totally narcissistic

maybe it’s just a baby thing and Elijah isn’t that self-obsessed

but he LOVES LOVES LOVES looking at himself

whether it be in the mirror or playing back videos of him or showing him pictures of himself

without fail he starts smiling and giggling at the sight of his big, fat chubby cuteness.

we’ve pretty much resorted to letting him look at himself whenever he starts to get incessantly whiny and cranky.

so here are some some rounds of Elijah Loving Himself: part 1

(cause I’m sure there will be more)

Picture or Video 026  Picture or Video 007 Picture or Video 025Picture or Video 012 Picture or Video 028Picture or Video 017 


don’t you just want to squish him!!

that’s pretty much what i do all day is just kiss ‘im and squish ‘im.

love it!



Michelle said...

thanks for following my dear
your blogs adorable
and your baby has gotten so big i can't believe it

love m.

Megan said...

Boss is self absorbed too- yikes!! He thinks he is soo cool to already. Can E and B be friends?? I love chunky, squishy boys. :)

leean robinson said...

I just looked at all the past 5 or 6 blogs and feel so uplifted from seeing all the pics and all the fun things you guys are doing. Thanks for lifting my day!