i missed this boy so so much this week!!!
you bet i had some hard nights not being able to kiss his sweet, chubby cheeks before bed.
oh this boy of mine...
love this funny kid!

i wanted to share with you some more Elijah-isms that always get me smiling

Elijah knows the whole Latter-day Prophets song and can even point to all 16 prophets' pictures and tell you their names. i'm really really proud of this accomplishment {since we worked hard on it:)}! seriously, he's so smart! 

anytime something is too high, like the moon, he will say,
"oh Mom, i reach it? i can reach it if i fwy. i fwy up dere and touch it."
i'm a little nervous that this will eventually lead him into trying to fly off the roof or something....

he's actually starting singing a lot more which is just the best thing ever.
to hear him try to say all the words to his favorite primary songs or TV shows is just about the cutest thing you ever did hear. and he's good at it!
i love this more if i tried.

we had to go to the doctor and he kept telling me how excited he was about it.
"we see da doctor mom? like Doc Stuffins? check my ears & eyes? oh i so ess-ited!!"
the staff of course thought he was the cutest.
but i was just happy that it didn't end in a total meltdown like it usually does.

Elijah loooooooves any little kid and can see them coming from a mile away.
anytime we are around kids, whether it be in a store or at church, he becomes the BIGGEST ham ever trying to impress them. it's a little out of control. he shows off so bad.
it would be cuter if he wasn't so loud & obsessed about getting their attention.
it's the worst when he's around little girls... so it's already starting. ;)

that boy keeps us on our toes for sure!! 

fashion flirtation

i'm so grateful to Victoria for guest posting for me today while i'm away at Girl's Camp. 
she has a must-see fashion blog full of beautiful outfits and great bargains.
[my kind of gal!] 
i have absolutely loved getting to know her and am trying to work up the courage to ask her to go shopping with me so i can look like her ;) 
i hope you enjoy learning more about Victoria today and be sure to head on over to her blog to see her impeccable fashion sense in action!

Hi guys! I'm Victoria from Fashion Flirtation and I am so excited to be doing a guest post on Megan's blog today! She is so cute, and I love everything on her blog--from the posts about her adorable son to her fashion posts! 

[Outfit details HERE.]

I am 20 years old, currently based in Gilbert, Arizona, and recently celebrated 6 months with the love of my life. I have always had a passion for fashion, and I've been reading fashion blogs for a very long time. But a common factor I seem to find in each blog is that the clothing they wear is always so expensive. I decided to start a fashion blog to show women that you can be fashionable without spending a fortune. Most of my clothing and accessories come from affordable places like Target, Old Navy, and Forever 21. I want women to know that looking amazing has nothing to do with how much you spend. I love finding great deals just as much as I love looking good, and that is what my blog is all about! 

[Outfit details HERE.]

[Outfit details HERE.]

Thank you all for reading, and a huge thank you to Megan for letting me guest post today! I'd love for you all to follow along with my fashion journey!
BlogLovin: HERE
Facebook: HERE
Instagram: @victoriafarnsworth
Twitter: @brewer_victoria
 photo NewSiggy_zpscdf6e4bc.png

classy chic {thrifted edition}

top: Banana Republic, thrifted (with tags!!) / skirt: thrifted / shoes: Forever 21 {from 4 years ago} / clutch: won from P.S. I Adore You / belt: thrifted / earrings: thrifted 

i wore this little number when we celebrated our anniversary at the beginning of the month. 
i felt very classy and beautiful but still like myself with the added pops of color in my earrings and clutch. 

and Adam, who usually thinks my fashion choices are out there, seemed to actually {for once} appreciate it too! 
he didn't really appreciate that i made us late for our reservation... 
but i mean.... you win some, you lose some. 

i also was pretty proud of myself that i pulled off this look almost solely from thrift stores 
[minus the shoes and the clutch]. 
that should be a winner in itself i think! 

who doesn't like a girl who could dress classy enough for a fancy restaurant AND find a bargain?! 
i say that girl would be my best friend! 

i think Adam agrees with that too :)

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father & sons

"I so ess-ited!!!"
helping put up the tent

hanging out in the tent eating Pop Tarts (per Elijah's request)

two weekends ago Adam took Elijah on his very first camping trip! 
our church had a Father & Sons campout so Adam decided to brave it and take Elijah with him. 

