the way to my heart

i make fun of Adam sometimes for being the reason we have a bunch of junk food in our house

whenever he is in charge of grocery shopping or goes with me to the store, we always manage to walk out of there with 3 boxes of cookies, ice cream, chicken nuggets and Squeeze-Its

but secretly, i love when he goes grocery shopping and comes home to surprise me with these


my ultimate Achilles' heel

if you know me, you know these are pure gold in my book

Adam knows me so well.

they are and always will be the way to my heart


Michelle said...

I'm not a fan of Double Stuff Oreos, so I will comment on something else're blog is so adorable! I need you to make my blog beautiful :-)

Michelle said...


Aubrey said...

Me too! I'm totally a fan- live for them almost. There have been WAY too many times when after a few days my hubby will ask- "where did the oreo's go?" and I will realize that he didn't eat a single one. haha