he’s being such a baby!

today, Eli had 2 baths in 2 hours. 

photo (1)

the first one was because he {desperately} needed it.

the second one was because he is a big baby (and probably spoiled).

he got mad that i would have the nerve to take a shower.

apparently the bathtub is for him only

sorry, Elijah, i didn’t see your “Big Chubby Babies Only” sign!

(i say with love)

i could hear him screaming in his high chair the minute i turned on the shower. Adam came in moments later telling me Eli was mad because he knew i was in there and kept looking and motioning toward the bathroom.

soon after i heard a quick pitter patter of hands and feet crawling across the tile followed by a loud pounding on the bathroom door and piercing screeches as if to say


Adam tried to fight him. but eventually just gave in.

the big whiner….

but look how cute and happy he is when he’s squeaky clean!!

photo (2)

(pictures taken with my phone so please forgive the blurriness)


holli h. said...

I knew before he was even born that he would look awesome in that bath robe.

kate said...

goodness he is so cute. i love this rosy red cheeks!

camille creates said...

Hi Megs!
Is your middle name Camille?
Thanks for reading my blog, now I'm reading yours!
I miss the chubby baby stage, my two seem old now.
I'll pop in often.
Your friend, Camille!

amber said...

Ahh, he's so cute! I love chubby babies. :)

Amber Marie said...

sounds like he is ready for swim lessons this summer....!! camilla showered with me for 3 years and now dane is in the shower with me almost every day. ah motherhood!