The Big D

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i have felt prompted for some time to share my story. i don’t feel like it is unique in many ways, most people have similar stories. but it is personal. very personal. and i have this overwhelming feeling that i need to share it with others.

i struggle with depression. i have always struggled with bouts of sadness and insecurities, but they always seemed like normal parts of life that we all go through. it wasn’t until recently that i realized i was struggling more than i could handle. and i needed someone/something to throw me a lifeline that i couldn’t throw myself.

i started feeling this way soon after Elijah was born. i didn’t think i had post-partum depression because i was generally happy. as the months went on and school started again, i could feel my little soul struggling harder against the trials we faced. i knew they weren’t big trials and people face worse things everyday. but for me i felt like i could barely hang on and was falling more into despair as time went on.

with disappointment after disappointment piled on top of one another, i felt like i had lost control of my little life and especially my emotions. eventually i felt like i had completely lost myself, lost who i once was.

i knew i was a mother.
i knew i was a wife.
i knew i had accomplished a lot as a student.
i knew i had a supportive family.
and at times i knew i was Daughter of God.

but it wasn’t enough. there was still so much that i was missing. and even more, there was a feeling like i was destined to feel this way forever.

i had glimmers of hope throughout this time.
i even shared a lot about those good times (here, here, and here).

i was reading over these old posts one weekend and thought to myself,
where had that girl gone? where was the confidence and love i had once felt for myself and for others? how could i be the wife/mother/friend/daughter i need to be?”

those posts weren’t lies. it wasn’t a facade i was trying to create to make me sound like a perky, awesome mom/wife/woman. they were the true feelings that i had in that moment. however, those moments lasted only a couples of days/weeks at the most. then i was back to feeling bad until my next “epiphany.”

the truth is: i had to go to a dark place before i finally found the joy/love/light i had been looking for.

it was a very hard/trying/emotional/personal experience for me. and i never want to go back there. but at the same time, i am very grateful because i would not have learned what i needed to learn to get help. [and hopefully, help others.]

i say all this not to get pity. i also don’t want to make others uncomfortable with sharing my personal feelings. but as i learned what i needed to do and have talked to others about my feelings, i have realized there are others out there like me who may need a lift, a hug, a hand, a smile to get out of their trap of insecurities.

i am still not perfect. i still have a lot of practicing to do to get to the place i really want to be. but i feel so good about the path i am on. i feel confident in my abilities and of the abilities in those who are lending me help and support.


trouble trouble

photo (33)

this is the
“i’m in trouble now!”

::p.s. i’m obsessed with Instagram. do you have it?

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big THANK YOU to all that entered!!
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it was really fun to do and read all your answers
sorry we could only have one winner.
{i love having giveaways but then i always feel bad picking one person}


that pretty much wraps up

i hope you guys had as much fun as i did
it definitely made for an awesome birthday month

Agape equals Divine Love

a   m (36) 

as i’ve been preparing for a new Stronger Marriage post, i came across the definition of Agape in some old class notes.

Agape: [ah-gah-pey] 1. Love as revealed in Jesus, seen as spiritual and selfless and a model for humanity. 2. Love that is spiritual in its nature.

Agape is charitable and compassionate. it is thinking about the other person before yourself.

it is kind.
it is generous.
it is thoughtful 
it is unlimited.
it is divine.

there are other kinds of love: Eros & Philia.
Eros: passion, infatuation, attraction, connected to sexual desire
Philia: companionate, friendship, like-minded

though Eros and Philia are both good in their own rights and are needed {especially at the start} (it’s good to be attracted to your husband yes? and you become each other’s best friend right?), Agape is what makes the relationship last.

it is important to be charitable to one another, to be kind, to be generous, to be selfless. which of course is easier said than done.

i write this post because this is a big lesson i learned this week. when i try to put Adam first, when i focus on his needs {emotional, physical & spiritual}, things go much smoother.

