[this post is not sponsored by Expo nor do they know i'm writing it. i just really love the website and i wanted to share it with all of you. cause really, who couldn't use the extra rewards, right??]

have you ever heard of ExpoTV.com
my friend introduced it to me last year and i LOVE it!! 
{thank you so much, Jessica!}

ExpoTV is a website where you can review regular household products and earn points for rewards. most of the products they ask you to review are ones you already have around the house like your favorite shampoo, cleaning products, diapers, face wash, and more. 

you can also apply to try out new products that sometimes haven't even been released yet. i have been able to try new lotion, baby wipes, and cleaning products with their Tryology program

the way it all works is once you sign up for an account, you are eligible to receive invitations to review common products like Secret deodorant, Luvs diapers, or Lysol cleaners. when you get an invitation for a product you have used before & have on hand, you then make a short video (at least 1 minute long) stating your honest opinions about the product. within a little over 24 hours, you will then find out if your video was accepted (which is almost always is unless you don't speak up loud enough or you reviewed the wrong product) and you will receive your points. 

almost every video invitation is worth 500 points or more. there are some that are 300 but most of them you can earn 500 points. once you earn enough points, you can cash them in for rewards like Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, video games, restaurant gift cards, jewelry, movies, music downloads, luggage, and TONS more! 

to get an idea of how much points are worth, 3000 points = $25 Amazon gift card
(which is about 6 one-minute videos if they are worth 500 points) 
or 1200 points = $10 Amazon gift card (so about two videos). 

it honestly is so easy to do and rack up points to get the higher prizes!! you get invitations often and it doesn't take long to make a quick video. and believe me, i'm totally awkward in my videos. but i still have been able to save up a lot of points in a short amount of time to get a $300 Visa gift card. 

i know there are weird places out there that seem fishy when it comes to "get rich quick" stuff, and this definitely isn't a "get rich" kind of website anyways, but this one is legit and you can earn awesome prizes for just sharing your opinion. 

so if you're looking for an easy way to earn some spending money or get some awesome gifts, ExpoTV is a great website to join! 


Liv said...

This is a great idea, I love it! Looks like I'll be doing video reviews in the middle of the night after Aspen's in bed :)

Meghan said...

This is so cool!

Nicole said...

This is so great. Thanks for sharing! I am going to check it out ASAP!

Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing! I am on a couple of survey sites and it is a nice way to make extra money but this sounds great too!

Unknown said...

I've never heard of them before! It's kind of like a mix of opinion surveys and influenster. I'll have to try them out.