is it just me…?

or does this commercial gross anyone else out??

the idea of strangers laying down in the same bed

that has people jumping on it with their dirty feet,

putting their possibly {unwashed&dirt-infested} hair on the pillows,

and being blasted with gross exhaust by the truck they used to transport it there

makes me totally nauseous.

it could be because i have a bad case of the stomach flu right now….

but still.

who knows where that bed has been???

do people really just walk up to it in the middle of the city and lay in it after hundreds or thousands of people already have???

it hasn’t been washed for a whole week after tons of people put their sweaty bodies all over it???

who cares if it smells good.

that’s just to hide the mount of infestations it could be carrying.



like i said. maybe it’s just me.

but i’m still disgusted


Kiley said...

Sick sick sick! I don't even sit on my bed with my jeans on. Neither does my husband (because I don't allow it). Beds are for pajamas and sleeping!

camille creates said...

I also don't let my children in my bed with there school clothes on. (after they get home from school, before school is ok.)
I will post a banner tutorial for you this week.
Your friend, Camille