Adam is my best friend.
he is my love.
and with that, i hope it will lead me to be more
and charitable
to help our marriage last for eternity.

my favorite {outfit} lately

photo (31)

this has been my favorite outfit as of late

[i don’t really post my outfits on here but i love this one so much i wanted to share]

complete with this awesome ring
{and my creepy eye}

photo (32)

i discovered it when i realized:
A. i can’t afford new clothes so i need to mix it up
B. i actually went out with a friend without a baby and could get pretty (even if it didn’t last long)
C. this skirt has so many possibilities! best $6.50 ever spent :)

too bad this outfit got ruined in about 10 minutes of wear because of a certain 1-year-old that will remain nameless….

he got pasta sauce/chocolate/cheese/milk all over my shirt & skirt
why does he have so much food on hand to begin with you may ask??
because he’s an absolute chunker!!
he never stops eating that one

Gottman’s Third Horseman: Defensiveness

I’ve been working through  some of Gottman’s research on conflict in marriage on the Stronger Marriage Blog. Particularly,
Gottman’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Marriage
1. Criticism
2. Contempt
3. Defensiveness
4. Stonewalling

I already talked about criticism and contempt. Now go check out my article on defensiveness!

So far, which of the 4 horsemen are you more susceptible to?
I think I’m faulty of definitely more than one!

Tell me about it here.

running free

one day, i was relaxing on the couch
{probably doing some mindless surfing}
when i realize it’s really quiet.

i look up
and see this.

  Picture or Video 340 Picture or Video 341

totally nekked baby.

i don’t know why but it’s always so hilarious to me!


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we love them for many reasons!
1. you can’t burn candles in our apartment (boo! but we cheat for birthdays of course :))
2. with Eli running around being crazy he could start a fire/get burned
3. regular candles can leave soot on walls and ceilings
4. what happens with you lose the wick!?
5. adam is a pyro and candle with wicks are only a horrible temptation
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I Am a Child of God

this is another video me and Eli watched the other morning

there’s something very touching/moving/powerful about holding a baby while listening to this song. it quickly brought tears to my eyes.



{also, i’m pretty sure the doctor holding the tiny baby is the doctor that delivered Eli :)}

Gottman’s Second Horseman: Contempt

I told you earlier about John Gottman’s work on marital conflict. And in particular,
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Marriage:
1. Criticism
2. Contempt
3. Defensiveness
4. Stonewalling

I wrote an article about the first horseman, criticism, here.
Now, I invite you to go read about the second horseman, contempt.

Let me know what you think!

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Stronger Marriage Blog Guest Post

we have an awesome treat to share with readers over at the Stronger Marriage Blog

we are so grateful to my friend Dawn for sharing her wonderful story about her first 2 years of marriage and the challenges her and her husband faced.

find out how they made their marriage work
and leave her lots of love!!

thank you so much again for sharing your story, Dawn!
it is seriously so inspirational to couples everywhere

read her story here.

Good Things to Come

the other night morning, Eli woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep

so i sat with him on the couch and held him while we watched videos from the Mormon Channel

i’m so glad we did.

i saw this video
and it hit me so hard
& powerfully

i know right now life is hard
i know right now there are trials that i [and we all] are facing that seem too difficult

but i felt a strong feeling of
fill my soul


E’s battle scar

did i ever tell you about Eli’s run-in with the chair??

it was intense.

some words were exchanged.
some punches were thrown.
some legs were kicked.
some tears were shed.

and the chair won.

 Picture or Video 330 Picture or Video 331 Picture or Video 335Picture or Video 338  Picture or Video 337 Picture or Video 336

real story:

[this was actually a while ago i just saw the pictures on my phone and remembered]
Eli was trying to climb up the chair or ottoman (i can’t remember exactly) and lost his balance and slipped. when he slipped, his head grazed the edge of our big, blue armchair and got a fabric burn right above his eye.

so it looks worse than it really is.
in the picture it looks like it’s some huge gash but in reality it was just a nasty rug burn
but oh boy we had lots and lots of tears.
poor baby!

but look how happy he was afterwards!
he’s a tough little guy

workin’ at the carwash! the CARWASH, YEAH!

photo (26)photo (27)
photo (23)
photo (22)
photo (28)
photo (24)

little E helped us wash the car on saturday.
he played in the water and helped entertain us while me and adam washed the car saturday.

he absolutely LOVED it!!!

adam said, “i knew he would!”
since it was his idea.
[he was really proud of it]

now we know we can get more stuff done with the little monster fishie
as long as we involve water.
and lots of it!

he was soaked by the time we headed home

[this video makes me laugh so hard. he just runs around with no purpose to his running. just trying to find the next thing to do/destroy/torment/ruin/play with]

by the way: that last picture looks like E-man is getting sprayed right in the face. i showed it to adam and told him i think it’s just the camera angle/perception. then he said, “actually i think i might’ve sprayed him right in the face.” we’re awesome parents like that.