Elijah was soooooooo excited!!! 
we had to go buy some supplies a few days before and Eli was going crazy seeing all the fun stuff he was going to get to "play" with. 
i had to run to the store before they left and when i got home Elijah yelled,
"Mommy, Mommy!! I going camping!! I so ess-ited!!"

i was so happy for both of them to be able to have this opportunity to spend together, 
bonding over manly things, 
but i admit i was a wreck when they had to leave. 
i was even working hard to convince them to stay. 
it was {surprisingly} too hard to see them go without me!

first, i have only been away from Elijah overnight one other time in his life. so it's torture. but i guess it prepared me for this week where i'll be gone for a whole 4 days from him and Adam. 
excruciating torture!!

and second, i was so sad that i was going to miss out on this really fun milestone for Elijah and miss all the happy moments i knew he was going to have. it was such a bummer. 

but Adam did a good job at documenting things on his phone {see above} and i love looking through them and seeing the sheer joy on Elijah's face from the experience. 

he is such a fun and happy boy! 
i can't even describe the happiness i felt when Adam told me how much crazy fun Elijah had! 
seeing him happy brings me the greatest joy imaginable, 
even if i just have to catch glimpses of it through iphone pictures :)

[better take lots of pictures while i'm gone! ;)]

Shabby Apple $50 Gift Card Giveaway

i absolutely love Shabby Apple
or... the better word is probably obsessed.  
they have the most stunning dresses {that are modest! huzzah!} that i have ever seen. 

if you haven't heard of Shabby Apple yet 
[which is really a huge loss if you haven't] 
they are an online boutique that specializes in beautiful, vintage & retro dresses

and not only are their dresses gorgeous, but they are also really great quality! 
i own a couple of their dresses (won from giveaways. so.... you should enter today!) and i was thoroughly impressed with the high quality of product they produce. 
i could not be happier with Shabby Apple dresses. 

here are some of my favorite that i have been eyeing lately:
[of course it's really hard to only pick a few]

1 // 2 // 3 //

today, Shabby Apple is generously offering one reader a $50 gift card to purchase a beautiful dress of your own! 
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how to be a person of influence

Brooklyn is one of the cutest, nicest, coolest girls around! and i love what she has to say in her post today. i think this is such an important concept that i think gets forgotten a lot. i know i forget it a lot. i hope you enjoy Brooklyn's post and it helps you find your own strength and individual worth! 


Hey you awesome people you! I am Brooklyn and I blog over at This Little Blonde
I have a quote hanging on the wall in my room that says, "You will never influence the world by trying to be like it." 

I absolutely love how that quote changes my thinking. We live in a world where we are encouraged to "blend in." We try and fit in, and we try to be one of the crowd.
The last thing this world needs is one more person that is keeping his or her mouth closed about the things they care about. The world doesn't need more celebrities, it needs people who consistently do good. The world needs more people who put others first. The world needs more people of influence. So I have come up with a list of 3 simple ways to become a person of influence.

1. Seek to be worth knowing rather than to be well-known
I remember hearing this quote a few weeks back and I honestly can't get it out of my head. Be that person that is so nice, and so silly and so helpful that people can't help but like you. Your character will say more than your reputation ever will. In the blogging world, use social media to connect with your readers. Don't be a blog lurker! Comment away! People love to know that you are reading and thinking about their blog. That makes you someone worth knowing, because you are someone who cares. 

2. Work WITHIN your own sphere of influence
When I dream, I dream big. I don't just want my mom to read my blog posts, I want the president of the fricken United States to read my blog post. But to be honest, that will probably never happen. I try to really focus on my audience. Who can I influence? My roommates, my family, my boyfriend, my readers, my coworkers, etc. So how can I personally change so that my influence on them is a positive one? You don't have to write a letter to the government that will change ObamaCare for the better, but you can leave a note for a roommate wishing them good luck on their test the next day. Maybe you can't get a big blogger to tweet you back, but you can tweet back a new friend that asked you a question. 

