts this week, yes?]
so you should also look at that post and let me know what you do to keep the relationship healthy and the romance alive even after you have a baby!
check it out here.

fourth, don’t forget about the Feed Your Soul Art giveaway!! it ends tomorrow night at midnight. Harmony is an amazingly, talented artist! you should definitely check out her work and enter to win one her beautiful prints for your own home.
giveaway here.

and last, but certainly not least, i have the amazing opportunity to be an intern for Ashley from After Nine to Five! Ashley contacted me last week asking if i was willing to help her out with her business and blog. i felt beyond honored and couldn’t believe i would be able to work alongside Ashley. Ashley is an entrepreneur and designs jewelry, prints, websites, e-books, e-courses, and basically a million other things!! she is truly amazing and it a great example of following your dreams. i will be helping her with some behind the scenes work and learning more about this “blogging business.” i feel so blessed to work with Ashley and feel like this experience will help me fulfill my own dreams!
here is my little intro post if you’re interested.


so that’s some of the things that have been going on this week!
i hope you check out some of those links if you get a chance

how healthy are school lunches?

lunch wars

For this month’s BlogHer book club we have been reading the book “Lunch Wars” by Amy Kalafa. Her book is about the poor quality of our nation’s school lunches and how we can fight to make them healthier. Amy argues that many schools are serving horribly unhealthy lunches which is contributing to the increasing child obesity rate and the rise of ADHD and other behavioral problems.

I have to be honest, I have very mixed feelings about the book.

First, when I when received it in the mail, I didn’t expect it to be so long! And for me, it was a very slow read. Not that I don’t care about the state of our school’s lunches, I just am not as passionate about it as Kalafa is and it was very hard to get through at times. It definitely had a political and social agenda that I was not totally signed on for and it made the book seem very long and tedious.

The first chapter alone was a very heavy and intense chapter. Kalafa kind of lays all her feelings and frustrations out on the table and it was rather overwhelming. And in some ways it was pretty frustrating to hear such a strong bias. Maybe it was just that I don’t remember my own lunches very well, but I felt like too much blame was put on the schools, administration, and the national government instead of parents. I think parents play a HUGE role in how their children eat and should be taught healthy eating habits themselves instead of relying on the school to do it for them.

However, Kalafa does make very good arguments about how often schools are allowing over-processed, sugary, fatty foods into children’s meals. She even showed how although some foods and products may say they don’t have MSG, for example, it is still full of lots of other additives that are just as harmful. It definitely made me realize that I need to be more observant and careful about the food I feed in my own home.

In the end, there are two points that I took away from Kalafa’s book:

  1. I need to be more vigilent in my own diet and food choices so I can teach my children (and husband!) to have a well-balanced and nutrious diet. [Adam, I hope you’re reading this! :)] I truly believe healthy habits start in the home and I could help teach my children to bypass all the unhealthy items by my example.
  2. Change is possible but it will take A LOT of work! I truly do hope to learn more about the movements to change the school lunches so by the time Eli is ready for school I can make sure there are enough healthy options for him. But I know it will take a lot of time, effort, and patience. But don’t give up!

If this is a topic that interests you, then you should definitely check out this book. Even if you are only mildly interested, this book has a lot of good facts and stories to help sway you another way. But I wouldn’t say it’s a “read for fun” kind of book. (Unless being angry at everyone is fun for you :) )

You can learn more about The BlogHer Book Club and “Lunch Wars” by going here!

This was a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

Surprised by Joy: a guest post

 guest post by Jessica from Sebastian Design

I’ve always known I was a princess. I knew I would wear crowns and puffy dresses and kiss Prince Charming all day long. We would live happily ever after and our story would close to the fading twilight of a never-ending, perfect day. I would be a wife who wore cute aprons while making cupcakes and organizing the closets. My married life with my husband would be blissful. We would be together and it would be just as I had always imagined. And it mostly happened that way. I was so happy.

Hmc 03     dip 
Being a mother never really fit into my plans. Growing up, I always had the thought in the back of my mind that I wasn’t excited for kids. This was difficult because everyone always talked about the joy of having children, the amazing experience of raising a family, and the blessings of posterity. But I didn’t feel that way. I loved growing up with a brother and two sisters. I loved working with elementary school kids. I loved to babysit. But I just wasn’t interested in having children of my own the way I should have been {or thought I should have been}. I didn’t really have a way to reconcile the way I felt and what I heard. I knew my feelings were invalid {even though they weren’t} and I was discouraged.