Rollin’ In Dough Giveaway!—Closed

recently i have seen a lot of “themed” cookies pop up at all different kinds of events.

so when i had the opportunity to host a baby shower for one of my very best friends,
[and new cousin! we like to keep it all in the family around here.]
i really wanted to have cute little baby themed cookies for the guests.

i started looking all over trying to figure out exactly how i could get my hands on some beautifully crafted {and delicious} cookies at a reasonable price.

enter: Kay from Rollin’ In Dough


just looking at her cookies makes me swoon!

they are so incredibly gorgeous and creative




i could not believe the amount of detail she puts into her cookies!

i ordered the Baby Shower Cookies Alphabet Blocks 
and she spelled the family’s name out of the blocks
[since the baby’s name is a surprise :)]
{Baby Malan}

[here is a more up-close picture of the designs from her Etsy shop]

aren’t those adorable?!

everyone commented on how they were way too cute to eat
but i’m glad we all eventually gave in

these cookies were equally delicious as they were beautiful!

[and bonus: Kay protected them so well none of the cookies were broken or damaged]

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Gottman’s First Horsemen: Criticism

Dr. John Gottman is a leading marriage researcher has written countless number of books and research articles on what makes a marriage work {and not work}

One of his prominent ideas is:
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Marriage
1. Criticism
2. Contempt
3. Defensiveness
4. Stonewalling

On the Stronger Marriage Blog, I will be talking about each one individually.
Today, we’ll start with the first one, criticism.

Go here to check it out!

Sebastian Design Giveaway Winner!

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commenter #2: Cerrisse!

she said: “I always thought about what super power I would want, and I think I would want to become invisible!”


be expecting an email soon :)

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i also wanted to highlight some other awesome super power answers

a few people said they would love to be able to fly!
which would be awesome. that’s my husband’s super power of choice as well.

Natalie said: “I would love to have control of time. I could go back in time, skip forward (which I would love right now) (she’s pregnant :)) or freeze those perfect moments!

Kelsey said: “I wish I could fly and make things move with my mind or just be Prof. X".”
that’s exactly what I said!!

Holly said: “I think I would choose teleportation because then instead of flying you could just instantly be in the most amazing places! Then you could come back just before bed and you wouldn’t have to count flying time. Plus your hair wouldn’t get all windblown.”
I love that way of thinking!!
very very true!

Stephie said: “I would love the super power of reading people’s minds…only cause I like to figure people out and what makes them tick other than that they can keep their thoughts!”
I really like that one too
boy would that come in handy!!
{especially with me and adam}

there’s so many other good ones too!!
i had so much fun reading all your comments
if you haven’t yet, you should go back through and read some of the super powers!


my super power of choice would be:
the force!
(yes as in Star Wars/Jedis)

basically you could do anything with the force
even fly if you get good enough like Yoda

but then Adam told me that’s not a real super power
just something inside yourself you learn to control
and i needed to pick a real super hero power from comic books

so then i said:
crazy mind/telepathic powers like
the Phoenix/Jean Grey
from X-Men
but then the Phoenix is really bad
{although extremely powerful!}

so then i said:
fine! crazy mind powers like 
Dr. Xavier!

as you can tell, it was a huge discussion between me and adam
and he could not be satisfied by my answers.

but it was still fun to go through all the different possibilities!

word to the wise

do NOT take a super-active 1 year old suit shopping!

