workin’ at the carwash! the CARWASH, YEAH!

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photo (23)
photo (22)
photo (28)
photo (24)

little E helped us wash the car on saturday.
he played in the water and helped entertain us while me and adam washed the car saturday.

he absolutely LOVED it!!!

adam said, “i knew he would!”
since it was his idea.
[he was really proud of it]

now we know we can get more stuff done with the little monster fishie
as long as we involve water.
and lots of it!

he was soaked by the time we headed home

[this video makes me laugh so hard. he just runs around with no purpose to his running. just trying to find the next thing to do/destroy/torment/ruin/play with]

by the way: that last picture looks like E-man is getting sprayed right in the face. i showed it to adam and told him i think it’s just the camera angle/perception. then he said, “actually i think i might’ve sprayed him right in the face.” we’re awesome parents like that.


Laurie said...

Yay! You found some sandals!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Aww, that's cute...and so funny!


Gentri said...

Haha!! So cute and fun!!

Jenn said...

I love this! What a great way to spend an afternoon :-)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your little man reminds me so much of my 1-year-old! You're hilarious. We're awesome parents too. ;)

Dayna Musto said...

What a cutie. My kids used to help wash the car too before they became teenagers. Now I'm lucky if I can get them to take a shower. Visiting from Mom Bloggers Club.

Me said...

So cute:) I can't wait until my 13 month old is big enough to wash my car! LOL. Following you from MBC. You can visit me at

Unknown said...

haha how cute! The other night we found my nephews and nieces having a water fight with a case of water bottles. They thought it was great until they were soaking wet and cold!