the story in this video is beautiful and powerful. 
to have to experience something so tragic and come out stronger is an amazing feat. 

but this video doesn't even tell the whole story of the incredible Ceran family... 

before this terrible crash, this family had already lost 5 other kids. 
fraternal twins who were born prematurely died after they were born, and then three other children died from a rare form of brain cancer. 
if that wasn't enough pain and agony for this family... their wife & mother and two more children were killed from a drunk driver on Christmas Eve. 

after reading more about the Cerans, i soon learned that the father unconditionally forgave the drunk driver who took the lives of his family that night. 
he said, " He'll experience the grief far more than mine, because I don't have to deal with being the cause of it."

knowing all of this and then watching this video makes this message even more amazing. 

i hope you take the time to watch it and remember that the Lord is aware of us, that He knows us and blesses us, even when it feels like all is lost. 
the gospel is real and true. 
Christ is our Savior. 
and we can live with Him and our loved ones again. 


Amberly said...

I didn't know all of that back story on them! Holy cow!!

Amberly said...

I didn't know all of that back story on them! Holy cow!!

Grace Bowles said...

What an inspirational story. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

I've seen this video before. It's really inspiration, and even more so now knowing their back story!

Amanda Schroeder said...

You're amazing. THANK YOU for sharing this. Seriously.

Meghan said...

wow. that's a lot to go through & still be able to keep the faith!