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I am taking a Multicultural America class at BYU this semester and I absolutely love it. It is so interesting and I love getting into discussions {or arguments} with our class about our beliefs and about issues that have happened or are happening now. I think I am very conservative. And I know I don't know a lot. But! This class is very eye-opening to issues from all perspectives. There are things that I am learning that I never realized was a real problem. I am not saying I'm turning into a crazy protester that will go to the next health care rally, but I am saying that I think a lot of us could learn more about each other and about our country from other people's points of view. I don't always agree with what people in my class say but that's why I love it. [Cause I can have an opinion but at the same time I can learn so much from other's feelings.]
It is great!

We have a class blog that can get really interesting and sometimes the comments get heated. It's is amazing how passionate people get.
I love it!
You should all check it out and maybe make some of your own comments. Some of the posts really push the issue and make you think or make you mad. Either way you should get in on the discussion.
It's healthy I promise.

Check It.

post-script:: just so you know. i'm not becoming super liberal or super conservative if that is confusing by this post. i just feel more informed. and think many others could also benefit. that's all :-)

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