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dots & stripes forever

skirt: eShakti, similar here // top: thrifted // shoes: thrifted

I knew when I got this skirt it was going to be awesome. 
I love the high-waist, the full skirt, and of course the pockets
And I knew that it would be a fun mix & match piece since that's pretty much what I'm all about nowadays. 

Also thrifting.
Have I talked about how much I love thrifting??
I feel like I need to say it again. 
Thrifing is awweeesssommmee!! 
Do it. Your wardrobe will be happy. :) 

As a last note: this is the last week to get $30 off your order from eShakti!
And if that's not good enough, they are having a 35% off sale on all their items. 
So you will basically be saving some huge cash by shopping there now. 
[And the sale ends soon so hurry!] 
Use the code ROBINS77ZF at check out to get $30 off. 
This offer expires on Nov. 30th (that's Saturday!) so hurry hurry hurry.

Happy Thanksgiving week!  

[and this concludes Megan's random thoughts on a Tuesday]

floral & polka dots

top: Target, clearance (and i'm wearing a DownEast shirt underneath) // pants: Nordstrom Rack, clearance // shoes: Kohl's, clearance (from 6 years ago) // necklace: Groopdealz

[that necklace is one of my favorites! i tried to show the details of it but it's hard to see how cool it is :)]

i decided that florals go with everything. 
with polka dots, 
with... plaid maybe? 

or the polka dots and stripes could be what go with everything. 

basically, i just love this top and have been trying to work it into my outfits a lot lately. 
i used to hate flowery prints but after seeing this top it has changed my perspective.
and i've been on the hunt for more floral pieces to work into my wardrobe. 
it might become an obsession.... 
{or i'm just following a probably already dying trend?} 

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circus clown to tailored fave

i love thrifting
i love good bargains. i love one-of-a-kind items. i love quirkiness. 
so basically thrifting gives me all of the above! 

but sometimes finding good thrifted items can be hard when they aren't the right size. 
and since i'm no seamstress {by any means!} i'm always afraid that i'll ruin something by trying to tailor it myself. so i wait for my mom to come into town to do it for me :) 

this time though, i decided that i was going to put on my big girl pants and turn this shirt i love into something much more flattering. i loved the pattern and all the small details of the shirt that i couldn't wait to fix it up. i was pretty proud of myself {and honestly surprised!} that i actually pulled it off! 

here's the before: 
[this is actually taken inside out before i pinned it]

when i first showed Adam this shirt, he started laughing uncontrollably.
"is that a joke?" he asked. "it looks like a clown shirt!"
undettered, and a little offended, i assured him that this was a great shirt and just needed a little a lot of taking in. 

so the other night, i decided to try my hand at sewing. 

annnnnd i totally winged it. 
i had seen my mom do it to another one of my shirts and figured it couldn't be that hard. plus, online tutorials kind of overwhelm me cause i feel like they make it sound more complicated than it really is. and i just full out don't understand it. i like to make stuff up on my own and hope for the best. 
in this case, i think it did! 

maybe it doesn't look that much different... ha. 
but i promise if you saw it in person before you could tell the difference. 
before it was veerrrrry big, fluffy, and was too flowy. 
not the cutest shape but again, the pattern had me hooked!

and the sleeves are defnitely a fun change to other polka dots tops. 
i think you either love them or hate them. 
Adam hates them. i love them. 
and of course my opinion matters more. 

[holy crazy eyes!]

now for the moment of truth.... 
does it really look like a bad clown shirt?? 

Adam also said i just need some maracas to complete the look. 
i mean really?!

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::: winner of the ModestPop giveaway is NICOLE S! i will be emailing you soon with details :) 

30x30 under $30: day 15 & 16

day 15day 16
[day 15 rainy/snowy day wear: top: Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted; sweater: H&M, thrifted; blazer: thrifted; jeans: F21 on sale; boots: thrifted; beanie: c/o Oli J Accessories
day 16: top: Shade, on sale; tank: gift from Macy’s; shoes: Target clearance, $8; cuff: c/o Rustik Chic; bag: Le Mode Accessories, won in a giveaway from Kaycie]

i think i cheated with my shoes in both those outfits.
but i couldn’t help it. i love both those shoes. especially the red wedges. i’m mildly obsessed, to put it kindly, and have been trying to wear them with every outfit.

