ultimate frenemies


Little E has a love/hate relationship with the vacuum cleaner

it’s the ultimate example of frenemies

when he was an even smaller, tiny babe, he enjoyed hearing the loud hums that came from the beastly dust buster

then, as he got chubbier, he FREAKED OUT every time he caught a glimpse of it.  like, crying hysterics over the monster (our house went un-vacuumed and dusty for a while until we figured out how to control his outbursts with “Wheels on the Bus”)

but even though he still pouts when it comes out of the back room, he has taken a great interest and curiosity to it

in fact, the other day, he started smiling and laughing once Adam set the roaring in motion

he will even go into the back room and play with it when we’re not looking

and then come back out and cry

yep. frenemies at their finest!


holli h. said...

hahaha. that is seriously hilarious. Noah was the same way. He used to freak out every time Jheri vacuumed. It was kinds of hilarious, but I felt bad tha I was laughing at his trauma.

Melissa said...

ahaha. zak does the same thing!! sometimes he doesn't care, and then sometimes he's screaaaaaming when i turn it on. it's fabulous. the blender is also an enemy for us as well.

kate said...

my latest frenemie is prison break. it's a hard life, elijah.

leean robinson said...

I thought maybe you might put a video giving us an example of what he does. Too funny. I know we should not laugh at our babies but sometimes you just can't help but smile and laugh at some of their outbursts.

mike and breanna devlin said...

That is too funny!! He is such a cutie pie!! I love his little cheeks!!