playing catch up: Thanksgiving

this {last?} year for Thanksgiving I decided I wanted to do a full-blown, made from scratch dinner for us and all our cousins and friends since we {thought} it would be our last Thanksgiving here in Provo.

and I did it!

[minus the pie crust, ok?]

it was kind of stressful at times but I really loved having everyone over and playing hostess

if you know me at all, you know I LOVE planning and hosting parties

love love love

and since Adam gave me all the support I needed to go all out, I did!

we had our cousins, Jonathan & Alyson, Kyle and Kara over, Adam’s brother Jacob, Alyson’s brother Doug, our very good friend Amy and then us.

I didn’t get any pictures unfortunately but my friend Amy did get this one


proof of our efforts.

I made salad, corn bread stuffing, garlic & herb mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, rolls and pumpkin pie. I also asked people to bring sides of corn (Jacob—but actually he just brought the frozen bag and then I cooked it…. nice huh? :) ), sweet potato casserole (Amy—and Adam’s favorite now!), green bean casserole and jello salad (both Alyson) and another pie (Doug brought key lime—we were very impressed with his pie making abilities) we also served punch and sparkling cider in special glasses (one of my favorite things to do ever!)

then, as a take home gift, I made these little potted pumpkin pies I found on this website.


I LOVE how they turned out! I can’t wait to use this idea for another party in the fall.

I posted all the recipes to Thanksgiving dinner on my recipe website, The Robinson Family Cookbook, so go take a look! you won’t regret it

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