What was wrong with me? Selfishness? Inadequacy? Fear? Apathy? Maybe a little of everything.

The decision to get pregnant was hard for me. I didn’t even want to bring it up for the first year and a half we were married. Soon after that, my husband and I made the {very scary} choice to try and it took us a year. During that time, I had many thoughts racing through my head:

“Why can’t we get pregnant?”
“What’s wrong?”
“This is good.”
“This is bad.”
“I’m anxious.”
“I’m relieved.”

It took a lot of faith. Heavenly Father blessed me many times with the assurance that everything would work out according to His timing and in His way. I had to be strong and realize that He would take care of me, His daughter, His princess.

11-17-2010 (59)

There were times during my pregnancy when I was very excited to meet my Ellie. I loved feeling her move and knowing I would hold her soon. I still wasn’t so crazy about being a mom, but I wanted to see my baby. Right before she was born, I started preparing myself for the rush of emotion and love I had heard about. But I didn’t get it; at least not for twelve days after she was born. Maybe it was the emergency c-section, the exhaustion of finishing up my job, completing coursework and finals, the stress of packing up, cleaning and moving, the busyness of the Thanksgiving holiday, the surprise attack of my lupus, or the barrage of great family, friends, and neighbors coming to visit, that ensued all within the first eleven days after she was born. Or maybe it was just because I needed to learn a life-lesson.

11-17-2010 (55)

On day twelve everyone had left {including my husband to take his finals}, leaving just me and my little brown Ellie-Girl. I sat on our bed, with her snuggled up on my chest and I read her poems and lullabies. At that moment, she was mine; I felt it. I experienced a deep, emotional, lasting connection with that little girl and I would never, ever be the same. Nothing else mattered. Not the reservations I had, not the years of dreading motherhood, not the shame or guilt I felt in the past. It may have taken me a little longer, but I have never wanted to protect, love, cherish, and sacrifice for a child like I did when Ellie truly became mine. Now, I am amazed at how much I adore being a mom! I love playing with her, watching her grow, kissing and tickling her, and I am sometimes surprised I was so hesitant. This is happiness.


I have since learned that it doesn’t matter if you don’t experience things in the same way as another person—even for the momentous, life-changing occasions. You still have worth; you still have value if your perspective is a little different. Heavenly Father is very aware of your needs and He will give you the tools, patience, and faith to make your own journey. I didn’t have to take the same path to reach the final destination. I am so grateful that I learned this lesson because now I can love my princess to pieces. And it’s all in my own, happily ever after, kind of way.




i hope you all enjoyed reading Jessica’s story as much as i did. when she first told me her story, i just cried. it was amazing to hear another mother share similar feelings as mine. never before had i heard such a story. instead, i felt constantly bombarded by words and images of an unrealistic and unachievable ideal  of the “perfect mother.” i felt ashamed, lonely, and worthless that i couldn’t live up to that. but Jessica’s story helped me see that there are other women who do understand what i’m going through and more importantly, helped me see that what i am feeling was natural, real, human.

i think we should be able to open up more and share our honest emotions. and i know that when we do, we will find that there are other women who are truly willing to listen, love and lend support when we need it.
after all, we are in this together!

so, this is love

DSC04032 [why yes, my face is pretty chubby in this picture. try to block that part out]

when i first found out i was pregnant, i had a huge range of emotions.
& sadness

you see, Elijah wasn’t planned.
we knew we wanted kids eventually but at that moment, our lives felt pretty unstable.
we still had two more years of school,
we didn’t have a permanent residence,
we were barely getting by financially,
my parents had just moved to the middle of nowhere Marshall Islands,
and we had only been married 3 months
{and finding out it was a lot harder than anticipated!}

the day after i found out i was pregnant, i called my mom crying.  
“we should’ve been more careful.”
“i’m never going to finish school now.”
“what are we going to do?”
“we have no money!”
“what will people think?”
“i just got married!”
“i’m not ready for this!”

although we had a back up plan [cause nothing is certain] and Adam was more than supportive and happy for our new addition, i kept feeling like we did something wrong. i was so excited to have a little baby but i couldn’t shake my feelings of sadness and frustration at the same time.

