California Adventure

With the excitement of being pregnant and all, I haven’t posted about our rockin’ time in California in August. It was pretty much momentous because

a. it had been almost exactly a year since we went to California last year to meet Adam’s family for the first time.

b. we found out I was pregnant while we were there for our “year anniversary” of meeting the parents.

c. it was a blast [minus being sick with “I didn’t know I was pregnant ‘car sickness’”]

good reasons to be momentous right?

It was really fun to be with family and we were able to do most things I had never done before. Such as:

  • Going to the Shaver Lake Cabin california adventure
  • Going Jet Skiing
  • Seeing the “Indian Grinding Rock” that is famous I guess with Adam’s family. It’s where the Indians ground their corn or something and it let little holes in this huge rock.DSC03495 DSC03501 DSC03496
  • Having an uncle who is a dentist clean our teeth and fill cavities for the {family discount}
  • made sno cones



  • rode bikes with a really really painful bike seatDSC03485 DSC03486 DSC03488
  • Go to Marine World [note: we rode roller coasters the day before we found out I was pregnant. I don’t know if it was a good idea to ride a roller coaster while pregnant, but I’m pretty sure my baby is still okay.] six flags
  • Go to the Oakland temple and do a session AND sealings  Glorious day at the temple!!
  • Go to Ghirardelli Square {} DSC03644 DSC03645 DSC03648
  • Go boating and wakeboarding [which I actually didn’t do cause I was sick, but Adam was pretty awesome DSC03671 DSC03651  DSC03665 DSC03674DSC03685

and our favorite pictures of the trip????

DSC03563 DSC03618

all crazy right?? it was nuts.

Loved it!



The Smith Family said...

So glad you guys could go to Cali, so fun. It makes me miss home!:(

leean robinson said...

Wow. I was here when all that happened and I got even more excited that you had such a great time. Those pics are great. I guess it really can be kinda fun in CA.