my hips DO lie!

recently i have been going to Zumba with my good friend Kelsey.

it is SO FUN!


but let me tell you: i thought I had rhythm… but going to these classes i’ve realized i definitely DO NOT have any rhthym at all.

i cannot shake my hips worth beans

i cannot shimmy

my tiny booty does not shake AT ALL!

but it so nice to get out of the house and relieve some stress

as well as release my inner latin lover!

{which actually doesn’t exist}

but oh i try!

but seriously, if you haven’t tried it yet, you should.

even if you can’t shake your bon-bon, you still leave feeling a little like Shakira

at least i do.

with my total white-girl self and all


Megan said...

I die for that class! I feel like I am at a high school dance every time I go. I thought I was okay at dancing and I went to this class and was proved wrong- but I still go back! Loves it :)

Courtney B said...

I LOVE zumba :) And I can't shake it to save my life. But I still love it!

Kelsey said...

Hey I like to watch you shake that booty!