happiest days!

thank you all for the kind comments on my birthday!

it was a very happy day

Mr. Robinson {as you saw} made it extra special

i was very surprised to see that sweet post
& was extremely grateful to him

for my birthday I:
-hung out with my best friend/soon to be sister-in-law Holli P. Nicole Hale
{we talked for hooooouuuuuurrrrrsssssss} and it was wonderful :)
much much needed
[plus it was nice to get out of the house and have adam hold down the fort for the day]
also much much needed!


-adam took me on a date to Macaroni Grill
[using our gift cards: thanks Amber and Ryan!]
so fun
so good
and you can draw on the tables!
which we were the only ones doing—we are so immature….

-went shoppppppiiiiinnnnnggggg!!!!
i wanted this skirt forever

[it is actually a lot longer than the picture because it folds over at the top]

so adam took me to get it plus a little more trinkets

-had oreo cake with Holli & Jacob
remember how i love oreos!!
well i do
so that was amazing
and me and adam just finished the rest of cake as i type

it was truly a great day
i felt loved
to all my family and friends

i do have a beautiful life
and i’m glad to be here living it

even though life can get me down sometimes, yesterday was a good reminder of why we celebrate birthdays/holidays/anniversaries/honors
we celebrate the good times
so that we see that the hard times are worth all the trouble

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GingerPeachT said...

Sounds like an awesome day to me!! I'm a friend from shabby life :-)

Also, love the skirt!! My mom actually bought me a black and gray one that folds over from there. Lol