I love my Melly Rae

melanie visits

at the beginning of the semester, my cousin and very best friend Melanie came to visit us.

i love her!!

i can’t even fully express the happiness i feel when i am around her.

i have always been able to talk to her and she always knows what to say back.

i feel more alive and like ME again whenever i am with her.

it was the perfect start to a new semester.

i felt refreshed and rejuvenated after she left.

i remembered who i was, what i love and what i love about myself

she has always brought out the best in me and i was honored to have her stay in my home

oh, and p.s.: she is having a baby in a little over a month!!!

a little boy to be friends with Eli

he going to be so cute i just know it

and just thinking about it makes me incredibly baby hungry!



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