then, to add to my emotional struggles, i started struggling physically as well. 
i was sick all the time.
i had cramps for the whole 9 months.
and we thought i was going to lose the baby on more than one occasion.

i spent many sleepless night crying and telling Adam that i couldn’t do it.
i couldn’t have this baby.
i didn’t even know if i wanted this baby.
after all i was going through, after all the pain and emotional turmoil,
how would it really be worth it?*

i had Elijah in four hours and in one push. i believe the Lord helped me have an easy labor because my pregnancy was so rough. but everything happened so fast i felt like i didn’t have any time to process it.

i held my baby boy for the first time and tried to nurse him.
i had read all the books, i watched all the videos, went to classes, and studied exactly how was supposed to get the baby to latch to create a strong bond within those first few seconds.
all i could think about was my technique and my form.
was i doing this right? 

my sister was with me at the hospital and she was crying when she held Elijah for the first time.
Adam couldn’t keep his eyes off of him and followed him down to the nursery, beaming the whole way down.  
i sat in the bed, with a painted smile on my face, still trying to process the fact that i was now
a mother. 
in the back of my mind i kept thinking,
shouldn’t i be crying?

that night as Adam tried to sleep on the small cot the hospital provided, i held my baby boy in my arms while he slept. i started silently praying to God, “help me. help me know i’m his mother. help me know who he is and he is mine.”

then the tears finally came. {and they still do every time i think of this moment!}
he was my son! he was my little boy! and i knew that without a doubt.

i felt a feeling of overwhelming peace & joy.
i knew my purpose. i knew what my life was to be like. i knew i was holding one of God’s children and he was entrusted to my care. i knew God trusted me to raise him faithfully and lovingly. i knew what love was. and i felt it in every part of my body & soul.

there are many, many days where i get tired, worn-out, & frustrated being a mom.
there are days where i say, “i didn’t ask for this! this wasn’t my plan!”

then i remember that moment that i tenderly held my baby boy in that quiet, dark hospital room. and i remember the peace i felt as i looked into my son’s face.
and i remember the Lord’s plan is for His children to have joy.
and this is it!
not my degree, not my job, not my house or my money or my decorations.
my son, my husband, my family, they are my true loves
my pure moments of happiness!



*i did and still do feel extremely guilty for ever admitting these feelings. especially knowing many women who have struggled to get pregnant and want more than anything to have a child of their own. i do not want  to ever seem ungrateful or take away from the real struggles others may be going through. this is just my story and my feelings that i feel impressed to share in my own way.

after talking to other women, i think the feelings of uncertainty and fear of having a baby are more common than we are willing to admit to others. we don’t want to seem like bad mothers or ungrateful for our children. however, i feel like if we are willing to open up to one another a little more, we will find there are many others who are there to lend support rather than judgment.
i think we all have something to offer each other.

tomorrow i have a special guest post lined up from a very good friend of mine. she shares her inspirational story of how she found her own joy in motherhood after years of never wanting children. i hope you take the time to read her story and share your own story of finding the
joys of motherhood!

Feed Your Soul Art Giveaway

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pictures of the week

 week 4 week 5 week 9 week 8
1. E is adorable like always
2. E pulling hair, of course 
3. Little leprechaun baby
4. yea or nay on these glasses? 

this week was pretty good
Adam went out of town again for another interview
but thankfully i have some amazing friends that fed and played with me and Eli to help relieve the burden of having to do it all by myself!!
(seriously, Kelsey, LIFESAVER!)

also [if you haven’t noticed that picture with me in the big glasses yet] i want to draw your attention to them.
i got them and another pair for $20
(which is another post in itself, it was pretty much amazing!)
(and yes, they’re real)
but i can’t decide if i like them and want to keep these ones.

some people like them
some people {Adam} think i look totally goofy.
and i know they do actually look pretty weird…..

and that’s all i have to say about this week so far


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Sew Beastly Winner!

i apologize for announcing the winner so late
i was getting my craft on with my friends Kelsey & Paige

i can’t wait to show you the finished product!!
but here is a small part of it

felt flower 

maybe that’s not a very good picture but i promise it’s awesome!

anyways…. enough about that!
that’s not why you came to read this post today.

so let’s get to the real reason!

the winner of the Sew Beastly giveaway is….

