livin’ out of the hands of the government

Someone told me that I should treasure this moment because this is probably one of the only times I’ll enjoy saying this. So I am.

I am so glad we’re poor!!

Well that sounds pretty ungrateful actually…

It’s more like I am very grateful that there are programs out there to help us get through this kind of stressful time of planning for a baby on a student’s salary.

We were approved for WIC, Medicaid, Food Stamps which are soooo helpful and will help us save a lot of money. We are very blessed to get help which makes this whole thing a lot less worrisome. We can feel good to know we can take care of our baby and be more prepared for it’s arrival.

We also realize how lucky we are to live in a country and state with so many opportunities to help people like us. There are many other people we know who are also expecting or have kids and they are able to get the same help. It makes us feel even more blessed to know we live in a place that looks out for us and is always willing to help those who need it.


The Smith Family said...

They are great, aren't they! My favorite was WIC, it helped a ton. They do a lot of good education, along with all the great food they supply. Glad you guys are taking advantage of what's out there--not everyone does when they would qualify and it's such a help, and relief!

Sarah Jane said...

The government should be helping you out. Your baby is going to be a positive externality.