the best year of my life

I just realized today how amazing 2009 has been for me. I can honestly say that this has been the best year of my life [and most eventful] so far. {I cannot wait to how it can ever be topped.}

1. After over a year of dating, Adam Benjamin Robinson asked me to be his eternal companion on Valentine's Day.

2. I was able to make sacred covenants with my Heavenly Father in His Holy temple on April 25.

3. Adam and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Mesa, Arizona temple on May 1st. Everything was perfect and I am reminded everyday how lucky I am to be with Adam forever. He truly is my perfect companion and I could never imagine myself any happier than I am now with him.

4. I finally got my wisdom teeth out for free + $400

5. I am a real adult!! I turned 21 on July 7th. The long awaited age of every young adult I'm sure. {even if you can't drink}

6. Me and Adam found out we are going to be parents of a {hopefully super chubby} baby boy

7. My parents moved to the MARSHALL ISLANDS {of all places...} [this falls in the most eventful category, not "the best year of my life" category]

8. [This is for Adam] WE GOT GOOD GRADES these last semesters. yay!!

I can't believe how much has happened this last year {and this was just the highlights}. I truly am blessed to have had such amazing experiences and opportunities. I am blessed to be living in this day and age. And I am blessed to be around such wonderful friends and family through the last 22 New Years in my life.

I cannot wait for what t 2010 has in store for me!

the little tyke

he already kicks me always. I almost can’t remember when I don’t feel him during the day.

It’s exciting, reassuring, and gets annoying all at the same time. Mainly because it comes at bad times.

When I’m just sitting on the couch not doing anything, I welcome his small greetings to me. But in the middle of taking a final, it makes me distracted when I feel his flips and turns. {Cause yes, it is not just little punches here and there anymore.} It is full blown “I can feel you move from side to side in my stomach” moves. It really freaked me out when I first starting feeling him slide across my stomach. But I guess I’m used to it now. Uh… maybe.

But then he does it when I’m trying to sleep. Which isn’t much of a bother but again, a distraction. I focus on feeling where he is going to go next than how much I need to sleep.

And then other times he just kicks constantly. Over and over and over without stopping. And this is what I have to say to him:

“You can’t come out yet! We don’t want a monkey for a baby. So please keep growing and be cute and chubby and then we’ll let you out. You can wait can’t you?”

Well we can’t wait. But that doesn’t mean we’re willing to take a alien baby over a chubby one. So we’ll wait as patiently as possible while he grows big. I just hope he doesn’t break a rib…

I’m not fat, I’m fluffy

So Gabriel Iglesias is one of my favorite comedians. He came to my junior high school when I was younger and did a stand-up routine for some assembly. We were all dying! Here is a clip from some of this stuff.

{Granted} I haven’t seen all of his stuff, I’ve only seen edited versions. But what I see I love love love.

 I die laughing every time.

I'm a little freaked out

For a little while I kept thinking I felt the baby move. I would feel little flutters but wasn't ever quite sure if it was the baby or not. I would make Adam touch my stomach to feel and he would tell me that he couldn't tell either. He thought it was just gas bubbles or something. {nice}.

But this weekend I felt it very distinctly. I was sitting on the couch and started feeling something weird but I didn't know if it again was bubbles or something. But then as I started to feel around my stomach I felt a very obvious "kick" to my hand. {I screamed!} and ran over to Adam to tell him.

It was so weird!!! I kept explaining to Adam over and over how the feeling was the weirdest ever and I was kind of freaked out that something was pushing against my skin from the inside.

And then all day today I could feel the same kicks over and over. Adam finally felt it too.


Isn't that weird??? I think it is. But {incredibly exciting}.

I can't believe it. I just hope the frequency of the kicks doesn't reflect how crazy/not crazy the kid will be. Cause if it does... I'm pretty sure this kid is already crazy.

Or it could've just been excited with us as BYU beat Utah!

k now look at me.

Lately, I have only been able to wear two pairs of pants because all my others don’t fit me. The other day when I was getting ready to go somewhere with Adam, I thought to myself that I had to have some other jeans that still fit. So I pulled out some old jeans that I haven’t worn in a while and SURPRISE! I can’t button them. So I tried that ol’ rubber band trick I hear women talking about and Adam just about died laughing. He said, “I have to take a picture of this.” So here it is.