3. Find your strengths, and use them
I am NOT good at sports. But I am a GREAT cheerleader. I am not a good artist, but I'm a decent writer. You need to do what YOU are good at. Not what any other blogger is good at. I can look at every person in my life and find something to be envious of, but instead I try to focus on the things I am good at, things I like about myself. When you are comfortable in your own skin you are more worried about others than you are about yourself. Write about things you love. People will notice.

What are your ideas on becoming a person of influence?
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today Brooklyn is also generously giving away two months of free ad space on her blog. 
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CONGRATULATIONS ladies!! i will be contacting you soon :)

painful insecurities [and overcoming them]

*warning: some very unflattering photos of me straight ahead. i would never show the world these pictures if i didn't fully believe in this product with all my heart. 

skirt: c/o Modest Pop [similar] // top: Target, clearance // belt: thrifted // sandals: BYU Bookstore // bra: c/o Braologie // necklace: Cookie Lee

i have always, always struggled with my body image. 
i can specifically remember when i first started noticing all the flaws in my body, the first time i started nit picking everything about myself and what was wrong with me. 
it was in the 4th grade. and i was insanely embarrassed about my legs. 
i hated wearing shorts above my knees because that meant you could see my thighs, 
and that thought sent me into waves of turmoil.

as i got older, the self-conscious thoughts just continued to escalate. 
i was a bony girl, which meant i didn't have those sexy curves that all my friends started getting as they entered their teenage years. 
i hated it. i felt so ugly, so undesirable. 

eventually i finally grew some sort of chest that helped me {barely} graduate from training bras. but i still felt so.... unwomanly. 
i would layer bras and undershirts just to give me more padding. 
and it would work for the most part. i mean, it did its job at hiding my insecurities under the layers of cotton. 
but that doesn't mean those insecurities ever left. 

fast forward a few college years and the birth of a baby and my self consciousness about my body rivaled the sad, pathetic feelings from my teenage years. 
here i was, standing inside Motherhood Maternity, full from needing to feed Elijah, and being told i wouldn't fit their smallest size bra. 

you know those stories about women saying they quadrupled in size when they were pregnant & nursing? i shrunk. 

after i was done nursing Elijah, my chest was so flat that i didn't need to wear a bra at all. 
the only reason i even did wear one was so i didn't look like a 10-year-old girl carrying a baby. 

my insecurity about my body affected everything and everyone around me. 
already suffering from body image issues from the post-partum weight, this just piled more problems on top of that. 
not to mention all the feelings of anxiety & depression i was dealing with after having a baby.
i hated myself. i hated my body. 
i didn't feel comfortable enough in my own skin to even let Adam get close to me. 
i couldn't believe that a great guy like him could ever like me, let alone be attracted to me, and many times i would just start crying from being so overwhelmed by it all. 

so all this, 
all this turmoil & frustration & shameful insecurity, 
all this has been going on for a goooood while. 
the last three years being the worst of it. 

and it wasn't until recently that i finally started seeing the light. 

what changed? 

i never, ever, would have thought a bra could make that big of difference in how i looked 
and {more importantly} how i felt about myself. 
but that's because i haven't been wearing the right one after all these years. 

