four generations 

On August 31st, Adam gave our baby girl a name and blessing in our church. 
We were so grateful to have our family with us and for their love & support of our newest little babe. 
(unfortunately we weren't able to get pictures of everyone in attendance)

My mom stayed up late/got up early to finish Anneli's gorgeous blessing dress! 
I told her what I envisioned, we looked at patterns and fabrics, and she brought my vision to life.  

Hearing my husband bless my babies is one of the sweetest, most loving moments of our marriage. 
Adam gave an absolutely beautiful blessing and I was so proud and inspired. 
He has a beautiful way with his words and I can feel the Spirit so strongly. 

With both Elijah & Anneli, I had a hard time getting used to their names and would second guess our decision all the time. 
But both times, when I would hear Adam's sweet blessing, I felt like I knew who my children were and I knew that we chose the perfect names for them. 
It's hard to explain I guess. 
But to me it testifies that the Spirit will be there guiding me all throughout motherhood. 

I'm so grateful for my little family!
I have never felt more happiness, more joy, more love, than being with my family all together. 
I'm so grateful for the blessing of eternal families and for the priesthood. 
There is no place I'd rather be than here with my babies :)