win: my new little belly is starting to show.

lose: with my growing belly comes back pains and my stomach still doesn’t like me. and headaches. darn the headaches!

win: my boobs are huge. i'm sorry i just have to say it. if anyone knows me, you know what a big accomplishment this is for me.

lose: i didn’t know that bigger boobs really do cause back problems. and my bras and undershirts are a pain now. annoying…

win: i can start eating most things without getting sick. usually…

lose: adam makes fun of me that i’m upset about it but it’s true. i’m sick of eating! i have to eat all the time. and even though my stomach likes more stuff now, i just get sick of eating it. and trying to come up with new things to eat to fight my boredom. boo.

win: my teachers have been pretty supportive while i stay home and be sick all the time instead of go to class

lose: i feel so guilty that i have to stay home and be sick all the time. i try to at least stay ahead of my homework. and adam just reminds me, “it’s okay if you don’t get an A or a B. you have a baby in your stomach!!”

win: adam takes really good care of me on top of volunteering, research, TAing, studying for the DAT, studying for school, and getting good grades to support me and my baby

lose: i don’t know what to do when he’s not home and he’s doing all of the above. he’s right, i’m hopeless without him.

But it really is WIN WIN WIN, win for adam being a new daddy, win for me being a new mommy and win for new little baby coming to a loving family who can’t wait to see him.



Lucas and Annie said...

Congrats on the baby and bigger boobs! I thought mine and Luke's life was crazy when he was studying for the DAT. I can't imagine being pregnant on top of all that. Good luck with everything!

kate lines said...