and that bag
that bag!!!
i thought i died and went to heaven when Kaycie told me i won it.
i love it.
it’s the most beautiful bag i have ever seen. the picture doesn’t do it justice.  and it’s perfect for baby stuff too cause it’s nice and big.

also, i want to apologize that my pictures are never really that good, haha.
Adam gets home late so either it’s as the sun is going down and washes everything out (and my hair blends into the background?) or we have to take it inside. and Adam kind of is sick of taking pictures, ha.
so, Jessica? another photo day to end this thing?

i’ve realize throughout this 30x30 under $30 challenge that i think i picked too many clothes.
i have barely worn the dresses i chose {and don’t really know how to mix them up} and have certain sweaters that i didn’t mix up much either.
so i’m pretty sure i picked too many clothes!
i was so worried that i wouldn’t have enough to work with that i picked lots of clothes and limited my shoes
[but then i cheat with shoes all the time].
so if i did it again, i wouldn’t pick as many clothes and then just choose more shoes or something.
and i probably wouldn’t pick dresses or as many sweaters since i’m not creative enough with them.

but that was such a big eye-opening thing for me.
i picked 30 items and still feel like it’s almost too much.
so i’m glad i now know that i actually can get by with less even though sometimes i really think i will just die if i don’t go shopping for a few new shirts.
good lesson to learn i think!

seriously, i heard a lot of other bloggers say how much they hated the 30x30 {under $30-my twist} challenge but i actually have really enjoyed it!
would you ever do the challenge?
if you do, let me know! i’d love to see your outfits and how you mixed it up.
and i’d love to see how you make the challenge unique to you!

pleated poppy”Momma


:::p.s. i’m still accepting sponsors for March. email me for details!

Open to Interpretation

i get really excited for the Open to Interpretation challenges that Amy, Erika, and Kayla put together.
it really helps me think outside the box with my clothes and be able to try new combinations to help my clothes feel like new again.

and once i saw this week’s challenge i knew exactly what i wanted to do with it.

so here’s the original:

J Crew

and here’s my interpretation:


OTI 1 [outfit under $30 :)]

i was happy with it!
even though i would really love a sweater like the original’s.
and that bag!!
but the one i have is good enough.

how would you replicate the original outfit?
how would you replicate it under budget?

be sure to link your outfit here!

Amy Day to Day OTI

30x30x30: day 8 & 9 + tips of thrifting

i don’t know why i’m total slacker posting these pictures
these are seriously the easiest posts… ha!
but i have been doing it!!

so here’s my 30x30 under $30 pictures for days 8 and 9

day 8.2[shirt: Shade sale, tank: Macy’s {gift}, jeans: on sale at Old Navy? got them in high school, shoes: {not pictured} turquoise flats from Target sale, necklace: c/o Sebastian Design, headband: gift from my sister, ]

day 9[shirt: thrifted, pants: thrifted, belt: thrifted, boots: {see them here & here} thrifted, necklace: c/o Rhi’s Designs]

i also don’t know why i seem to frequently fail to take pictures that include my shoes…
or why these pictures seem really blurry when they are blown up but seemed perfectly fine before.

basically, i don’t know a lot of things.
i’m still getting used to doing these “fashion pictures” but i love being able to show
cheap, affordable outfits
in hopes that it will help a few people be able to dress nicely on a budget.

as you have seen in many of my posts so far, i get a lot of my clothes from thrift stores.
i was looking in my closet the other day and realized that at least half of my wardrobe if not more is from thrift stores. i can count a handful of items that i bought full-priced at a department store.

sometimes shopping at thrift stores is hit or miss.
if you are a thrifting newbie, it can be kind of overwhelming and frustrating trying to sift through all the items!
so here are a few tips i’ve discovered that will hopefully help on your thrifting adventures!

1. go with a purpose.
a lot of times, i will see a shirt or a skirt or pants that i like on someone else and then hit up the thrift store to see if i can find something similar.

the pink/red [they’re pinker in person] pants above are a perfect example of that!
my friend Kelsey and i decided to look for some colored pants that we could refashion into cute, colored skinny jeans that are all the rage now. i found these pants that fit perfectly but were just a little long. i had all these plans to refashion them but turned out i liked them the way there were and so now i have red bellbottom corduroys for a steal at $6

2. try to see the vision of the item.
it may be hard to see how a colorful 80’s style shirt [like this one here] could be cute, but once you take out the shoulder pads and maybe do some tailoring it will look amazing!

the shirt i wore on day 5 is another great example of this tip.
when i first found it, it had big, bulky shoulder pads and looked horrible when i tried it on. but i loved the colors and patterns so much that i knew it had potential.
and it did!
just a few rips of the shoulder pads later, a good wash, and it was good to go at a whopping $4!