80% of women are wearing the wrong bra. 
and most women don't realize that the bra they have been wearing has brought them back & shoulder pain as well as poor posture and migrated breast tissues at the back/armpits. 
{i didn't even know migrated breast tissues was a problem but i totally see the difference now!}

Braologie is out to change all that! 
they have created their own line of products that specializes in correcting a woman's posture and body shape through their revolutionary bra fitting technique. 
you can feel and see the difference instantly! 

i was able to test out the Posture-Contour Bra & Mini Vest
at first, the bra and vest were pretty uncomfortable and i didn't really jump on board right away. 
though, i really liked the push-up feature :)
but it didn't feel the best as the bra & vest worked to improve my posture. 

i kept with it though and in no time i saw & felt a huge difference. 
i told Adam, "I FEEL LIKE A REAL WOMAN!" 
and i finally started to like my own body shape a little more. 
i even felt {dare i say} sexier!

the people over at Braologie [namely Tallia, we got close :)] are wonderful to work with and really go out of their way to give you the best experience possible. 
i sent in my pictures and measurements to get fitted for a bra and they took the time to make sure i got the best product for me. 
they even gave me post-fitting advice to make sure i was wearing the bra correctly which helped tremendously since i needed to make some adjustments to help with the fit. 

and Braologie offers free fitting advice even if you don't purchase one of their products. 
their biggest goal is to educate women who have been wearing ill-fitting bras and have body & posture issues. their bra-gurus will help give advice on your current bra, understand what can be done to get a better fit, and help improve the comfort of the fitting and overall posture. 

i truly, truly, LOVE my Braologie bra and cannot stress that enough. 
since switching, i have more confidence in myself and my body, with and without the bra.
i know it can seem like such a vain thing, but how you see yourself does make a huge difference in how you feel overall. 

and i can honestly say that even though i still may not look like a Victoria's Secret model, i'm more accepting of my body and feel much more confident. 
i mean... it only took 25 years! 

be sure to check out Braologie on their 
& Twitter 

DISCOUNT:: to help more women get the best fit & support in their lingerie, Braologie is offering all Mrs. Robinson Readers $15 off all products from their online store with the code megancamille. code expires June 6th, 2013.

[how to input the coupon code: when checking out, the site directs you to PayPal right away to collect your shipping and billing address. after that, you will return to Shopify where you will pick a shipping rage & type in the discount code. the price is updated accordingly and, on that same page, you will be able to finalize your transaction.]

[i also want to say, for the record here, that i have gone to other places to get fitted like Victoria's Secret and they all have told me the same thing: they didn't have anything that would actually fit me. i tried their bras anyways because i was desperate but after wearing the Braologie bra now i realize how bad they were for me. Braologie has been the first company ever to actually cater to my needs and size. serious.]

this guy.

this guy just finished his first year of dental school.
and not just finished, but excelled.
{top of the class what, WHAATT!!!}

this guy just got through one of the hardest years of our little family's life.
and not just got through it, but came out more confident than ever.

this guy just studied is BUTT off every.single.day. this year.
and not just studied, but continued to help and make time for others (classmates, church members, family) even when he was overwhelmed with hard exams.

this guy was constantly there for his crazy family on top of crazy studying.
and not just there for us, but pulling us {me} through when it felt like everything was crumbling down.

this guy fulfilled so many additional duties & callings outside of school this past year.
and not just fulfilled them, but went far above and beyond what was needed.

this guy continues to be one of the hardest & dedicated workers i have known.
and he continues to impress me more every day that we are together.

i could not be more proud of Adam and all that he has accomplished.
i could not be more happy to go through life with him, with my perfect match.

this last year really was hard.
hard. hard. hard.
but looking back i realize that even though there were some tough emotions & difficult circumstances to go through, none of that matters much anymore.
because we are here now. together.
and we made it! 

Adam, you rock my proverbial socks off!
you are amazing, in every sense of the word.

here's to 3+ more years of school!!! 
yaaaaayyy...... :/

:: remember this post?? well, the people at Journal10 contacted me and wanted to offer all of you guys a discount on your new journals! Use the code ROBINSON at check out to receive 10% off your new Journal10 journal from now until the end of May. think Father's Day gifts :)

he's a big boy now!

even though i complained in a previous post about Elijah and our potty training days, i have to actually do a huge brag sesh for this little boy.

i have been so SO incredibly proud of Elijah these last two weeks!
the other week, i woke up determined to potty train him.
i had been dreading this day the moment i found out we were having a boy.
i was preparing myself for an awful, exhausting day and prayed for lots of patience.
i thought for sure it would take the whole week.
and i was 90% sure i would end up giving up before lunchtime.

