March Group Giveaway

that time again! 
we have some great prizes for the giveaway this month! 

a big shout out to my sponsors for their generosity with these prizes. 
they work really hard and should definitely be shown some appreciation and love over on their blogs when you get a chance. :) 

now the giveaway: 
there are three prizes that will go to one winner


Shelley has a really cute and creative blog with lots of fun projects. some of my favorites are her DIY ribbon flats, vintage button necklace, and her finger puppets. she also has a great shop with lots of beautiful accessories and clothes. 

Shelley is giving away a mini skirt of the winner's choice from her shop valued at $12-$16.

Chymecindy is one of the cutest girls ever! her style in impeccable. and basically i constantly wish i could look like her. and her baby girl!! i can't even handle how adorable she is. i love reading her blog and seeing her beautiful pictures of her family and from around the world. 

today, Chymecindy is giving away 2 months of medium ad space on her blog worth $20.

Barnes & Noble is pretty much one of my favorite places in the world. well, any bookstore really. i wanted to share my love of books with all of you by giving away a $10 gift card. i hope this is a sufficient way to thank everyone for your continued support! :)

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super star 5: fun facts friday

i love getting to know people and learning their funny/interesting facts about them that make them so unique. so i thought it would be fun to dedicate Fridays to sharing our fun facts with one another!

first i'll share 5 random facts about myself and then would love to have anyone who would like to participate share your own posts through the link-up below. 
[you can also just share your 5 fun facts in the comments if you don't want to write a blog post]
then go and visit each other's blogs and get to meet some new friends! :)

here are my Super Star 5 Fun Facts! 
here's an embarrassing picture of me to get you through this day. i couldn't find any picture that actually fit my facts. :)
1. when i was a senior in high school i went with my dad, his colleague  and one of my friends on a 24-hour trip to Punxsatawny, PA for Groundhog's Day. it was the weirdest, craziest celebration i've ever been to. like seriously, people go crazy for that little rodent!

2. i'm still afraid of the dark. especially dark closets and bathrooms. i've seen too many scary movies and will start hyperventilating just thinking about it. 

3. i'm pretty sure i'm the only person in the world that doesn't love Nutella. i will tolerate it but i'm not the biggest fan. 

4. same with crepes. just give me pancakes please!
{this a problem because Adam loves crepes and makes them often. but as hard as i try i can't eat them all the way. i promise i'm not ungrateful. sorry kind husband!}

5. when i was 5-6 years old my family lived in Poland for a year because my dad did a Fulbright exchange. i don't remember a lot of big things but i remember lots of little details. Adam doesn't believe me but i do! 

now it's your turn! 
link up your 5 Random Facts posts or share some fun facts of yours in the comments below. 
be sure to then visit at least two other blogs who linked up and comment on their posts. 
have fun with it!

What Can I Do About Me? {book review}

i first heard Steven and Rhyll Croshaw's story while at a Strengthing Family Conference in 2011.
their experience shocked and inspired me.
as someone who is very passionate about promoting healthy relationships, marriages, and families, hearing their story and their incredibly powerful message changed my life.

here is a video of them telling their story in their own words.

if you didn't watch the 8 minutes of video above, here is a short synopsis.
Steven Croshaw has had a pornography addiction from the time he was very young. he saw his first pornography magazine when he was just 6 years old. since then, it had been a constant struggle for him. he tried to overcome his addiction on his own but continued to struggle. after he was married to Ryll, his addiction escalated to frequenting strip clubs and even prostitution.

Rhyll had no idea this was happening.

he finally confessed to Rhyll and they both tried to get help for him. but, like all addictions, it is difficult to overcome on your own and Steven ended up going back to his old ways.

he confessed to Rhyll 3 different times over the course of almost 20 years. it wasn't until he had his final, rock bottom moment of being arrested for prostitution that he finally had the change of heart he needed to truly & completely change his ways.

hearing their story it's hard not to think about Rhyll and what she could possibly be feeling and thinking during all those times. how heartbroken, how devastated, how betrayed, how angry she must've felt each time he confessed and even after, knowing about what he did.
but her faith and strength is absolutely incredible.
for her to get through what to me would be my absolute nightmare is amazing in itself.

i recently read Rhyll's book, "What Do I Do About Him Me?" and learned more firsthand her emotions and frustrations during this trial.
reading their story from her perspective had me in tears many times.
i would literally gasp out loud at some of the things she had to endure, my blood boiling with anger for her having to go through such a difficult tribulation.

but even after all she's been through, she writes with so much heart and conviction that she is truly at peace. 

Rhyll first takes you through her account of her husband's sexual addiction and her own personal road to recovery and healing.
not just learning to forgive her husband, but actually forgiving herself and feeling God's love for her again.

i haven't personally gone through anything close to what Rhyll has gone through.
but i still find so much inspiration and comfort in her words.

One of my favorite quotes: 
"What is frightening and concerning to me about this principle (talking about not acknowledging our own recovery process) is that if we do not learn how to become healthy and recover, we will likely make the same mistakes over and over. [...] 

Women working their recovery, on the other hand, begin to understand themselves better. They learn that whatever the outcome of their marriage, they can choose to be healthy and find a measure of joy. Recovery requires work."

Also this, 
"I don't have to survive in a state of fear because I can surrender to my God. I enjoy a more authentic relationship with God assured that He loves me, He knows me, and He will continue to guide my life.
My willingness to be vulnerable and surrender my life to god, is miraculously--and unexpectedly--the secret to my empowerment and serenity. This may be the greatest paradox of recovery, and raises the questions, 'How can it be?'

