we are headed for {even more} trouble

remember how I told you about Mr. E’s 911 call?

well it happened again!

and we finally figured out {why}

both times, I did have my phone locked

(I knew I was right!)

but if the keypad is locked and random numbers are pressed (like 08), this message pops up:

emergency number

so what happened was, Mr. E pressed a bunch of keys and the phone thought there was an emergency but no time to unlock the keys

so it says, “Emergency Call?” and that’s when the little guy accidentally pressed yes

which then brings us to a dispatcher calling my phone asking if we needed an ambulance

I felt so terrible. but she assured be that it happens {quite often} around here. which must be why they call to double check when on the other end of the phone all they hear is baby babble

so there you have it. even a locked phone is still dangerous for a baby.

good one, Elijah!

you are going to be a lot of trouble some day…..



:::p.s. new marriage blog post here!!


amber said...

Hahaha, oh man. At least you figured out what was going on! :)

holli h. said...

That's awesome. Elijah is so mischievous.

Angie Milne said...

hahaha oh that is the worst! my niece did that once while we were babysitting, and of course i was so embarrassed! what a smart little guy :)

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Melissa said...

children are terrors. end of story. good thing they're so so cute. =)

Amber Marie said...

That makes so much more sense! Be careful about letting him eat your phone. Camilla use to do that with one of my old phones and it literally blew up! Too much saliva I guess.

Millie said...

Did you know that even phones that aren't activated can call 911? As long as a phone has a charged battery it can call 911. Crazy huh? They said that on the news the other night, then they said if you're going to let your kids play with a phone, take the battery out.