much needed vacation: the Arizona part

the first part of our trip was a crazy quick trip to Arizona for my brother-in-law and best friend’s wedding

it was crazy.

but still really fun.

 photo (77)photo (75) photo (78)photo (79)photo (82)photo (89)

Eli and Dane bonded {or we tried to make them}
i got to see my side of the family [most of them hadn’t met Elijah yet!]
got to be with Adam’s siblings that we don’t see enough [dang Texas!]
hung out at the awesome rental house a lot
and got to witness the beautiful wedding of two fabulous {and very much in love} people
[of which i didn’t get much pictures because of reasons stated below]

here was the crazy part…
Eli was NOT having a good day at the wedding

first let me back up.

Eli is a pretty good sleeper {minus this week….} when he’s in his own bed
trying to get him to sleep in a pack n’ play in a whole new place
is near impossible!

so the poor kid was EXHAUSTED the whole time we were there

to add to his misery, it’s really really hot in AZ
did you know??
it’s like 100+ degrees

so exhaustion + really hot + not drinking enough water (our fault) =
everything caught up to him by day of the wedding and it quite {literally} blew up

on the way to the temple, E blew out bad
after the sealing, E blew out bad
at the luncheon, E blew out  bad  TWICE
back at the house, E blew out bad
& at the wedding reception, E blew out bad

it was SO horrible!
the poor child
& he was in so much pain from getting a terrible terrible diaper rash at the same time from the {literally} acidic poop
[is that gross to just tell you that?? well it’s the truth]

it was one of those moments as a parent that you just want to cry for your child because you know they are hurting and it hurts you to witness them in such misery.

and because he was still so exhausted, every time we would put him in his car seat he would pass out immediately!

photo (81) 

the next day after the wedding we had to leave to California so it was rather stressful to have a sick & sad baby and then get ready to travel another 12 hours….

BUT besides that blow out fiasco, it was a really nice trip!

we got to spend time with lots of family and friends who we don’t see often enough.
it was so good to visit with them and talk with them {and cry with them}
it made me realize how much i really really miss my dear family in Arizona

i love AZ so much
i could write a whole post about it
{maybe i will}
everything just feels so wonderful, so comfortable, so familiar
[the highways, a dream!]

we were really happy to go down there and just wish we had more time to spend with everyone
[and that E didn’t get so sick] 
next time!



Gentri said...

AW! Poor Eli, poor you!! That doesn't sound fun. :/ I hope next time is much better!

I've been dying to go to Arizona!

Unknown said...

I grew up in Arizona. Isn't just the most beautiful place? Poor Eli! I hope he is feeling better! :/

Alexis Kaye said...

oh my goodness! poorchild! Poor mom! I'm glad you both made it out alive! And a vacation to AZ at this time of year, ya'll must be crazy!!! I think it was 116 on Wednesday! He had a heat wave this week so it was especially hot! Hope you guys make it home safe!

holli h. said...

too bad eli was so sick. a bunch of our friends were looking for you at the reception. I was scanning the room like, "she has to be around here somewhere!" I hadno idea eli was having such a bad day. bummer! :(

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your cute blog from Gentri's blog!

My goodness, that sounds like quite an adventure! I'm so sorry your little one was sick though. It's tough to be away from loved ones and it's great you got to spend time with them! He is just the cutest baby ever! :)