Picture or Video 225
(cause you can never get enough of the funny, cry-baby pictures right?)

we’ve been hunting for a new suit for adam for a while!
the poor, tall, lanky kid has still been sporting his worn out/torn mission suits
[which he came home from 4 years ago]
so when we got the call from mama robinson that men’s wearhouse was having a
buy one suit, get one for $100 deal
[which adam’s brother was already buying one suit for his wedding so we could get one for $100]
we were quick to jump on it

but taking a rambunctious 1-year-old…..
bad-bad-bad-bad-bad-bad-bad IDEA!!

not only were we having trouble fathoming the idea of having to make a quick $100 purchase
[though we knew it was worth it]
E-terror was going INSANE!
in all sense of the word

he was:

adam needed my help picking out a suit  {color/style/size}
and all i could do in between chasing the E-monster was say breathlessly
“i don’t know”
“that’s fine”
“i think i like the other one but i can’t tell”
“elijah’s going craaaazzzzzyyyyyy!!!!”

adam was getting frustrated cause he wanted my opinion
i was getting frustrated because i wanted to give my opinion but needed to watch eli
eli was getting frustrated cause i kept stopping him from pushing the emergency alarm….

it was horrible!!!

on multiple occasions i fought back tears of frustration
i’m pretty sure i gave every salesman/customer dirty looks
and when we finally got home i curled up on the couch and just cried.

{i know he’s just a kid}
and i probably shouldn’t have been so traumatized by it
but i was

it just makes me realize how kids literally change every aspect of our lives
and at times the simplest things become huge efforts fiascos!

i’ll be honest
{since that’s what i’m trying to do more}
sometimes it makes me really miss the earlier days!

however, 2 good stories came out of this catastrophe:

1. there were those multi-view mirrors that surround you so you can see all angles of you in the suit and eli was crawling up to look at himself in the mirrors when he
ran straight into the mirror!
he didn’t realize that it was a wall and thought it could keep walking through it
i guess it was a little “fun house” –ish and to as a little guy you might not know which way to go.
everyone in the store was laughing ridiculously hard!
[oh and a worker told us every little kid runs into the mirror. apparently it is very confusing!]

even though it came at a price…. it was still worth it!

E’s mischief: part too-many-to-keep-track

 see all of E-rock’s toys & books sitting there neatly
ready for him to play…

photo (11)


see the huge mess E-rock made instead!!

photo (12)

he got alllllll the shoes, shirts, belts, and laundry basket out by the time i caught him.

the little stinker.

can someone tell me again whhhyyyyy little kids like to make huge messes instead of playing nicely with their toys??

blows my mind.


remember the giveaway!!

being a Stronger Marriage blogger


i had adam proof-read a Stronger Marriage blog post i wrote the other day before i sent it on the my mentor.
he told me it was fine, good, makes sense, and then went silent.

“are you being honest? does it really suck?” i asked.
“no, it’s fine,” he said.
“well then what is it?”
“your articles are good. but i feel like sometimes your posts don’t always reflect our real life.”

that statement really hit me.

was i a total hypocrite?
was i giving others false ideas that me and my marriage was perfect?
was i trying as hard in my marriage as i encourage others to try?

[for the record, adam is very supportive of the Stronger Marriage blog and is happy with me :)]

in an attempt to help ease some misconceptions i may have portrayed in my articles, i wanted to write and tell everyone:
i am not perfect.

my husband and i fight just like other couples fight.
there were times at the beginning of our marriage where i doubted our relationship.

we have petty arguments.
we have big arguments.
we have misunderstandings as most couples do.
we get on each other’s nerves.
we have pet peeves.
we hurt each other’s feelings.
and we apologize & try to be better.

more often than not, i choose topics to write about that helped me learn valuable lessons.
usually the topics are are ones that i needed to apply to myself.
and because they helped me a lot, i choose to share it with others.

no, my husband and i are far from being a perfect couple.
but that doesn’t mean we aren’t committed to doing our best.

we try and work things out and vow we’ll be better next time.
sometimes our promises follow through and sometimes they don’t
but then we try and try again.

and i hope that is what is shown through my posts
the real struggle/dedication/commitment/hard work that we put into our relationship

and that is the message i want conveyed to readers
that marriage is work.
your relationship can become happier as you put forth the effort.


is there anyone else that is having trouble seeing their Follower icon???

i finally get 100 followers and Blogger decides to stop showing mine!

does anyone know how to fix it if they’ve had the same problem??

please & thank you!

i think it works now!!
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Sebastian Design Giveaway-Closed

Sebastian Design Logo

my very good friend Jessica from Sebastian Design has generously decided to sponsor a giveaway this week!!

