Inspiration: Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice

this weekend we had the privilege of listening to the living prophet and apostles on earth today, 
uplifting us with words of love and inspiration from our Heavenly Father. 
it was a wonderful weekend!
i can't wait to watch the talks again and read through them when they are printed in the Ensign next month {since it's kind of impossible to fully watch with a busy busy toddler} 

you can watch the entire conference below and hear their inspiring words. 
their messages is for everyone in the world, LDS and non-LDS. 
i hope anyone who is interested takes the time to listen to their words. 
[you can also read the talks here in a couple of days]


Anonymous said...

Since I have three little ones running around I'll definitely need to get the printed version so I can catch up. Plus, I always get more out of the talk the second time around.

Meghan said...

I may have to check these out, even though I'm not LDS!