Expanding the “Me” in “We”

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and see a awesome picture of me & Adam

oh we look so young….

{I have pre-baby-body nostalgia…}


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even Superman…...

even Superman was a baby


even Superman needed his mommy

supermant and mom


even Superman cried sometimes….

superman angry


even Superman took a break to relax

superman break    

and then he grew up to save the world!

superman powers

(this picture makes Eli look like he’s moving fast like the real Superman)



the face says it all.

got caught

“who me?”


guilty as charged little chubby man!

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exceedingly great joy

          As ye have come to the knowledge of the glory of God, or if ye have known of his goodness and have tasted of his love, and have received a remission of your sins, which causeth such exceedingly great joy in your souls, even so I would that ye should remember, and always retain in remembrance, the greatness of God […] and standing steadfastly in the faith of that which is to come, which was spoken by the mouth of the angel.

         And behold, I say unto you that if ye do this ye shall always rejoice, and be filled with the love of God […] and ye shall grow in the knowledge of the glory of him that created you, or in the knowledge of that which is just and true.

Mosiah 4:11-12 (emphasis added)


i read this scripture the other day and it immediately spoke to my soul.

i love it.

i love everything about it.

it helped me when i was in a time of need.

the Lord knows us. He knows our needs, our desires, our fears and our weaknesses.

He is always there to help us.

if we will remember Him, we can be filled with His love

and have exceedingly great joy.

scooby-dooby doo!

eli’s new weakness??

scooby snacks

scooby snacks.

little graham crackers shaped like dog bones.

adds even more evidence to his likeness to a puppy

but he’s dang cute!

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we should’ve named him Rocky after all

i shot this video when eli was walking around in his robe and growling.

he looked like a boxer getting ready for the big fight.

soon, i will figure out how to convert it and edit it awesomely.

for now, enjoy his chubby fierceness.

and listen to this while you watch.{it adds to the whole experience}

rocky from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.



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I love my Melly Rae

melanie visits

at the beginning of the semester, my cousin and very best friend Melanie came to visit us.

i love her!!

i can’t even fully express the happiness i feel when i am around her.

i have always been able to talk to her and she always knows what to say back.

i feel more alive and like ME again whenever i am with her.

it was the perfect start to a new semester.

i felt refreshed and rejuvenated after she left.

i remembered who i was, what i love and what i love about myself

she has always brought out the best in me and i was honored to have her stay in my home

oh, and p.s.: she is having a baby in a little over a month!!!

a little boy to be friends with Eli

he going to be so cute i just know it

and just thinking about it makes me incredibly baby hungry!



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my hips DO lie!

recently i have been going to Zumba with my good friend Kelsey.

it is SO FUN!


but let me tell you: i thought I had rhythm… but going to these classes i’ve realized i definitely DO NOT have any rhthym at all.

i cannot shake my hips worth beans

i cannot shimmy

my tiny booty does not shake AT ALL!

but it so nice to get out of the house and relieve some stress

as well as release my inner latin lover!

{which actually doesn’t exist}

but oh i try!

but seriously, if you haven’t tried it yet, you should.

even if you can’t shake your bon-bon, you still leave feeling a little like Shakira

at least i do.

with my total white-girl self and all

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totally narcissistic

maybe it’s just a baby thing and Elijah isn’t that self-obsessed

but he LOVES LOVES LOVES looking at himself

whether it be in the mirror or playing back videos of him or showing him pictures of himself

without fail he starts smiling and giggling at the sight of his big, fat chubby cuteness.

we’ve pretty much resorted to letting him look at himself whenever he starts to get incessantly whiny and cranky.

so here are some some rounds of Elijah Loving Himself: part 1

(cause I’m sure there will be more)

Picture or Video 026  Picture or Video 007 Picture or Video 025Picture or Video 012 Picture or Video 028Picture or Video 017 


don’t you just want to squish him!!

that’s pretty much what i do all day is just kiss ‘im and squish ‘im.

love it!


he’s being such a baby!

today, Eli had 2 baths in 2 hours. 

photo (1)

the first one was because he {desperately} needed it.

the second one was because he is a big baby (and probably spoiled).

he got mad that i would have the nerve to take a shower.

apparently the bathtub is for him only

sorry, Elijah, i didn’t see your “Big Chubby Babies Only” sign!

(i say with love)

i could hear him screaming in his high chair the minute i turned on the shower. Adam came in moments later telling me Eli was mad because he knew i was in there and kept looking and motioning toward the bathroom.

soon after i heard a quick pitter patter of hands and feet crawling across the tile followed by a loud pounding on the bathroom door and piercing screeches as if to say


Adam tried to fight him. but eventually just gave in.

the big whiner….

but look how cute and happy he is when he’s squeaky clean!!

photo (2)

(pictures taken with my phone so please forgive the blurriness)

playing catch up: Valentine’s Day

okay guys. LAST ONE!! I hope you really do like this. and those 21 votes weren’t just made by one person….

but either way. here is the recap on Valentine’s Day.

so like I said on this post, Adam was gone for Valentine’s Day which I was pretty bummed about.

I love Valentine’s Day not because it’s got the whole “day of love” thing going for it…

but because it’s ARIZONA’S BIRTHDAY!!!

and you all know (or should know) how much I just LOVE Arizona.

so we celebrate it almost every year.

I say almost because this year was too busy to do anything special like make a cake and blow out candles like we always do….


freshman year arizona's birthday


sophomore year arizona

(2009 is excused because this happened….)


