Bistro Pizza Date Night In

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Going out on dates is kind of hard to come by these days. 
Money, crazy preschoolers, school, pregnancy exhaustion all play a part in the date night struggle. 

So after a particularly difficult & busy week with school and kid problems, 
[well who am I kidding? that's like every week for us.]
I decided to surprise Adam with a little in-home date night.  

And since pizza is pretty much one of the only indulgent food that this baby will let me have, we made it a fun pizza & movie date night with Tony's Pizza

Here's what you will need for easy Bistro style pizza: 

- Tony's Cheese Pizza 
[I bought mine at WalMart for a great price PLUS you can get a $.75 off coupon from on any two Tony's Pizzas while supplies last.]
- about 2 cups of baby leaf salad mix
- red onion cut into thing slices
- half a tomato 
-balsamic vinaigrette dressing (go light on it!)
- and I added some bacon bits (optional)

1. Cook the pizza according to directions on the box. 
2. Mix remaining ingredients in a bowl 
3. Top pizza with salad 

And enjoy! 

We loved this take on a simple cheese pizza to fancy it up for a date night in. And Tony's Pizza had the perfect taste and crispy crust to make it more enjoyable. For a budget friendly pizza, Tony's Pizza is definitely at the top of the list. We all loved it! 

[In fact, we fed Elijah some before bed and he ate 3 slices by himself. When he usually only eats maybe one and a half... maybe. So yeah, we really liked it. :)]

And of course date night isn't really date night without some sparkling cider, ice cream, and a good movie. Heavyweights ended up being our movie of choice because, I mean... it's Heavyweights!

You can also check out more deals & serving ideas for Tony's Pizza on their Twitter & Facebook page.

Happy date night-ing!!


Phoenix POGO Pass Giveaway

Have you heard of the POGO Pass?? 
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For a small fee, you can get the POGO Pass and get free admission to some awesome activities around the valley. Places like the Phoenix Zoo, the Sea Life aquarium, Sunsplash, and more! 

I'm really excited to be able to use my pass with Elijah (while Adam is stuck at school) this summer and go on some fun field trips. We haven't gotten out to explore much of what Phoenix has to offer the last 2 years so I'm really hoping this gives us the perfect opportunity to create some fun memories. 

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emotional motherhood confessions

Last week was kind of a rough one with this little one. 
We had two good days and three bad ones. 

Very bad ones. 
"Making me second guess having another kid" bad ones. 

I have been at a loss of how to teach this boy.
I feel like I have tried everything when it comes to teaching, training, discipline, consequences... 
And nothing works. 

Which quite honestly scares me to feel so out of control with another one on the way. 

And out of control I feel everrrrrrryday. 

I hate feeling angry.
I hate feeling upset.
I hate feeling overwhelmed. 
I hate feeling mean & unloving. 
I hate feeling like a terrible mom.  
A feeling that sticks with me 24/7. 

I love this boy so much and I hate that I don't know how to help him. 
I also hate that I feel like no matter how much love I show him, he can dish out the attitude and misbehavior all day long. 

But I do. 
I do love him so much. 
Even on the days I think I don't cause he neverrrrr listens. 

I just hope and pray that he remembers me as a mom who loves him instead of as a mom that yelled at him for not listening all day long. 

But maybe I already ruined that hope? 

Not that you have to totally validate me... but I can't be the only one that has these thoughts, right?? 

[okay maybe I want to feel validated a little...] 

//end thoughts of a crazy emotional pregnant lady

Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice

This weekend is an amazing time for our church because we get to hear from the Lord's living prophet & apostles on earth. I love Conference weekend and being able to hear such inspired and uplifting words that help get me through the next 6 months [until next Conference].

I think everyone, LDS or non-LDS, should have the chance to listen to Conference and hear their wonderful words. 
{And PSST: lots of those inpriational quotes you see on Pinterest that you are probably pinning? those come from LDS Conference and prophets & apostles. so yeah, it's good! :)}

You can watch all the sessions online here

And here are some great highlights from October 2013 General Conference. 

I hope you can all tune in! It will be an unforgettable weekend :) 

my most embarrassing mom moment

I didn't want to post this story for a long time because I was still sooooooo mad about it. But I think I can finally laugh at it and add it to the baby book. Seriously kids are crazy! 

Recently I have started working a little bit on the side for a local lawyer just taking calls and appointments and such. It has been really nice to have a side project plus a little bit of income. And I can usually work around Elijah's schedule or bring him with me so it's even easier. 

Except for this one time... 

I was over at my boss/friend's house getting some instructions on some new responsibilities and was able to bring Elijah with me so he could play with the other kids while we talked. As we are in the office going over items, E rushes in and starts telling me about how his pants got wet and he needs to take them off right now

And he wasn't kidding. 
He started completely undressing right then and there in the office. 
Pants, shirt, underwear, and all! 

Never ever ever has Elijah stripped totally naked like this. EVER! 
Unless for bath time. But he knows that we keep our clothes on and if anything, he hates walking around the house without just his pants on. 
So this was totally and completely unexpected. And I was in absolute shock. 

So I'm watching him totally strip down and screaming and I don't really know what to do. 
I'm trying to force clothes back on him but he kept pushing me away and yelling that he needed his clothes off. 

Anything I said, anything I tried to do to make him get his clothes on or reason with him didn't work. And I didn't know what to do with him either since I was not in my own house. I had no where to take him, I couldn't just leave with a naked kid, and no amount of trying to calm him down was working. He just went on screaming and crying and freaking.out. 

This lasted for what felt like 5-10 minutes. Seriously. 
It was intense and sooooooo frustrating & e m b a r r a s s i n g!! 

I finally got him to get his clothes back on
{by threatening to lock him in the car... haha! seriously I was desperate.} 
and then put him in time-out. 

It was most definitely one of the most embarrassing and frustrating moments of my whole mom life. 
I know more moments will come, but so far that was the worst. 

And then a couple of weeks ago, Elijah and his friend decided it would be fun to get completely naked and run through the sprinkler while I was talking to my friend inside. 

Apparently we still need to have a few talks about modesty and appropriateness. 
At least it wasn't in a lawyer's office the second time... 

maybe we got this

These blurry phone pictures are proof that I survived taking care of a baby girl and a crazy preschooler boy. WE ALL SURVIVED! 

This week we had the chance to watch this sweet little girl while her mama was getting better in the hospital. I was a little nervous but even more excited to test my skills on caring for two children, and a little girl for that matter. And even more importantly, I was curious to see how Elijah would handle it all. 

Besides wanting to watch her every second, including when I was trying to get her to sleep which was a bit frustrating.... 
["Elijah, she can't play right now! You're too loud!" "No, no, no! I will sleep by her in my bed!"]
He actually did really well! 

He kept calling her "honey" and wanting her to come play with him. He didn't quite understand that she would get tired and want to cuddle instead of play. But he still did his best to entertain her. 

If she cried, he would rub her back {a little too vigorously...} and say, 
"Shh, shh, shh! It will be okay. I'm not scary."

And then he would be bossy and tell her not to touch his movies because she can break them. And that she has to be careful on the porch cause you can't throw balls over the side. You know, all the things he gets in trouble for. ;) 

He was still crazy as usual, and refused to listen to me, and was snobby to Adam and I later on... 
BUT! He was really sweet and kind to little P and really proved his worth as a future big brother. 

[the verdict is still out on proving himself as a well-mannered, obedient, kind son though...] 

It was one of those experiences where I felt a strong confirmation come to me saying everything really will be okay. And even though technically we did a small service for our good friend, I feel like it turned into more of a huge blessing & service to us at a time that I really needed it.