well Elijah is a total rockstar!!
not only did he master the potty, but he did it all before nap time.
(and i didn't even have to bribe him!)

once again, he proved me horribly wrong.
he has shown me that i don't give him near enough credit sometimes.
{a terrible fault of mine, i know. i think the worst just from sheer anxiety of motherhood.}
but he ALWAYS continues to impress me!

i couldn't be more proud of him and this big challenge he overcame!
[and it was a challenge! he was totally terrified.]
but no matter how proud i am, i know he's even prouder of himself!
he can't stop smiling from ear to ear, shouting "I DID IT!!!!' every.single.time he goes.

oh, baby boy, you make my mama heart burst with joy!!
[minus the tantrums. then that joy turns to complete despair ;)]


this story...

this story is a great depiction of hope and faith overcoming despair,
especially as it pertains to motherhood.

flirty and fluttery

top: c/o Modest Pop (sold out), skirt: thrifted, shoes: Target (on sale), belt: from another skirt (gift)

this new ModestPop top has immediately become one of my favorite wardrobe staples. 
 not only do the cute details really make any outfit 20x more fabulous, but it's ohhhhhh so comfortable!! which is a quality that can sometimes be hard to find in shirts, especially when you live in the scorching Arizona heat. 

i love how simply casual & elegant this fluttery top is. 
i can dress it up or dress it down easily. 
and more importantly, i can effortlessly look cute while chasing down a wild Eli-man. 
and that's really the whole point, right? 

i've written about my love for ModestPop before and of course their items hit a home run again. 
i cannot say enough good things about their products
{the quality, the budget-friendly prices, the feel & comfort of the clothes}
but what i'm even more impressed with is their customer service.

Camille is the owner of ModestPop and i can honestly tell you that she always taking the time to put her customers first. when i first ordered this shirt, i wasn't totally aware that the sizes might run small. Camille took the time to write me to make sure i got the correct size. 
i mean, how many people do you know would take the time to do that? 

i will always be a fan of ModestPop
and am so grateful for great companies like theirs that is out to help make cute, modest fashion affordable again. 

ModestPop is being generous and offering all {And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson} readers a discount code. use MRSROBINSON at check out to get 10% off your total purchase. 
and hurry!! once their items are gone [and they go fast!] they are almost always gone for good. 

just to be aware: 
this top is currently sold out and i don't know if they will get them in again soon. but if they do, just know that the top is a little sheer {have to wear an undershirt that you see in the sleeves} and the size runs a little small. but the small size still fits me great and isn't too restricting. and if anything, makes me feel a little more womanly since i very much lack in that area.... ;) but if you are between sizes it might be better to go up so that's it's not so uncomfortable

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May Group Giveaway

this month's group giveaway is pretty amazing and brought to you by some even more amazing ladies. they have all teamed together to offer over $140 worth of prizes today, all for one very lucky reader. 

i cannot thank them enough for their willingness to contribute and their hard work to put this all together. i hope you show them your appreciate as well by visiting their blogs and getting to know them. 

so without waiting any longer... on to the awesome giveaway!

$25 Target Gift Card from Diligent Joy 

Abby is one of the first people i met in this big, bad, blogging world. she is truly beautiful inside & out. and i love that she shares her beauty secrets on her blog, giving me hope that i can someday look hopefully one-eighth as good as she does! she has a Beauty Aisle series where she shares beauty products and beauty tips. 

since most of her favorite products come from Target, she is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Target to help you stock up on your summer beauty supplies! 

