i am grateful for

our toaster.

That is weird I know. But seriously.

We bought this cheap toaster with our gift cards from our wedding. It was nothing special. It was the cheapest toaster that was there. It came with some cool tongs so you can get out the toast or whatever and not burn your fingers.

This has come in handy. One day I was trying to get out an English Muffin and burned my finger so bad that it blistered. After that I remembered the tongs! So nice!!

And then Adam was toasting some mini bagels and he couldn’t get them out. So he was pushing the little lever up and and down trying to make them fly out. It was hilarious. After watching him for about 20 seconds I told him about the tongs. He was thought they were nice too. So helpful!!

So I am grateful for our toaster. I am grateful for our choice. Even though it may not cook an egg while it’s toasting or toast 6 bagels at once, we like our humble $8 toaster.

Thank you Black Beauty for saving our fingers.

{I didn’t really name it Black Beauty, but that’d be cool}


Lauren and Jason said...

Hey Sis. I heard you aren't feeling so hot. Just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers. I love you!

Holli said...

I think you just did name it Black Beauty! haha