E’s battle scar

did i ever tell you about Eli’s run-in with the chair??

it was intense.

some words were exchanged.
some punches were thrown.
some legs were kicked.
some tears were shed.

and the chair won.

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real story:

[this was actually a while ago i just saw the pictures on my phone and remembered]
Eli was trying to climb up the chair or ottoman (i can’t remember exactly) and lost his balance and slipped. when he slipped, his head grazed the edge of our big, blue armchair and got a fabric burn right above his eye.

so it looks worse than it really is.
in the picture it looks like it’s some huge gash but in reality it was just a nasty rug burn
but oh boy we had lots and lots of tears.
poor baby!

but look how happy he was afterwards!
he’s a tough little guy


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love he his smile, despite the injury.

My 1-year-old had a run in with my 3-year-old and a remote control a couple weeks ago and got a black eye. He got an eye infection on top of that and would wake up with his eyes sealed shut. Ya! Very scary to look at, but he was still smiling. :)

Gentri said...

Aw! I'm so glad kids are so resilient! (not sure if I spelled that right...)

amber marie said...

That looks awful!! I thought it was a huge gash. Glad it looks worse than it actually is. So did he learn his lesson and stop climbing? ;)

Whitney said...

Poor Mr. E! I totally thought he had a big ol' shiner.