my son and husband are pyros

i thought i’d show you in pictures we did a little celebrating yesterday
{celebrating with fireworks of course}

cute 2handsome

[excited to blow stuff up. yes he has the torch in his hand. look at the giddiness on his face]

          setting up fireworks   setting up fireworks 2

[taking turns setting up the fireworks]

daddy and eli mommy and eli


[the E-firecracker was enthralled. and he wanted to play with the lighters. lucky me.]

fourth of july family pic

[this picture has two reasons:]
1. its cute. i like i a lot {thanks Alyson!}
2. look at my shirt and shoes. do you like?? i’m kind of obsessed with them. i got them at the thrift store. adam used to hate them but i didn’t care. and since i think it’s kind of awkward to take pictures just of me and my “try to be cool” outfits, i turned it into a family picture instead.

so i guess now that i told you that it still makes me sound vain but now i’m vain while showing off a cute baby and husband :)


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holli h. said...

I LOVE your outfit in this pic! don't listen to what adam says. You know style way better than he does!! And great thrift store finds are always the best finds. One of my favorite shirts that I own I got at D.I.

Jenny said...

I was going to say--before I even read the explanation--that you look super cute! I find myself wanting to take "Man, I look good!" pictures, too, so you're not alone. :)

Amber Marie said...

Wow, awesome thrift store finds! And these pictures are so normal they are like comfort food. Knowing that Jon and Adam are STILL out there somewhere lighting fires is strangely comforting!

Christine Frandsen said...

love the top, in fact i was all ready to comment about it before i saw you found it at a thrift store, nice work!

also, i love that adam is using "the torch" from tooth carving (am i right?) because paul has the same one from his planning on going to dental school years... haha.

kate said...

I love your outfit! The shirt is perfect and those shoes look just like some booties I got at UO and paid too much for. So there, Adam!

kate said...

P.S. I thought "ooh cute shirt" before I even saw where it was from!

holly & anthony said...

Megan please take more cute outfit pics! You don't have to make it a family picture! you are just beautiful and i love your thrifty finds!