a sucker for the little sucker


i just finished my very last day of class!!!

well… until my english class spring term but i like to pretend that doesn’t exist.

it has been a monstrosity of stress the last week or so

and there is a tad more to come. finals and stuff….

so i apologize for being totally MIA

to make up for it, check these pictures of little E’s first sucker

the produce guy gave it to him at the grocery store.

he absolutely loved it!

look at him lick his lips in satisfaction

IMG_0088IMG_0089 IMG_0085IMG_0084  IMG_0086   IMG_0087

oh man. he’s a cutie.


Kelsey said...

I love those pictures. And his face is priceless. Yay for school to be over!

Rachelle said...

He has so much more hair in person. That camera doesn't do his head justice.

And I hear you about school being almost done. HURRAY!

Jesse & Natalie said...

he is darling!! Now I know what to bring him next time I see him!! :) Ps. congrats on the final day! I'm spending my last day at home with Jesse. haha

Laurie said...

I just want to pick him up and squeeze him!

Courtney B said...

Yes, he is a total cutie! :)