my grocery list:



baby formula

Gerber snacks for the babe



corn chips



what Adam put in the cart:



seriously. all the junk food was his doing.

notice: two kinds of oreos (“2 for $5. I’m saving us money!”), dinosaur chicken nuggets, and Captain Crunch cereal (“it’s for Elijah”)

not pictured: 6 laffy taffys (“but they’re 6 for $1! you can’t pass up!”), teddy grahams and a third box of fruit snacks (“it’s a great deal!”)

I have now banned him from coming grocery shopping with me.

I’m pretty sure I won’t stick to that promise, but I probably should. 

I know it would at least keep us healthier!

silly boy…


but I do love oreos… so maybe I will let it slide



Rachelle said...

And it looks like he got the mint kind. Good boy.

Richard said...

i wish marissa would ban me from going grocery shopping. I hate it!

Kelsey said...

Um I LOVE Oreos and Dino bites!!!

Jenny said...

Haha--my parents are the same way! We know we're getting the good stuff when Dad goes shopping...

Tan + Es said...

Haha. That cracks me up... I SO know how that goes! "If I'm good can I get a treat?" I love that little boys never grow out of some things. :)

amber said...

I looove it when Oreos are 2 for $5!!! :)

leean robinson said...

As Adam's mother, I feel I should say sorry to you. I really did cook and make healthy foods for him. Somewhere around high school and into his freshman year at BYU I guess he found his junk food side. I hope you keep trying and cook healthy meals.