3. go during the day at the beginning of the week.
my friend Jessica actually passed this genius of a tip on to me. her theory {and i’m pretty sure it’s true} is that people are cleaning out their houses and donating items on weekends so at the beginning of the week they are all stocked up again. this also guarantees that you can get the items before the weekend rush of shoppers.
plus, it can be full on crazy on Saturdays!

i have found many a glorious thing when i decide to mosey on down the D.I. some Tuesday afternoon.
although don’t be surprised if you don’t find anything right away.
which brings me to tip number….

4. have patience!!
because thrift stores {usually} sell lots of different one-of-a-kind items, it can be tough to get what you want even when you go with a purpose.
so be patient!!
take your time sorting through the clothes & keep in mind that you may need to take multiple trips.
but if you are determined enough, it is very possible to find what you want!

and finally
5. go with a friend.
i don’t know if this really mandatory to thrifting, but it sure makes it a lot more fun!
sure, i enjoy a good solo shopping experience every now and then, but it truly makes a huge difference when you have a friend there to give their input.
{not that you always have to follow it but it’s nice to know}
especially when you see an item that you may be on the fence about, sometimes you need another eye there to help you see the full vision of the item.

again, take those red pants for example, the ones that so many of you have commented on before.
i was actually really really unsure about them. but my friend Kelsey convinced me that they had potential and didn’t look as weird as i thought they did. so i bought them and eventually gained enough courage to wear them in public and
now they’re my favorite pants ever!
bringing a friend shopping with you can be extremely helpful in non-refundable situations.

maybe these are all tips you have heard before and maybe they’re not.
i hope at least one is new!
but i hope it’s helped show you that shopping at second-hand stores is really a great way to extend your shopping budget!
it is amazing what you can find sometimes!
i’m a total believer in the power of thrift

what are some of your thrifting tips?
what are some way you stretch your budget for clothes?

a Soda Shoppe surprise party

my friend Jessica (you know her from Sebastian Design) has pretty much been my best friend and savior since we started hanging out this past summer. i honestly can’t even adequately express the appreciation i have for her!

i know for a fact that i wouldn’t be where or who i am today if it wasn’t for Jessica’s friendship and support.
she has constantly believed in me and pushed me to reach my goals.
she is always there to listen to me, encourage me, and celebrate with me.
she is honest, sincere, kind, and loving to everyone!
and she is just an amazing example to me of what it means to be Christ-like and to love one another.

so, obviously i love Jessica a lot :)
and so does my friend Kylie. so we decided we wanted to throw her a surprise party for her birthday
{which is today! stop by her Facebook page and tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!}

we decided we wanted to go with a Soda Shoppe/Candy Shoppe theme
and make it very bright & {old-fashioned kinda style}

it turned out so good!!
it was so fun to see Jessica’s reaction when she walked in!
she just kept saying, “what is happening….” over and over.
it was awesome!

here are just a few pictures of the decorations and little details we used to create the candy store atmosphere we wanted:

birthday bannersodassodas 2birthday centerpiece 2birthday centerpiecesundae barcandy bar 

the whole party cost us about $10 + the cost of food
crazy right??

    • i made the “Happy Birthday” banner out of scrapbook paper i already had and i wrote out the letters.
    • for the centerpieces, i had some old soda bottles and i spray painted them white. then Kylie made the pinwheels out of cardstock that we already had as well.
    • [not pictured] we also hung ribbon and tissue pom-poms from the ceiling to make it a little more colorful and fun. we had the tissue and ribbon on hand {ribbon was from Jessica but she didn’t know what for! we were sneaky :)} so it basically didn’t cost anything.

the party was a lot of fun and it was so funny to see Jessica’s reaction.
her husband said she had never had a surprise party before so me and Kylie felt pretty proud of ourselves for being able to help pull it off!



now, i have tons of candy to eat.
anyone want some?