#7: Autumn!

please send me an email so i can get you the information

thank you to everyone who entered!
we have one more giveaway this month that is coming Monday so check back for that


:::p.s. yesterday i had the opportunity to guest post over at Amy Day to Day! you should go check it out :)

Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

guest post: Our Dayley Happenings

Hello you wonderful people, I'm Holly from Our Dayley Happenings. I'm SO excited to be guest posting here at Megan's darling little blog.

She is fabulous :) And who can resist pictures of her darling little boy?!! 
A little about me. I am a wife to my best friend and a mamma to 2 fur babies. I work at a darling little garden center which I absolutely love. I very much enjoy spending time with my family. I am a Pepsi addict. I love photography and love looking at life through a lens and capturing beauty. I have fallen in love with gardening and adore my little garden {even in its late summer 'glory'}. I am head over heels with the fall season and so thrilled for everything that goes hand in hand with it.

Sunday in Mapleton 012

I wanted to share about a life lesson I've learned this year. Earlier this spring I accepted a 'little' landscape side job. I thought it would be a wonderful experience and a great way to learn another corner of the garden industry. I am the greenhouse manager at my garden center and handle all the specialty plants for spring, as well as planting the hanging baskets and combination planters. I've been complemented many times for my pot designs. So when I was asked if I could help design some pots, baskets and some annual beds I thought it would be a walk in the park. Little did I realize what a tremendous task I was taking on in addition to my 40+ hour work week, my everyday tasks at home and as a wife and church calling. I seemed to manage what ever time I could in running over to the clients home and planting when schedule and weather permitted. Half way through June I was beginning to feel frazzled. I didn't feel like I could continue this side job. I had come home one evening and was showering when it hit me like a ton of bricks -- I don't need to do it anymore. I immediately felt a huge wave of relief and the weight of it lift from my shoulders. I told my husband and he agreed with me. The following day at work I was talking to my grandpa {he's the owner of the garden center I work at}that I realized the side job was too much for me and I've decided to quit. He looked at me and said 'If there is one thing you could learn from me Holly, it is to never spread yourself too thin'. Two weeks later I finished up. My evenings became my own again, the stress of squeezing another job into my insane schedule left and spending adequate time with my little family became a priority.

Yellowstone 045

The summer has come and gone. Fall is creeping in and my heart is in a better place. I've learned to not spread myself so thin. And I've learned a lot about myself. Today I am happier than I was earlier this year and my little family has become my first priority. So my dear fellow bloggers .... Remember to never spread yourself too thin! :)



hey guys! wasn’t Holly’s post great?? i feel like she knew exactly how i was feeling lately and wrote this just for me! this is such great advice that i’m sure we can all use.

thanks again Holly for sharing a wonderful lesson with us! you should go check out her blog and leave some comment love! :)

also, don’t forget the Sew Beastly giveaway ends tonight at midnight!

my reason

my reason

i had a good friend ask me once why i decided to get help for my depression.
the answer was simple: for my son.

i knew i wasn’t being the mother that i wanted to be 
and i knew i wasn’t showing him the love that i truly felt for him & that he deserved

i was being held back
i was so caught up in my own emotions
i was trapped in feeling inadequate, unworthy, irresponsible
and i knew that i didn’t want that life for my son.

there are many days that sometimes i feel like i just can’t do it anymore.
sometimes i secretly wish i could just go away! just disappear.
run away from all my problems that i feel haunted by
from all the people that hurt me
from all the emotions that weigh me down
i just don’t want to be here.
(please don’t think these are thoughts about taking my own life. just going away, somewhere new to start over)

and then Elijah looks over at me and gives me his sweet, 8-toothed smile,
and he comes up on the couch to cuddle with me while he drinks his bottle,
and he rubs his head against mine and hums in my ear,
and he hugs my legs as i’m walking by, just for a brief second, then goes off to play with his toys,
and i remember it is all worth it!

i know that if i get discouraged with it all and just want to give up, i think to myself:
“if you won’t do it for you, at least do it for him!”

i know that when i get help for myself, i ultimately am getting help for him.
when i get help for myself, i am able to be the mother that i always wanted to be.
when i get help for myself, i am giving Eli the life that he needs & deserves
and i know i will be able to teach him how to be mentally healthy when he struggles in his life.

i love my son more than words can express
i know i was blessed with him in my life to teach me, guide me, and help me to become a better person.
i know the Lord knew i would need his sweet spirit in my life as i go through this emotional turmoil.
my son gives me purpose, direction, strength & peace.
[he, of course, is a handful and difficult at times but we’re looking at overall picture here :)]

thank you for coming to our family, sweet Elijah Adam!
i love you more than words can express & i’m so grateful and blessed to be your Mama



p.s. Sew Beastly giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight! hurry and enter!

p.p.s. (or p.s.s.?) i’m guest posting over at Mrs. T, Naturally today. check it out here!

