happy {little} campers

On Monday we had a camping party to celebrate Elijah's 4th birthday. 
It was SO much fun to plan and put together. But totally exhausting. 
I stayed up the entire night before after being up the night before that with stomach pains and contractions, not to mention moving is just becoming harder & more painful... 
But I still loved doing it all and seeing all my ideas brought to fruition! 
After not throwing a party for 2 years, the party planner bug was reallllllly nagging at me and I was ready for a good project. And I think it all turned out pretty well. :) 

I designed and made all the tags, labels, and invitations mostly using PicMonkey. 
[did you know you can design blank pages on PicMonkey now?? so awesome!!]
That's one of my favorite parts to design the graphics and images. Makes me feel legit, ha. 

For food I tried to keep with the camping theme and had a trail mix bar [with peanuts, M&Ms, marshmallows, and raisins], teddy grahams {for the bears in the woods, obviously}, granola bars, and fruit leather. I also made fruit skewers and a vegetable plate. Cause being outdoors encourages healthy eating habits right?? 

And of course, Elijah got his big chocolate cake! :)
I found these really cute white bottle brush trees at Joann's and then made a small burlap bunting to go on top to match his "Camp Elijah" banner on the table. 
Now we have a ton of chocolate cake left that I can't eat... So Elijah will have a sugar high for a while. 

For activities we had a fishing station set up where the kids got to "fish" for goldfish. 
Adam was a good sport and helped out with all the kids fishing. 
We were laughing cause as adults it doesn't seem like the fishing activity would be that exciting especially because the way it was set up they could totally see what was happening. 
But the kids loved it and were SO excited when it was their turn. 
Simple minds, simple pleasures right?? :) 

I also had a scavenger hunt planned out for them to go and find different things in the park, but it ended up being sooooo ridiculously hot [as you can tell by all the kids' red faces!] and we kind of skipped it. It would have been fun and I saved some for maybe a fun activity to do with Elijah another day. And I love how the handouts turned out. I was so bummed the heat was so bad... 

{I really hope no kids got heat stroke!} 

We also set up a mini campsite scene with a fake, tissue paper fire, a small tent, little chairs, and a sleeping bag. That was another thing that I kind of thought would be a cute visual but underestimated how much the kids really liked it. They had so much fun pretending to camp, roasting fake marshmallows and taking turns in the little tent. It was so cute! 

And at the end of it all, the kids got to take home a goodie bag that had a s'mores kit, "fish bait" gummy worms, a mini compass, and a little flashlight. Pretty fun stuff! 

There were some things I wish I added or did a little differently [or I wish I could have made it cooler!] but all in all I was really happy with how it turned out. And I absolutely couldn't have done it without some wonderful friends who pitched in to help and donate cute decoration items. Because of them I was able to pull it off.  

And Elijah seemed to have a lot of fun and LOVED being able to play with all his friends. Seeing his excitement and huge smile all day {and the days leading up to it} made all that planning and late nights worth it. :)

Happy 4th birthday, E-rock!! 
I will celebrate you any day! 

birthday boy

Some more cute baby pictures of the birthday boy.
Because we all need to a little "chubby baby Elijah" pick me up. 

Ah! He's 4!! 
It seems way too soon for this to happen. 



It's hard to believe that this little sweet baby is FOUR years old today. 

I just pulled an all-nighter getting ready for his big 4-year-old birthday party. 
[party planning = reason why this blog has been neglected]
Because I love that boy. 
And I want more than anything for him to always feel special. 
Especially as his last birthday as an only child. 

And now I'm sitting here crying, looking through old baby pictures, and missing my chubby sweet baby, even though I know he's in the next room over sleeping peacefully. 
This boy has my whole heart. 
I love him more than I feel like my body can handle sometimes.  

These last four years have not been the easiest. 
Motherhood has been hard. 
But a lot of times I feel like that's on me, not him. 
I need to learn to be better. 
Cause truly, he is perfect & amazing. 

Elijah is my baby, my hope, and my will to live. 
He has changed me. 
He teaches me. 
He makes me a better person each and every day 
{even if I'm grumpy...} 

I love the way he always wants to cuddle with me. 
I love the way his little mind works, always trying to figure things out. 
[He's waaaaay too smart for me already!] 
I love the way he talks, his little voice melts me every time. 
I love the way he does his "robot dance." 
I love the way he's sensitive & kind. 
I love the way he wants to help constantly. 
I love the way his personality. 
I love his eyes, his eyelashes. 
I love his tiny nose and the way he scrunches it when he is trying not to smile. 
I love the way he knows what every song is called on the radio. 
I love that he knows all the words to "Story of My Life" and the dance moves. 
I love his curiosity. 
I love his ambition. 
And at times, I love his energy. ;) 

Most days I get really nervous thinking how I could ever love another baby as much as I love Elijah. 
Or how in the world my heart will grow to love both. 
I look at Elijah and I just swell with pride & adoration. 

I love him so much. 

He will always be the one that made me a mother. 
He will always be the one that pushed me and strengthened me more than anything. 
He will always be the one that taught me how to love more fully and unconditionally. 

And tonight for his lullaby, Elijah requested I sing the "Baby Elijah" song I made up for him so long ago. I felt like it was a perfect song on the eve of his birthday. And I sang it with all the love I could convey. 

He will always be mine. 
Always my baby. 

Bistro Pizza Date Night In

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Tony’s Pizza, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #tonyspizzeria http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Going out on dates is kind of hard to come by these days. 
Money, crazy preschoolers, school, pregnancy exhaustion all play a part in the date night struggle. 

So after a particularly difficult & busy week with school and kid problems, 
[well who am I kidding? that's like every week for us.]
I decided to surprise Adam with a little in-home date night.  

And since pizza is pretty much one of the only indulgent food that this baby will let me have, we made it a fun pizza & movie date night with Tony's Pizza

Here's what you will need for easy Bistro style pizza: 

- Tony's Cheese Pizza 
[I bought mine at WalMart for a great price PLUS you can get a $.75 off coupon from Coupons.com on any two Tony's Pizzas while supplies last.]
- about 2 cups of baby leaf salad mix
- red onion cut into thing slices
- half a tomato 
-balsamic vinaigrette dressing (go light on it!)
- and I added some bacon bits (optional)

1. Cook the pizza according to directions on the box. 
2. Mix remaining ingredients in a bowl 
3. Top pizza with salad 

And enjoy! 

We loved this take on a simple cheese pizza to fancy it up for a date night in. And Tony's Pizza had the perfect taste and crispy crust to make it more enjoyable. For a budget friendly pizza, Tony's Pizza is definitely at the top of the list. We all loved it! 

[In fact, we fed Elijah some before bed and he ate 3 slices by himself. When he usually only eats maybe one and a half... maybe. So yeah, we really liked it. :)]

And of course date night isn't really date night without some sparkling cider, ice cream, and a good movie. Heavyweights ended up being our movie of choice because, I mean... it's Heavyweights!

You can also check out more deals & serving ideas for Tony's Pizza on their Twitter & Facebook page.

Happy date night-ing!!


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I'm really excited to be able to use my pass with Elijah (while Adam is stuck at school) this summer and go on some fun field trips. We haven't gotten out to explore much of what Phoenix has to offer the last 2 years so I'm really hoping this gives us the perfect opportunity to create some fun memories. 

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