snuggle bunny

little E-rock is a sweet boy


he gives kisses
and loves getting kisses
and he’s always up for some snuggling when he’s tired

but lately he’s been even more of a little snuggle bunny
& he doesn’t even have to be on his way to bed!

if i’m sitting or laying on the couch, little Eli comes over and just lays
on me,
by me
or with me .


it’s pretty heart melting

and then to top it off
he’ll start humming in his little {high pitched} voice
just enjoying his time with his mama
[or daddy]


i totally love it

i love that throughout the day he will run up to me and put his head in my lap
or want to rub his forehead against mine so are faces are real close and then give me kisses
or will grab my hand and start moving it over his back signaling to me he wants a back rub
or snuggle into my side and has me put his arm around him while he drinks his bottle
or want me to pick him up to sit in my lap even just for a second before he runs off to the next toy



[i look totally gross in this pic but i love it! i was laying down and he climbed up on the couch behind me and put his head on mine and just laid there for a long time]

he’s a total sweetheart!

i think i’ll keep him


::sorry some of the pics are poor quality! they’re from my phone so not always the best


Kali Matthews (Stockton, Ca) said...

I just saw you on ClothedMuch! Whaaaaat. You're totally famous. :) This is Kali Matthews from your in-laws' ward, btw. ;) You are so cute! We'll have to hang out next time you're visiting, so you're not just "lounging around" the Robinson's house. lol

Unknown said...

That is so sweet. I am also totally jealous that you have a snugly baby

Unknown said...

HOLLA! I just found your blog through Gentri's.

This post made me smile a lot even though it's like the first thing I read about you :)

Glad to be here! Check us out:

travis said...

Loved these pics, Megan. Even if they are not the best quality we love to see our little E-man loving his parents, as he should. And this is Mom not Travis.(should of looked again to see who was logged on:)