new way to journal: Journal 10

i'm terrible at journal keeping. 
every time i start one i am pretty good at keeping it up for a few days {maybe weeks if i'm really disciplined about it} and then end up throwing it by the wayside. you can find at least half a dozen [if not more] unfinished journals from the last few years alone. so all this to say... i suck at keeping a journal. 

my biggest obstacle with writing in a journal is that i have too much to say! 
[no surprise there.... hello rambling blog posts!] 
i feel like it's a shame to only write a short amount on a whole blank page. and then i have this whole thing about needing to tell a back story and go into my life history... i soon get exhausted and end up quitting. 

Journal 10 is the awesome solution to all my journaling woes! 
Journal 10 is a different kind of journal that works more like a 10-year time capsule to record your memories and milestones. 

each daily page has room to write about your day, anything momentous that happened, or just something small that made that day special. it also has sections to write longer posts if you have more details you want to remember, long-range planning, monthly overviews, addresses & phone numbers, and special dates. 

some other unique characteristics about Journal 10: 
:: no pressure to fill a blank page 
:: build over time into a family memoir 
:: as you make each entry, you see what was happening on that day in previous years & it can trigger special memories that would have otherwise been forgotten
:: and to top it all off, they upgraded their journals to have a new genuine leather cover
so you know it really will last a long time. 

as you can see, i really do love my Journal 10!
it's so fun to see where we were just a year ago and see how much Elijah has grown as well. 
it's a great way to write down those fun little memories that don't always get added to baby books
{not that i'm good at keeping a baby book either.... oops!}

Journal 10 it would make a perfect Mother's Day gift, great for mothers to record their children's special milestones each year and for grandmothers to write down their precious memories of their children and grandchildren.
i mean, what's a better gift than the gift of preserving special memories, right?? :)

you can find out more information about Journal 10 on their website
and on their Facebook page.
and you can see a review by the Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky here.

and just in time for Mother's Day, the people at Journal 10 are generously offering one lucky reader their very own copy of this unique journal. 

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use the code ROBINSON to get 10% off your new Journal10 now until the end of May!

:: and the giveaway winner for the KinderStuff giveaway is.... Jessica Sebastian!! Congratulations! i'll get in touch with you soon :)


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Yes! I am terrible about writing in it but I do have one and I really really wish I was better at it. Like you said, I always want to write and write and it's hard to find that time! BUT, this would be soooo good. I really wish I was better atthe whole journal thing so one day the kiddos can go back and read, this would be perfect. Oh my gracious, I would be so excited if I won!

Amy Bateman said...

I do keep a journal, but I'm not very good at writing in it regularly. I tend to think about it when momentous events happen and got in spurts for more day to day stuff. I think it is important to record our histories. One time after visiting Winter Quarters I was struck by the journal entries shared in one of the movies they show. They quote several instances where people recorded the mundane, day to day life -- traveled 3 miles today; ate, did a little sewing; etc. I did a journal entry shortly after that was a glimpse into my daily life. I figure it might be meaningful to someone someday. After all, how would we know the day to day life of our pioneer ancestors if they waited for the big events to write anything down. I don't think there is a right or wrong way, we just need to do our best.

Amberly said...

I have a journal, but I have been terrible at keeping one ever since I started blogging more! I try to write (type) in it every day and right now that means just putting down the highlights so that I can go back and fill in the details later!

Unknown said...

I am horrible at writing in an actual journal. I have a blog where I post big stuff, but I definitely need to start a more personal journal.

Kathleen said...

I am horrible at journal writing, so I started a blog! My blog acts as a journal for me, but I still have one that I write in also.

Janet said...

Right now I use my blog to journal, but this looks like such a great way to journal.

Cristi said...

I don't have a journal, but I often made random notes in the margins of my calendar. Now that I'm using an electronic calendar/planner, I need someplace to record all the little things that I don't want to forget.

Unknown said...

Haha I'm just like you. Like to a tee. I have 10+ journals lying around all of which have maybe 2-3 entries in them. I think this would be perfect!

Kimberly Erskine said...

I was totally drawn into your blog post through the picture shown on Bloglovin. I kept a ton of journals while growing up, but would write in them sporadically. I just started keeping a journal again to provide an area to vent instead of always providing worries to my husband. I've found it to be so therapeutic. I love the idea of doing daily memories, so I would love to receive this journal.

Sarah Goodman said...

I do like the idea of having a journal and I'm always thinking, "I better write that down".. But I rarely do! I love this idea'

Meghan said...

Like you, I feel the need for a backstory, maybe I just need to pretend the journal is my best friend and knows all my past & I can just keep it current?

Leona of Oh! Leona. said...

I started a "365 days of nice things" diary! I forget to write in it though, it's hard remembering all of the nice things from the day!x

Brighid said...

My boyfriend got me a journal type thing as one of my Christmas gifts where it was a sentence a day for the next 5 years. I think I've written in it three times since.

Anyway, Mrs. Robinson, it was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday and meeting the lady behind the words. Danny and I agreed that you were one of our favorites. :)

Unknown said...

I kinda count my blog as my journaling hahaha although I do still have a journal that I write in on occasion ;)

Unknown said...

I write in a journal when the mood strikes. I use a turquoise leather covered journal or one of the many notebooks on our bookshelf.

Bubba and Dani Workman said...

I have a strange system that works for me. I have a blank notebook that every day I take "life notes" in. I write down quotes, thoughts from blogs, promo codes, ideas from Pinterest. I place clippings from magazines and newspapers in it and print out ideas I love. It looks messy but works so well for me and I'm able to keep my life in order and remember it.

Amber Nicole said...

I used to keep a journal. Mostly for the same reason i blog now-just to ramble. The journal entries were a lot different though. More personal