Is Your Apology Sincere? + giveaway winner

sometimes when we say sorry, are we really being genuine?

or are we trying to excuse our behavior away instead of really trying to change?

read more about it here at the Stronger Marriage Blog!

what you do to help make your apologies meaningful?

tell me about it here!


also! the winner of the Whimsical Poppysmic giveaway is….

#18: Sarah Crooks!!

be on the look out for an email from me

thanks to everyone that entered!
and remember, Chrissy is giving all {and here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson} readers
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guest post: My Unrehearsed Life

Happy Wednesday!!! My name is Ashlyn & I write over at a little blog called My Unrehearsed Life. I am super excited to be guest posting for Megan :] I am not sure if you are aware but the 1st official day of Fall is this Friday September 23rd!! {YIPPEEE} I don't know about you, but I am super excited! I have been ready for fall for what seems like forever! Today I am sharing some of my favorite {loves + joys} of Fall.
when i think fall i think:
chilliness.the smell of burning wood. comfy socks. homemade soup. oversized scarfs. uggs. cuddling. early morning runs. 10 layers of blankets at night. brown+red+orange+yellow. boots. sweaters. sitting by the fireplace. leggings. pumpkin spice lattes. extra layers of clothes. no makeup. chilli + cornbread. pumpkins. hay rides. hot tea. winter coats.
What do you enjoy about Fall & What are you looking forward to this season?!


Megan here! does Ashlyn’s post make you so excited for Fall?? after reading it, i want to go put on tons of layers, drinks hot chocolate and take a drive up the canyon to see the changing colors! seriously, i can’t wait!

thank you Ashlyn for getting us all pumped for the cooler Fall weather! you should all go check out Ashlyn’s blog and give her some love!

Whimsical Poppysmic last chance!

last chance to win this awesome giveaway!!

enter here!


winner chosen tomorrow!


:::p.s. i am guest posting over at Sew Beastly today! go check it out here!

the silver lining

[i know you have already seen these pictures in this post, but i decided that to show them again for:  a. really liked them so wanted to show them again and b. wanted to document how i still had fun under crappy football playing circumstances]

september 9

the holy war was a huge disappointment 
all of Provo is mourning

but i still thought it was a {semi} successful family outing

tips for a {semi} successful family outing include:
-free tickets to the biggest game of the year
-free $30 food coupons from my old concessions boss
which you better believe i used all of it!
costa vida + mint brownies + kettle corn + cougar tail + soda = A GOOD TIME!]
-having a very nice BYU fan spot me 50 cents when I forgot my wallet
-the E man learning to cheer for the right team [BYU]
-really nice people around us that were patient with Elijah’s energy
-also have really nice people share popcorn with your chubby, energetic boy cause he kept whining to them for it…
-meeting Miss United Nations and Eli “petting” her hair & crown
{they thought he was adorable, which of course he is}
-perfect weather
-and spending great, valuable family time together!

of course the {semi} part is obvious:
-BYU playing a horrendously terrible game….
[do you follow me on twitter?? you would’ve seen my commentary]
-having to disown my family during rivalry week since apparently they are avid Ute fans (for reasons unknown…) and having to read all their messages on facebook… ugh!

BUT i still had fun!!

Adam might tell a different story….. but that’s why i write the blog 

september 6 september 8september 7september 12

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Citlalli from Sew Beastly is giving away
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il_570xN.254355474[shamrock green wristlet]

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[giveaway ends Friday, September 23rd at midnight]

pictures of the week

September 1september 5september 3september 11   september 4  september 9september 8september 6 september 12september 7 

this week was a lot of things…
tiring, fun, long, exciting, disappointing, eventful, busy, awesome

Elijah was crazy & sweet at the same time

he really does make my week



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