$50 Gift Card to Target, Forever 21, or Old Navy {winner's choice} from Fashion Flirtation 

i just recently started reading Victoria's blog and i am already totally drawn in with her great sense of style. and not just the kind of style that is impossible to ever attain in this life, but style that is for the every day woman from every day stores. i love seeing her outfits and drawing inspiration from them!

since we can use a shopping spree for our own personal style needs, Victoria is giving away a $50 gift card to either Target, Forever 21, or Old Navy {winner's choice}! you can go crazy on clothes and accessories to boost your personal wardrobe. :)

"All You Need Is Love" 5x7 print + Large Ad Space from Dreaming About Someday 

i met Aubrey actually at a playgroup/craft day in Utah and we connected right away! [she came to teach us a craft & was nice about how crazy Elijah was since i couldn't finish the project :)] she is as kind and as genuine as she comes across on her blog. i really do consider her a great friend, on and off blog. she has given me a lot of support when i needed it and i can't thank her enough for that! 

being the crafty superwoman that she is, Aubrey is giving away this "All You Need is Love, Love is All You Need" 5x7 print and a large ad space on her blog today. it would look good anywhere in your house and be a constant reminder to bring love i your home, something we always need more of. 

Medium Ad Space from All My Happy Endings 

Mandi's blog is right up there with one of my top inspirational reads. if you haven't read her blog, you are missing.out. she is incredible and writes beautifully about life and becoming your best self. she encourages to love more and choose happy. everything i need to hear. this is one of my favorite posts that i greatly recommend!  

Mandi is giving away one of her Just Right ad sizes today that includes an original group feature post and social media shout outs. i think Mandi would be a wonderful person to work with and i'm sure you will love her too!

Large Ad Space from This Workman Life 

i am a big fan of Dani and always have been! she is kind, honest, supportive, genuine, and so much more. i am so glad i have been able to get to know her and become good friends with her. she has been a wonderful friend and huge blessing to me! she is absolutely someone you should get to know better. 

today Dani is giving away a large ad space on her blog. i have sponsored her blog before and she really is a great one to sponsor and takes the time to support you. i really appreciated it!

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$50 Gift Card to J. Crew or Nordstrom {winner's choice} from A Beautiful Heart 
Ainslee is basically the best dressed college student i have ever seen. i wish i looked that good when i was taking classes. i also wish she was my roommate in college so i could steal all her amazing clothes! and not only is she best dressed, she also gives great tips on how to get a hot look for less. just what i need. and if that wasn't great enough, she also has a really cute shop where she makes beautiful jewelry that i'm just dying to get my hands on!

today, Ainslee is giving away a $50 gift card to either J. Crew or Nordstrom {winner's choice}. she finds the cutest clothes there! so she's spreading the cute outfit cheer with one of these awesome gift cards. :)

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I did it!!!

all bright & shiny before the race!
waiting for the race to start

my little cheerleader with blue hands :)
thankful for this girl for pushing me the whole way!

nailed it.  
on Saturday i ran in my very first race ever!! 
it wasn't that long and i totally suck at running.... but i still can't even believe i went through with it!

my friends encouraged me to sign up with them and since running a 5K was on my 20 wishes list for this year, i decided to go for it even though i never run.
never ever. 

but i finished. and more importantly, i survived. 
AND i completed it under my goal time!
so i mean... i thought that was pretty great :)

Adam and Elijah came to cheer me on too. as much as i told him he really didn't need to come, i was really happy to see them on the sidelines smiling, clapping, and yelling "GO MEGAN!!"
i feel like i feel in love with both of them a little more that day.

and anything with bubbles + hanging out outside + eating fruit snacks all day automatically means that Elijah will have the time of his life.

i was telling Adam today that i was feeling kind of bad about it all since i didn't really run that far
or have that great of time
and other people run way bigger races
and i couldn't believe i was proud of such a small thing....

but Adam reassured me how proud he was of me and that for just starting out running it was a great accomplishment. he also reminded me that i should feel good about myself for what i've done instead of comparing myself to others all the time.

which is true. comparing is my weakness.

but looking at these pictures again reminds me of the rush i did have for completing something that was honestly a big challenge for me.
maybe i'm not the best runner. or have the most endurance. or the fastest.
but i'm good enough for me.
and i should be more proud about that.

so..... all in all, it was a pretty exciting & momentous day!! 
I DID IT!!!!