(2010…. also the awfulness of this picture is excused because I was pregnant)


also, like I have said before, Valentine’s has special meaning to me because it was the day I said “YES” to being with the most wonderful man for eternity!

buuuuuuuut, since Adam was going to be gone we didn’t do much.

we decided to celebrate a little on Sunday where I made a nice romantic dinner for the two of us (which took like 5 hours to make with Adam recovering from being sick a couple of days before and watching Elijah… but it was worth it!)

as an appetizer, I made bruschetta with, what I thought was, my own little twist


then for dinner we had salad, creamy spinach (which might look weird I realize but was good), twice baked potatoes and steak

valentines dinner

I made steak last year for Valentine’s Day, but I was an amateur. this time though, I really think I did it right. it was sooooo good!!

then for dessert I made molten chocolate cake


Adam loved it but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that big of fan. I am just more of a milk chocolate person and I didn’t realize that the Baker’s chocolate was more of dark,bitter chocolate. so I was kind of bummed… but it still worked out I guess.


on the actual day of Valentine’s, we were rushing around trying to get everything ready for Adam’s interview down in Arizona.

then once he was off, my friend Crystal (who is one of the people in this websites banner) (the pretty black girl:) )came over to keep me company so I wasn’t so lonely. we feasted on Cafe Rio and talked and laughed and it felt so good to spend time with her. I haven’t been able to see her much since I quit work at Student Services and oh how I’ve missed being around her!


and then little E was just cute.

valentines Eli


so that pretty much sums up what we did to celebrate. Adam told me that he was going to make it up to me some weekend… though that has not happened yet. but I trust it will eventually when things aren’t as busy around here.

it was nice just to have a special dinner together which is something I hope to make a tradition for years to come. 



well guys, thanks for letting me play catch up with all of our holiday happenings!

I will try to stay on top of it better….

though I may still struggle here and there :)

:::p.s. sorry there are so many links in this post!

playing catch up: New Years

for New Years we went to a friends house from our ward and partied with them. we pretty much played Wii all night until we looked at the clock and realized it was 4 minutes til midnight. so then we turned the channel so we could watch the ball drop.


(getting ready to go to the party)

I always feel like my New Years’ parties never go how I want them to go. but this one was definitely awesome!! though we didn’t do much, it was so much fun to just sit and talk with friends. we don’t get much social interaction so this was a very much needed night for us to reconnect with people.

plus it’s awesome when other people want to play with your baby so you can actually enjoy yourself.

love love LOVED it.

thank you Jessica and Ben for having us over!!

now some pictures:

we bought Elijah this hat to wear for the party. he was pretty good about it at first.


and then he totally hated it.


(Jaxson is the other boy in the picture. he’s looking at Eli like he’s nuts)

Elijah like the noise makers we got.

party animal 2


he’s a party animal!

party animal


later we went outside {in the freeeeeezing 10 degree weather} to light some sparklers we brought


(the gang freezing outside while we try to get the sparklers lit)


p.s. our new camera is wonderful & awesome and we got some pretty great shots because of our spiffy fireworks setting. love.


DSCF0347DSCF0348  DSCF0344 

[that says NEW YEAR 2011 if you didn’t catch that]

we had a blast and made some awesome new friends. guess another reason to be glad we stayed in Provo huh?

and in case you were wondering, yes we kept Elijah up til midnight. I know, we’re such {horrible} parents. whatevs. he went right to sleep when we got home though


playing catch up: Christmas

since we weren’t able to go to California for Christmas, we tried to make the most of it here in snowy Provo and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

I decorated the house even more to get us into the Christmasy mood and got to try my hand at some Christmas crafts.



we also tried out this Japanese restaurant downtown, Osaka. it was really good and Elijah especially LOVED the tofu miso soup.


no…. loved is an understatement. he OBSESSED over it!



we also took Eli to go see Santa Claus. he was so good! it took a while to get a smile out of him but he did it. and the Santa also had the cutest costume I have ever seen.


me and Elijah at Christmas

(although I don’t like how I look… I LOVE this picture of Eli. plus, he leaned his head into mine which is of course even more adorable!)

we also took Elijah to play in the snow for the first time.

Eli's first snow

(what’s kind of sad about these pictures is that Eli already looks so different! he’s growing up too fast…)

we tried to make homemade gingerbread house but it didn’t work….



so then we tried to make sugar cookies to decorate. and those turned out way too hard…. but they look kind of nice!


eh. we tried.


for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we spent it with my sister Rhiannon with her family. it was a lot of fun opening presents with her and her kids. they love Christmas like all 5 and 7 year olds and it made Christmas definitely that much more magical.

jersey and elieli 2 eli playing  rhi and eli eli


Rhiannon got Just Dance 2 so of course we tried it out. you’d probably be surprised to know that Adam has some good moves! But Rhiannon will always be the Dancing Queen

adam and rhi dancing

Adam and Rhiannon dancing from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.


Christmas was kind of a hard day for the little man we were up early opening presents and then were go, go, go from there. there was so much to do and so much to see and all the cousins to play with that a good portion of the day, Eli was like this:

angry eli


then he was like this not too long after:

eli passed out

isn’t he so cute and chubby and delicious??

we love him.

later after Christmas I made a “Christmas Feast” just for me and Adam since we had a bigger one with Rhiannon and her in-laws on Christmas Eve. I just can’t pass up a chance to use our fancy dishes :)

Christmas Feast


pretty much the rest of Christmas break we just sat around and watched movies. it was a much needed relaxing time after the hard semester. now we would give anything to have a break again…. ah well. until next time! right Elijah?

eli 3

(Elijah modeling for our new camera)