30x30x$30: Day 1

day1.2day 1  [my eyes were closed and i was making a weird face so that’s why i chopped most of my head out :) and sorry these pictures aren’t the best. i took them real fast with my phone. but you get the idea… and did i tell you before that i have no idea how to pose ever??]

so here it is!
day 1 of my 30x30 under $30 adventure

i don’t know if i want to post each outfit individually cause i feel so vain… ha.
but i wanted to do this first one just to test this whole thing out

i have to tell you that i really have been enjoying this challenge!
it has been so interesting seeing what i can do with my clothes with limited options
relishing the fact that i didn’t pay a fortune on them at all!

and now that i’m almost done with it,
{cause remember, i actually did start this challenge a few weeks before i posted about it}
i honestly feel like i didn’t even get to mix up all of my choices enough… is that weird?
i think i could’ve done more.
but now i know!!

so anyways, here was my first outfit i mixed together.
everything i’m wearing, including boots, were either a sale item or thrifted
{boots were thrifted!}
pretty great huh?

under $30 baby!!

and now i need some advice:
when i post these, do you want to know where i got each piece?
or just look at the picture and see how i mixed it up?
i’m new to this after all and i want it to be the most helpful it can be.
so please let me know what you would love to see!

Happy Wednesday!

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it’s still autumn, you guys!

i know that basically everyone is talking about Christmas decorations and starting to put up their trees and whatnot….
but i’m a huge stickler in NOT starting to celebrate Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving.

i even went so far as to make a shirt in high school that said,
“I will not forget you, Thanksgiving!”
and wore it each Thanksgiving.

well…. i married a guy that if he could, he would celebrate Christmas all year round. 
but he knows my beliefs and cooperates with all the fall decorations and such.

then the day after Thanksgiving we break out the Christmas decor
it’s our compromise!  

so anyways,
that is my looooong introduction to why i am showing a tutorial for a fall decoration when it is so close to Christmas.
{i’m sure you’ve tuned out by now but oh well!}

so, i have this glass vase/jar/thing that I bring out every year and use for decoration for each season. i usually switch out what i put in it depending on the holiday/season.
for example: pinecones and leaves for fall or mini Christmas ornaments for Christmas.


[Christmas decoration from last year]

i think it probably looks fine just filled with decorations but this year i got bored with it and wanted to change it up.

i had some extra twine that i had used for a party once but had just been sitting in my back room forever. i have seen a lot of twine and burlap kind of looks this season with decorations so i decided i wanted to incorporate it to my little jar.

so this is what i came up with!

 twine vase 1

all i did was wrap the twine around the vase until it was the desired width and thickness that i wanted. because i am planning on doing something different for Christmas, i just taped the twine down in the back of the jar. it’s pretty ugly where i taped it but you can’t see it so i don’t think it matters.

then i had this little autumn-style berry branch that i got from a sale at Michael’s years ago and tucked it into the twine. 

twine vase 2

twine vase 3

it’s really really simple but i think it makes a HUGE difference to the look of the vase.

you could even do this with candles or candlesticks, flower pots, anything!
and for different occasions you could use different colored twine or ribbon.

this project literally cost me nothing because i had all the supplies for a while. but i think it makes a great addition to my fall decor.

what do you guys think??
what are some easy fall decoration ideas that you have?
do you think you could incorporate this twine/ribbon idea to anything?

let me know!

un-Halloween party: the little details

for our Mad  Hatter “un-Halloween” party,
Kelsey and i spent a lot of time figuring out exactly how we wanted to decorate

we really wanted to go for the
crazy/eclectic/vintage/magical/whimsical look.

and it was all that and more!

the decorations ended up being an accumulation of
funky thrift store treasures,
little beauties from our apartments,
and lots of time spent honing our crafty skills.

plus i have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Kelsey’s aunt for basically providing everything for our whole party. she had an amazing collection of beautiful vintage plates, table cloths & linens, tables, chairs, etc.
we couldn’t have done it without her!!

i wish we got more pictures of the whole table layout with the plates, tea cups, and place settings but i forgot my camera and Kelsey couldn’t find hers. plus we were running really late

but it was absolutely gorgeous!! 
each person had their own, beautiful, unique plate {thanks to Kelsey’s aunt}
paired with a fun, mismatched tea cup
and we gave each guest a squeeze-it that said “drink me” next to it
it was perfect!! 
ah! i can’t stop swooning over it!

{plus we were super cheap so it’s like a double dose of awesomeness!}

signs 3signs 2  tabledecor 2crazy cake  drink mefood tablespicture walldecor 8decor 9mirror 2chandelier 2decor 6decor 5

these pictures seriously don’t do it justice.
but just know that it was awesome!!

next up: guests!