Jessica is incredibly talented and makes all kinds of jewelry in her shop

ringfeather necklace
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her “specialty” per se is making these beautiful nursing/feeding bracelets
that keep track of nursing times, diaper changes or used as a third trimester kick counter
and it does all this while still being a very fashionable accessory

nursing bracelet

today Jessica is giving away these beautiful feather earrings to one lucky winner!

the earrings are an etched, bronze feather with a beautiful pink Czech glass bead

lovely right???

to enter:
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[5 possible entries]

winner will be announced Friday


Sunday Message

You show your trust in Him when you
listen with the intent to learn and repent

and then you go and do whatever He asks. 

And if you then go and do what He would have you do,
your power to trust Him will grow,

and in time you will be overwhelmed with gratitude
to find that He has come to trust you

                                                                      -Elder Henry B. Eyring

truly an E-monster

the E-man has become realllllllllly good at tantrums

did you know he’s only 1 years old?!?!

we start them early around here….

i found this video on my computer and seriously could not stop laughing
this is a perfect example of our day

E-terror doesn’t get what he wants
E-dragon totally freaks out
once the E-devil gets what he wants, he gets a huge smile on his face
mom/dad have to take it away for ______ (broken, cleaning, fragile, dangerous)
E-tyrant freaks out harder

it’s a never-ending cycle

so we laugh about it and film it for everyone to see

i know. we’re really great parents :)

happiest days!

thank you all for the kind comments on my birthday!

it was a very happy day

Mr. Robinson {as you saw} made it extra special

i was very surprised to see that sweet post
& was extremely grateful to him

for my birthday I:
-hung out with my best friend/soon to be sister-in-law Holli P. Nicole Hale
{we talked for hooooouuuuuurrrrrsssssss} and it was wonderful :)
much much needed
[plus it was nice to get out of the house and have adam hold down the fort for the day]
also much much needed!


-adam took me on a date to Macaroni Grill
[using our gift cards: thanks Amber and Ryan!]
so fun
so good
and you can draw on the tables!
which we were the only ones doing—we are so immature….

-went shoppppppiiiiinnnnnggggg!!!!
i wanted this skirt forever

[it is actually a lot longer than the picture because it folds over at the top]

so adam took me to get it plus a little more trinkets

-had oreo cake with Holli & Jacob
remember how i love oreos!!
well i do
so that was amazing
and me and adam just finished the rest of cake as i type

it was truly a great day
i felt loved
to all my family and friends

i do have a beautiful life
and i’m glad to be here living it

even though life can get me down sometimes, yesterday was a good reminder of why we celebrate birthdays/holidays/anniversaries/honors
we celebrate the good times
so that we see that the hard times are worth all the trouble

Conflict in Marriage

is conflict normal in relationships?

when does conflicts become detrimental?
can there be “good conflict?”
how can you handle conflict?

all this and more can be answered if you click

read my new Stronger Marriage Blog post!!

and tell me what you think or how you would answer those questions for yourself

ModishPodish Giveaway Winner!!

I am so sorry for posting the winner late!
Elijah was alllllll kinds of crazy this morning

but the moment you’ve all been waiting for…..
the winner is……
commenter #6!!


I’m so excited for you!

as I was looking through all the comments and wished I could give out more bow-ties
but good news!!

you can use this coupon code for 10% off your purchase from ModishPodish



and stay tuned for next week for more of the



I also wanted to say THANK YOU to all the birthday wishes yesterday!!
it helped make the day extra special
I’m so happy I have such great {blog} friends!

Written By Mr. Robinson - the man.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Robinson!!!

You are so old!! 23!!

For Megan's birthday I thought I might give a few reasons why she is awesome and let everyone know why they should know her and love her! My blogging skills are subpar, so enjoy the pictures of the birthday girl!

1. Megan is so nice and creative!

Example - She made me this cake with a girl popping out of it for my birthday a few years ago...Awesome, right?

2. Dude, she's hot! Period.

3. She is a fashion God.

4. She wants to be your friend too!! 5. Megan is a sweet Mom.

6. She puts Julia Childs to shame! Megan is a cooking phenom.

7. Did i mention she's beautiful?

Well i could keep going but there are just too many pictures to look through...So there you have it.
{everyone together}