what did we do for All Hallow’s Eve?

this is late i know. but it needs to be posted.

On Friday before Halloween, me and Adam carved our pumpkins. Adam picked out 30+ pound pumpkin it was crazy. My pumpkin was a baby. And Adam scooped it out for me, he was nice. 

 DSC03770 DSC03771 DSC03776DSC03779   DSC03781 DSC03783

On Halloween, we went over to our friend’s apartment where they made yummy Taco Soup before everyone headed out for the night. It was good and fun! We dressed up like Juno and Bleeker from the movie Juno for the little shin-dig.


Unfortunately I didn’t have the skirt to go over it and Adam didn’t have real runner shorts but we did our best. We made Adam’s headband out of his church sock. We’re thinkers. {I’m not for reals that big, it’s a sweatshirt}

After soup, we had Adam’s cousins over and watched X-Files and ate tons of food. We wanted to get a scary movie but they were all checked out when we got there. And I’m a chicken and cry during scary movies so we stuck with something more tame.


don’t mind my face, I didn’t know what was going on.


who’s ready for Thanksgiving??


Sarah Jane said...


Amber Marie said...

that is a big pumpkin. we have never carved pumpkins since becoming "the wilsons". a tradition i guess we'll start sometime.... :) looks like you guys had fun.

i'm sorry you are still experiencing the cramping and pain. i've been thinking about it- has your dr mentioned it possibly being a reaction from your prenatal pill? i know some girls get sick from certain prenatal pills. it was just a thought that it could be your pill that is causing some kind of reaction?

i've experienced the blacking out as well. just this last week it occurred to me that maybe i wasn't getting enough iron in my diet and that is why i was getting so dizzy and having to lay down etc. we had hamburgers at home one night and then i have been mindful of having protein at every meal and putting leafy greens (mostly spinach and kale) in anything i can (salads, sandwiches, smoothies). it has actually made a difference and i've noticed i've been feeling stronger and less weak and dizzy. just a thought :)

hope you start feeling better!