much needed vacation: the San Francisco part

 photo (90)

[we took a picture in this same spot when me & Adam were dating]

[also, if you really read that post, it’s pretty hilarious/ridiculous and i’m kind of embarrassed of it. i probably shouldn’t have posted a link to it. but it’s fun to look back at memories :)]

[and yes, Elijah isn’t looking in this picture. but me and Adam look good!]

okay now for the real post.

right after our quick AZ trip and another 12 hour jaunt, we made it to California to stay for another week and a half. since Adam’s family lives about an hour and half from San Francisco, we decided to spend Saturday in the city with our cousins/best friends who are currently attending dental school at UCSF
[the school that apparently hates us…]

we went to this way-more-awesome-than-Wymount park that overlooks the city.  
& of course eli wasn’t phased with the countless contraptions on the playground and ran around chasing the diseased pigeons and playing in the one tiny puddle of mud
except he loved the swings as evidenced below

we then hit up Fisherman’s Wharf with all the other millions of tourists,
saw the sea lions {not seals!}
had the famous clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl from Boudins
saw the “Full House” house {fulfilling my childhood dream}
and talked talked talked {which i loved!}
[we miss you, Brandon & Ashley!]

minus the horrendous traffic
it was a really good day!



  IMG_0810 photo (83)IMG_0806 


….. one more vacation post to go!


Gentri said...

So fun! I love all the pictures! Especially that last one. haha! he's so cute. :)

thesearemythoughts said...

San Francisco is such an amazing city. My boyfriend and I just went there and took a picture in the same place with you with Alcatraz in the background :) Eli is adorable!!

Unknown said...

Ahh! you should have come and said hi to us!! i love your pictures! you guys are so stinking cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo jealous! I bet you all had a great time!

GingerPeachT said...

Woo!! Looks like you had gorgeous weather too!! San Fran is on our list of places that my hubby could be placed next. But most in the coast guard put that at top so I don't think we have much of a chance lol

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

What a wonderful trip and cute pictures! I've only been to San Francisco once, but I LOVED it. I hope I can go back some day. I think my kids would like those sea lions. :)

Unknown said...

I love vacations and traveling :] I cannot wait to finish school so I can travel whenever! It sounds like you have a completely wonderful time. Also, I like the new header.
Biggest love,
Victoria from Unlock Your World