California Dreams

Do any of you remember that t.v. show about the teenage band called California Dreams and that kid Sly was their manager and stuff? I used to love that show. It has nothing to do with my vacation but I just thought of it as I was thinking of a title.

AAANNNNYYYYYways. California was amazing. A blast. A true incredible journey of my time. I loved it. I didn't want to come home. I wish I could have been there longer eating all of Adam's family's twinkies and Doritos and pudding. And playing his little brothers in Wii while we kicked Adam's trash at bowling and rubbed it in his face. And worked on Prop 8 and rode bikes and ate In N' Out until we wanted to vomit. And saw all the crazies in San Fransisco and the druggies in Santa Cruz while trying to gain our balance at the Mystery Spot. Oh the days of summer. How their memories teased me as I basked in the glorious sun by the pool eating popsicles. We got to do a lot of things. But mainly just enjoyed each others company while we had no worries or obligations to think about. It was so nice. It was just like summer should've been. But is not anymore now that I must be a responsible adult. I LOVED Adam's family. And I think they liked me. At least I hope they did. His dad gave me a hug when I left so that's always a good sign right? Yeah. Its in the bag man. (kidding....) His mother is one of the nicest and most caring women I've even met with impecable fashion sense. And his little brothers are just what Holli said they were going to be like, straight for the Disney Channel. I can't wait to go back. Adam's mom even gave me ideas of things we can do when we come back. So its set. And now here are some pictures to tickle your fancy.