Yes. My zipper isn’t zipped up either. But it worked. My shirt covered it.

So then I told Adam to actually take a good picture of me showing my belly.

17 weeks

It may not seem like much and I can’t remember if I maybe had {just eaten}, but the fact is it’s there. It’s so weird to look down and not be able to see straight down past my stomach. But it’s fun to be big.

My goal is to be able to eat peanuts or cereal by balancing it on my belly. I tell you it’s going to happen .

do you want to see my baby?

We find out {definitely} what we are having on December 3rd. We are really excited! Although we have a pretty good idea, we want to make sure it doesn't change or something before we announce it to the world.

But either way, we can't wait for the little one to come!

what did we do for All Hallow’s Eve?

this is late i know. but it needs to be posted.

On Friday before Halloween, me and Adam carved our pumpkins. Adam picked out 30+ pound pumpkin it was crazy. My pumpkin was a baby. And Adam scooped it out for me, he was nice. 

 DSC03770 DSC03771 DSC03776DSC03779   DSC03781 DSC03783

On Halloween, we went over to our friend’s apartment where they made yummy Taco Soup before everyone headed out for the night. It was good and fun! We dressed up like Juno and Bleeker from the movie Juno for the little shin-dig.


Unfortunately I didn’t have the skirt to go over it and Adam didn’t have real runner shorts but we did our best. We made Adam’s headband out of his church sock. We’re thinkers. {I’m not for reals that big, it’s a sweatshirt}

After soup, we had Adam’s cousins over and watched X-Files and ate tons of food. We wanted to get a scary movie but they were all checked out when we got there. And I’m a chicken and cry during scary movies so we stuck with something more tame.


don’t mind my face, I didn’t know what was going on.


who’s ready for Thanksgiving??

the joys of motherhood…?

how do people do it? women i mean. i mean seriously?

i feel like everything has gone wrong. maybe it hasn’t but i feel like it has. i still get sick. i almost blacked out at wal-mart.

yeah seriously.

and the cherry on top?

super painful sharp cramps in my stomach.

at first they said it was normal. don’t worry about it they said. it’ll be okay. then they got worse. and frequent. and “oh my gosh i hate my life” super-sized.

we went to the doctor again and they said oh yeah we should probably actually do something. thank you very much.

the heartbeat is good and strong so that’s good. we went for an ultrasound. and the baby is fine. and you know what they found wrong with me? a big. fat. NOTHING.

how frustrating. i mean i am glad there is nothing wrong but i just want them to fix it. and they can’t fix it.

i know i’ll love the baby when it comes. but i really don’t love my body with the baby in it.

the bishop and Adam gave me a blessing because i broke down at church when his wife saw that i was really struggling during sacrament meeting. it was very comforting. he told me it’s okay to feel frustrated and that it’s normal. i am very grateful to him and to Adam.

you know what else the bishop told us? he told Adam that i am not going to be myself for these next months and he is going to say to himself, “wow, who did i marry?” but that it’s normal and i am still myself and to be supportive.

and yep. i’m pretty sure i’ve been psycho. so thank you again, Adam, for supporting me.

i think i'm hilarious

the other day i told Adam:

"I want to get a little kitten and name it Frisky."

he looked and kind of nodded.

"Then, when it gets out we can run around the neighborhood yelling 'GET FRISKY!!"

and this when i started laughing ridiulously hard. i started crying it was laughing so hard. for about 3 minutes full on laughing.

Adam just kind of looked at me and in his face told me it wasn't that funny. and then in his own words said, "that wasn't really funny. you are crazy."

so tell me. is it just me? or was that hilarious? i mean i think i am a HOOT but Adam just said i was weird.

please validate me.

i am grateful for

our toaster.

That is weird I know. But seriously.

We bought this cheap toaster with our gift cards from our wedding. It was nothing special. It was the cheapest toaster that was there. It came with some cool tongs so you can get out the toast or whatever and not burn your fingers.

This has come in handy. One day I was trying to get out an English Muffin and burned my finger so bad that it blistered. After that I remembered the tongs! So nice!!

And then Adam was toasting some mini bagels and he couldn’t get them out. So he was pushing the little lever up and and down trying to make them fly out. It was hilarious. After watching him for about 20 seconds I told him about the tongs. He was thought they were nice too. So helpful!!

