I'm a little freaked out

For a little while I kept thinking I felt the baby move. I would feel little flutters but wasn't ever quite sure if it was the baby or not. I would make Adam touch my stomach to feel and he would tell me that he couldn't tell either. He thought it was just gas bubbles or something. {nice}.

But this weekend I felt it very distinctly. I was sitting on the couch and started feeling something weird but I didn't know if it again was bubbles or something. But then as I started to feel around my stomach I felt a very obvious "kick" to my hand. {I screamed!} and ran over to Adam to tell him.

It was so weird!!! I kept explaining to Adam over and over how the feeling was the weirdest ever and I was kind of freaked out that something was pushing against my skin from the inside.

And then all day today I could feel the same kicks over and over. Adam finally felt it too.


Isn't that weird??? I think it is. But {incredibly exciting}.

I can't believe it. I just hope the frequency of the kicks doesn't reflect how crazy/not crazy the kid will be. Cause if it does... I'm pretty sure this kid is already crazy.

Or it could've just been excited with us as BYU beat Utah!

k now look at me.

Lately, I have only been able to wear two pairs of pants because all my others don’t fit me. The other day when I was getting ready to go somewhere with Adam, I thought to myself that I had to have some other jeans that still fit. So I pulled out some old jeans that I haven’t worn in a while and SURPRISE! I can’t button them. So I tried that ol’ rubber band trick I hear women talking about and Adam just about died laughing. He said, “I have to take a picture of this.” So here it is.


Yes. My zipper isn’t zipped up either. But it worked. My shirt covered it.

So then I told Adam to actually take a good picture of me showing my belly.

17 weeks

It may not seem like much and I can’t remember if I maybe had {just eaten}, but the fact is it’s there. It’s so weird to look down and not be able to see straight down past my stomach. But it’s fun to be big.

My goal is to be able to eat peanuts or cereal by balancing it on my belly. I tell you it’s going to happen .

do you want to see my baby?

We find out {definitely} what we are having on December 3rd. We are really excited! Although we have a pretty good idea, we want to make sure it doesn't change or something before we announce it to the world.

But either way, we can't wait for the little one to come!

what did we do for All Hallow’s Eve?

this is late i know. but it needs to be posted.

On Friday before Halloween, me and Adam carved our pumpkins. Adam picked out 30+ pound pumpkin it was crazy. My pumpkin was a baby. And Adam scooped it out for me, he was nice. 

 DSC03770 DSC03771 DSC03776DSC03779   DSC03781 DSC03783

On Halloween, we went over to our friend’s apartment where they made yummy Taco Soup before everyone headed out for the night. It was good and fun! We dressed up like Juno and Bleeker from the movie Juno for the little shin-dig.


Unfortunately I didn’t have the skirt to go over it and Adam didn’t have real runner shorts but we did our best. We made Adam’s headband out of his church sock. We’re thinkers. {I’m not for reals that big, it’s a sweatshirt}

After soup, we had Adam’s cousins over and watched X-Files and ate tons of food. We wanted to get a scary movie but they were all checked out when we got there. And I’m a chicken and cry during scary movies so we stuck with something more tame.


don’t mind my face, I didn’t know what was going on.


who’s ready for Thanksgiving??

the joys of motherhood…?

how do people do it? women i mean. i mean seriously?

i feel like everything has gone wrong. maybe it hasn’t but i feel like it has. i still get sick. i almost blacked out at wal-mart.

yeah seriously.

and the cherry on top?

super painful sharp cramps in my stomach.

at first they said it was normal. don’t worry about it they said. it’ll be okay. then they got worse. and frequent. and “oh my gosh i hate my life” super-sized.

we went to the doctor again and they said oh yeah we should probably actually do something. thank you very much.

the heartbeat is good and strong so that’s good. we went for an ultrasound. and the baby is fine. and you know what they found wrong with me? a big. fat. NOTHING.

how frustrating. i mean i am glad there is nothing wrong but i just want them to fix it. and they can’t fix it.

i know i’ll love the baby when it comes. but i really don’t love my body with the baby in it.

the bishop and Adam gave me a blessing because i broke down at church when his wife saw that i was really struggling during sacrament meeting. it was very comforting. he told me it’s okay to feel frustrated and that it’s normal. i am very grateful to him and to Adam.

you know what else the bishop told us? he told Adam that i am not going to be myself for these next months and he is going to say to himself, “wow, who did i marry?” but that it’s normal and i am still myself and to be supportive.

and yep. i’m pretty sure i’ve been psycho. so thank you again, Adam, for supporting me.

i think i'm hilarious

the other day i told Adam:

"I want to get a little kitten and name it Frisky."

he looked and kind of nodded.

"Then, when it gets out we can run around the neighborhood yelling 'GET FRISKY!!"

and this when i started laughing ridiulously hard. i started crying it was laughing so hard. for about 3 minutes full on laughing.

Adam just kind of looked at me and in his face told me it wasn't that funny. and then in his own words said, "that wasn't really funny. you are crazy."

so tell me. is it just me? or was that hilarious? i mean i think i am a HOOT but Adam just said i was weird.

please validate me.

i am grateful for

our toaster.

That is weird I know. But seriously.

We bought this cheap toaster with our gift cards from our wedding. It was nothing special. It was the cheapest toaster that was there. It came with some cool tongs so you can get out the toast or whatever and not burn your fingers.

This has come in handy. One day I was trying to get out an English Muffin and burned my finger so bad that it blistered. After that I remembered the tongs! So nice!!

And then Adam was toasting some mini bagels and he couldn’t get them out. So he was pushing the little lever up and and down trying to make them fly out. It was hilarious. After watching him for about 20 seconds I told him about the tongs. He was thought they were nice too. So helpful!!

So I am grateful for our toaster. I am grateful for our choice. Even though it may not cook an egg while it’s toasting or toast 6 bagels at once, we like our humble $8 toaster.

Thank you Black Beauty for saving our fingers.

{I didn’t really name it Black Beauty, but that’d be cool}

on love.

I like looking at our engagement pictures.

Our good friend Charley did them and she did a great job. And it was fun.

We look good.


Also, I love that dress.

I tried it on the other day and in my mind it was going to be a really cute, Fall outfit for work.

It didn’t fit at all.

I miss that dress… as it now accumulates dust with the rest of my cloths.