free at last, free at last

[i'm so over school]

cause i'm free at last, free at last

thank goodness, i'm free at last


my group finished our Suicide Awareness portfolio

i took a final saturday and a final monday

i turned in my Stronger Marriage Blog portfolio

i'm pretty sure i aced all of it

cause i'm awesome like that

{and didn't break a sweat}



is it weird that i have gotten the best grades of my college career these last two years being married&sick&pregnant&hadababy&tired&wornout?


i call it {super blessed}

becasuse there's no way in H i could have done this on my own


but i did it guys.

i did what i was set out to do.

it took 5 years/wonderful friends/pee your pants laughter/good&bad times/rollercoaster of emotions/passion/hard work/dramatic episodes/dance parties/sleepless nights/a loving husband/and a chubby baby later...

and i did it!

i may not be the career woman i saw myself as 5 years ago

but i completed my goal

i gained a wonderful education

i grew immensly

and i'm a better person for it.


and now i'm free at last, free at last

free to be the wife i long to be

to be the mother i was destined to be

to be the woman i grew to be

and to be the Daughter of God i know i am


Courtney B said...

Congratulations :)

Amber Marie said...

congratulations! now for a fun summer of weddingness :)

Ryan and LeDawn said...

congrats!!! I am so jealous! I dont even have an assoc. that is a major thing to accomplish and you should be so very proud of yourself!!!

holli h. said...

Everyone is really proud of you!

angiedunn said...

i just got chills thinking about how good that must feel for you! soooo happy for you! enjoy it! [i know you will!!]

Jody said...

congrats to you and my sister two are both so very strong..i love reading both your blogs