So I am grateful for our toaster. I am grateful for our choice. Even though it may not cook an egg while it’s toasting or toast 6 bagels at once, we like our humble $8 toaster.

Thank you Black Beauty for saving our fingers.

{I didn’t really name it Black Beauty, but that’d be cool}

on love.

I like looking at our engagement pictures.

Our good friend Charley did them and she did a great job. And it was fun.

We look good.


Also, I love that dress.

I tried it on the other day and in my mind it was going to be a really cute, Fall outfit for work.

It didn’t fit at all.

I miss that dress… as it now accumulates dust with the rest of my cloths.

this is why husbands were given wives

 Adam always gets annoyed when I make him plan things ahead of time. He says he doesn’t like his life all planned out. [I know I’m a horrible wife]

So. Adam had this great plan to invite the cousins over and eat junk food and watch scary movies for Halloween. He asked them on Sunday during our little family dinner and they all seemed to like the idea and told him to just call them during the week for more details.

Easy enough.

So the rest of the week came..and went... and I kept asking Adam to make some plans and figure out the movie, what he wanted to feed them and to let them know what time. He was busy, I understood. So I just let him handle it.

Then Halloween Eve came and I asked him if he had talked to his cousins at all. He said no but they probably weren’t going to do anything so it’s not a big deal. I was skeptical and asked him to just call them. So he did. Nathan and Brandon both didn’t know if they could make it anymore cause they now had plans. Hmm...

I know I shouldn’t be upset with him. I was a little peeved when I realized his little plans wasn’t going well. But I know he tried and I know he had a lot going on during the week.

I just like to smile to myself secretly and {not quite} say I told you so.

I think he doesn’t mind me making plans anymore...

livin’ out of the hands of the government

Someone told me that I should treasure this moment because this is probably one of the only times I’ll enjoy saying this. So I am.

I am so glad we’re poor!!

Well that sounds pretty ungrateful actually…

It’s more like I am very grateful that there are programs out there to help us get through this kind of stressful time of planning for a baby on a student’s salary.

We were approved for WIC, Medicaid, Food Stamps which are soooo helpful and will help us save a lot of money. We are very blessed to get help which makes this whole thing a lot less worrisome. We can feel good to know we can take care of our baby and be more prepared for it’s arrival.

We also realize how lucky we are to live in a country and state with so many opportunities to help people like us. There are many other people we know who are also expecting or have kids and they are able to get the same help. It makes us feel even more blessed to know we live in a place that looks out for us and is always willing to help those who need it.

the sweetest noise

is a baby’s heartbeat. i want to hear it all day.

the doctor found the heartbeat right away. [she said it was a girl cause she didn’t have to search for it. but she also said she’s always wrong, so we’ll see] i loved looking at adam’s face when she told us that what we were hearing was the heartbeat. he had a huge smile on his face and then he winked at me. i love him so much.

the next day i got sick {again}. i always get sick, even when i think i’m getting better. but at least i know that my baby is okay, even if i feel horrible. it definitely makes everything soooooo worth it!

adam has to put up with me a lot. i feel really bad for him. he has to hear me complain and question my purpose. but he always reminds me of that sweet noise we heard and the tiny toes, fingers, and cheeks that we’ll be kissing soon.

can i just have the baby now??? this is the cruelest wait…

California Adventure

With the excitement of being pregnant and all, I haven’t posted about our rockin’ time in California in August. It was pretty much momentous because

a. it had been almost exactly a year since we went to California last year to meet Adam’s family for the first time.

b. we found out I was pregnant while we were there for our “year anniversary” of meeting the parents.

c. it was a blast [minus being sick with “I didn’t know I was pregnant ‘car sickness’”]

good reasons to be momentous right?

It was really fun to be with family and we were able to do most things I had never done before. Such as:

  • Going to the Shaver Lake Cabin california adventure
  • Going Jet Skiing
  • Seeing the “Indian Grinding Rock” that is famous I guess with Adam’s family. It’s where the Indians ground their corn or something and it let little holes in this huge rock.DSC03495 DSC03501 DSC03496
  • Having an uncle who is a dentist clean our teeth and fill cavities for the {family discount}
  • made sno cones



  • rode bikes with a really really painful bike seatDSC03485 DSC03486 DSC03488
  • Go to Marine World [note: we rode roller coasters the day before we found out I was pregnant. I don’t know if it was a good idea to ride a roller coaster while pregnant, but I’m pretty sure my baby is still okay.] six flags
  • Go to the Oakland temple and do a session AND sealings  Glorious day at the temple!!
  • Go to Ghirardelli Square {} DSC03644 DSC03645 DSC03648
  • Go boating and wakeboarding [which I actually didn’t do cause I was sick, but Adam was pretty awesome DSC03671 DSC03651  DSC03665 DSC03674DSC03685

and our favorite pictures of the trip????

