July, July, Julyyyyyyyyyyy

happy july everyone!!

photo (14)
(he knows what “say cheese” means so now we get some good smiley pictures out of him)

i’m so excited july is finally here

july always seems like a magical month to me
mainly because it’s my birthday month and i just lovelovelove birthdays
[especially mine :)]

but really.
july is just the best.

summer is in full swing
bbqs are happening everywhere
otter pops
independence day
more swimming
more otter pops
+sno cones
and just awesomness all around

so in celebration of the best month ever i have lined up
a giveaway for every week this month

that’s right!
starting on Monday, July 4th we will be having a giveaway each week

i’m beyond excited to share these items and shops with you
and i’m so grateful to those who have agreed to team up with me

so keep checking in to behold all the awesomness!

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