DSC03563 DSC03618

all crazy right?? it was nuts.

Loved it!


open your minds::post script

I am taking a Multicultural America class at BYU this semester and I absolutely love it. It is so interesting and I love getting into discussions {or arguments} with our class about our beliefs and about issues that have happened or are happening now. I think I am very conservative. And I know I don't know a lot. But! This class is very eye-opening to issues from all perspectives. There are things that I am learning that I never realized was a real problem. I am not saying I'm turning into a crazy protester that will go to the next health care rally, but I am saying that I think a lot of us could learn more about each other and about our country from other people's points of view. I don't always agree with what people in my class say but that's why I love it. [Cause I can have an opinion but at the same time I can learn so much from other's feelings.]
It is great!

We have a class blog that can get really interesting and sometimes the comments get heated. It's is amazing how passionate people get.
I love it!
You should all check it out and maybe make some of your own comments. Some of the posts really push the issue and make you think or make you mad. Either way you should get in on the discussion.
It's healthy I promise.

Check It.

post-script:: just so you know. i'm not becoming super liberal or super conservative if that is confusing by this post. i just feel more informed. and think many others could also benefit. that's all :-)

who am i?::edit

my body is overcome. i am no longer in control.

i can’t sleep. i’m exhausted but can’t sleep. it confuses me. and i eat {always} it feels like but it’s never enough. tonight i ate a big mac meal. now that i think about it, it sounds pretty disgusting. and i was okay for about… 2 hours. then i couldn’t sleep. and my little friend started grumbling at me. i needed some more food. [it’s such a chore].

i hate being “pregnant.” i mean i love being pregnant. i love my baby. but i hate the fact of pregnancy as my “excuse” and as my “burden.” i can barely make it through school or work. and people tell me, “it’s okay megan, you have a baby in your stomach.” and i love my little baby in the stomach. but i hate having people tell me it’s okay to slack, it’s okay to sleep all day, and it’s okay to miss things because i have the “best excuse.” but to me it shouldn’t just be an excuse and a chore to grow a little one. i just want to be me, at my best, with a little addition that just makes me better.

and that’s what’s hard. it’s just my addition and me slowly falling behind. do i sound selfish and pitiful? it’s okay. i know i am.

i feel at times like i don’t really know who {or what} my body is anymore. it is foreign. and it not longer loves me. it loves some little, lime sized, healthy, happy person who doesn’t have a name [or a type] yet.

and i guess i’m okay with that. it’s for a good cause.

but it is definitely hard.

but this wonderful lady has helped me realize how i can get through it with this and this. it just reiterates to me that however hard this may be, it is not about me anymore but about my precious babe.

{and for that, i know definitely who i am and what my purpose has become.}

edit:: i realize with a {semi} good sleep and not being two in the morning, {semi} without my stomach hurting, and {semi} without a painful headache that this post doesn't make a lot of sense and it is just a bunch of rambling. i apologize you have to read it.



This is obviously worn out picture of Mr. Adam Robinson is due of:

a. staying up late with his wife playing games

b. being woken up 3+ times in the night because his wife couldn’t sleep/her stomach hurt

c. had to wake up early to work for 6 hours this morning

d. all of the above

The correct answer is D.

Adam takes really good care of me. He sacrifices sleep for me pretty much every night. He stays up with me when I don’t feel good and scratches my back until he thinks I am asleep [and I’m not, but he falls asleep doing it]

He also make really good grilled cheese and tomato soup. Which has been the only thing I really like to eat since I’ve been pregnant. It’s my staple. And I don’t make it right. I always overcook or undercook the bread. I just haven’t learned the art. But Adam has. There are {many things} Adam likes to brag about that he’s good at. But grilled cheese bragging I will allow cause it’s actually true.

So today after Adam fell asleep, I really wanted grilled cheese. I was hungry and I turned to my staple. But I couldn’t wake him [cause that would be dumb just for food…] and totally rude. So I did it myself. It didn’t turn out too bad! I was really proud of myself! DSC03739 DSC03740

Though… one side of the sandwich was pretty burned…. and I don’t think I have the swish of milk in the tomato soup down like he does it. But the point is, I can do it on my own. Even if Adam is way better, I don’t have to be {completely} and {utterly} hopeless.

At least not all the time.


win: my new little belly is starting to show.

lose: with my growing belly comes back pains and my stomach still doesn’t like me. and headaches. darn the headaches!

win: my boobs are huge. i'm sorry i just have to say it. if anyone knows me, you know what a big accomplishment this is for me.

lose: i didn’t know that bigger boobs really do cause back problems. and my bras and undershirts are a pain now. annoying…

win: i can start eating most things without getting sick. usually…

lose: adam makes fun of me that i’m upset about it but it’s true. i’m sick of eating! i have to eat all the time. and even though my stomach likes more stuff now, i just get sick of eating it. and trying to come up with new things to eat to fight my boredom. boo.

win: my teachers have been pretty supportive while i stay home and be sick all the time instead of go to class

lose: i feel so guilty that i have to stay home and be sick all the time. i try to at least stay ahead of my homework. and adam just reminds me, “it’s okay if you don’t get an A or a B. you have a baby in your stomach!!”

win: adam takes really good care of me on top of volunteering, research, TAing, studying for the DAT, studying for school, and getting good grades to support me and my baby

lose: i don’t know what to do when he’s not home and he’s doing all of the above. he’s right, i’m hopeless without him.

But it really is WIN WIN WIN, win for adam being a new daddy, win for me being a new mommy and win for new little baby coming to a loving family who can’t wait to see him.


Relief Society Broadcast

Yesterday, my sister and I and her friend Sarah were able to go to the Relief Society broadcast at the beautiful conference center.

The talks were meaningful.
The Spirit was strong.
And the company was wonderful.

My favorite part?
When my sister let me squeeze her hand because I was cramping. I wasn't just crying cause I was in pain. It mostly tears of joy and gratitude to have such a wonderful sister and woman sitting beside me.

Thank you for letting your baby sister tag along with the big girls, Rhiannon. And thank you for being the best big sister
{especially when I need it the most.}

small addition

The Lord has a plan for each of us. And the most important thing we can do is have faith that he knows better than we do.

And this is what me and Adam have come to realize the past few weeks. And it has been wonderful to feel the Lord's love and know that his hand is in everything.

So what exactly have we found out?



It has been an overwhelming, nerve-wracking, and wonderful experience the past couple of weeks and we couldn't be more excited.

I almost felt silly telling people knowing we just got married but that is where we had to have faith. I know that Heavenly Father knows us better than we know ourselves and sees how great of experience this is going to be for us even if it took us more time to realize it.

At the beginning it was really rough [well, still is] and we were worried something was wrong. After some tests and kind doctors that did all they could to make us feel comfortable and ease our fears, it became official that we are having a baby and {so far} it is healthy and perfect!

So now we just have to wait while my little bun cooks. And hopefully the little babe doesn't quite look like this....

But we'll love them either way!

no more sneaking

I am no longer a baby! (As of July 7th, this is old.)

Even though I still act like one....

I am officially a REAL adult! (until I turn 25 and can rent a car... but we'll leave that alone)

21 baby!!

Adam was the best birthday celebrator partner.

1. Made me breakfast in bed and gave me a beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses. [As you can tell by the nice display in the picture. He took it so I could brag about him. Nice boy.]

2. Took me shopping for my much needed {and wanted} clothes. I'm pretty sure he got sick of my old clothes too. Like my new outfit!?

3. Bought me KFC for my long-time desire to have chicken in a bucket. [Too bad I got pretty sick afterward though...]

4. Made me cupcakes with my favorite frosting RAINBOW CHIP and sang me happy birthday.

He was really sweet and made my birthday special! I am very grateful for him and for all that he does for me. I couldn't have asked for a better husband.

[He's singing in the car to me. Love the falsetto!]

The next Sunday, my sister Rhiannon and her family came up to visit and brought me a cake. It was really fun to visit and the cake was amazing!

I am really glad she lives really close and we can visit often. Rhiannon and her family are so fun to be around. and always there for us when we need them. Thanks for coming!!

Happy Birthday To Me!