The answer lies in acquiring the courage to change the things I can change--the courage to do something about ME."

even if you aren't going through the same trials that Rhyll talks about in her book, i highly recommend reading it and following your own path to healing, whatever it may be.

and if you are in a situation where sexual addiction has become a problem, or have recently been in one,  please pick up a copy of "What Can I Do About Him Me?"and find comfort in the words.
know that you are not alone and that you can find peace again in your life.

[as a side note  sexual addiction doesn't just happen to males but can also happen to females. we hear more about men's problems with pornography or sex than women but the problem is definitely there. and the same principles still apply.]

you can learn more about Rhyll and her recovery here.
and you can also learn about her foundation, SA Lifeline, here

i was given this book to review but received no other compensation for my review. all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

eShakti lovin'

dress: c/o eShakti [similar here], shoes: DSW {my wedding shoes :)}, belt: thrifted, earrings: c/o Violet Hill Boutique

Adam told me when he saw this dress that it was "just so you."
aw sweet, right?
i'm glad he's kind of starting to get on board with my fashion sense :)

i received this dress from eShakti and, seriously, could it be more perfect??
{well... i could have a more mature upper body that fits it better but that's a different story}
but honestly, i love it!

i feel like a cute, hot, flirty little 50's housewife and feel like i should make a 5 course meal in it and clean the whole house in my special concoction of cleaning supplies before Adam comes home.
of course i would never do any of those things ever in my life...
but, you know, this dress makes it at least feel possible.

i love how simple it is and yet it has just the right touch of gorgeous details like the tie around the neck and the eyelet embroidery on the bottom.
i think it's perfect to dress up and have fun with all year round.

eShakti is a great website to get super cute dresses that can be specially customized to fit your size and needs. this dress that i got originally was sleeveless but i was able to add a sleeves on it instead.
you can also change hem length and neckline on most dresses.
[you can even remove pockets or embellishments. true customization]
i love that feature! it's so easy now to find cute dresses and not worry about them being immodest.

eShakti has the perfect dress for everyone!
and really, perfect because it is made just for you.

one tip about eShakti:
if you find a dress you love, GET IT!
their dresses go fast and what might be there today could be gone tomorrow.
i learned that the hard way.
i still love my dress but all my other choices were gone within a couple of days.
so don't wait too long to get a dress you like. or else it could be too late.
{that's how awesome their dresses are!}

you can get 20% off of their dresses from now until April 30th with the code
enter the code into the "Privilege Discount" box. also, if you sign up for an account for the first time you get a $25 off code which can be combined with the 20% off code above.
so go get to ordering & saving on your one-of-a-kind, special customized dresses!!

my drops of awesome

there is this really great article that has been circulating the interwebs that a few friends sent to me called Drops of Awesome. if you haven't read it to us, you need to. 
basically, the writer knows all my own, ugly thoughts about myself and it's like she's writing from my own journal. 

i'm sure most of us have those days where we feel like we aren't doing anything right. 
or when we are doing something right, we remind ourselves about when we messed up and it ruins our little bubble of confidence. 
{i mean, that's really not just me right?} 

as i have been thinking about this last day and week and beating myself up about how i can't handle my kid and i suck at motherhood, i was reminded again of this article. 
yeah, i'm not the best mom. or wife. or friend. 
and i don't say that to get pity. it's the truth. none of us are perfect. 
but i did get some awesome things done today. 

my Drops of Awesome for 3/25:
- i dusted and vacuumed the whole house, including underneath the couch cushions. 
- i made Elijah more than just dry cereal & chocolate milk for breakfast. 
- i cleaned {half} of the bathroom and the mirrors. 
- i ran [well, mostly walked] about 2 miles this morning. 
- i visited with a friend this afternoon and it was fun. 
- and i made us all lunch. 
- and Elijah ate his grapes. 
- i cleaned my room. 
- and cleaned the kitchen/did dishes.
- i didn't let Elijah watch TV all day {since we were visiting with a friend}.
- i actually got to shower without Elijah. AND he didn't get into the eggs while i was in the shower.
- i made dinner before 7.
- i painted more than 3 fingers.
- and i'm actually writing a blog post. 

none of this feels like much. 
especially when i still felt like half my day was spent with tears in my eyes out of frustration. 
but looking back, it helps me see that i'm not so crappy. 
and tomorrow is always another day. 
and i can get through it if i keep thinking of all the little things i am accomplishing. 

we all are better than we think we are!

so here's to another day and some more Drops of Awesome added to my bowl! 
and not looking backwards.

sweetest moments

this grainy, black & white picture has captured one of my absolute favorite moments this weekend. 
after a fun morning of playing with kids, a puppy, and chasing around chickens, Elijah scooted over to me on the couch, nuzzled himself under my arm, and fell asleep all cuddled up to me. 
[which never ever EVER happens. he cuddles but doesn't fall asleep]

and then when i went to put him in his bed he said,
"night night mom, i wuv you, bye." 
heart in a puddle on the floor. 

and moments before this, i was frustrated because he was whining at me for chocolate candy. 
oh, how quickly he can wrap me back around his chubby little fingers again. 

Eli is a big snuggler and it is one of my very favorite qualities about him. 
no matter what happens, if he sees me sitting or laying on the couch, he will be make a spot for himself and lay right next to me. 
it's impossible to ever just have my own space. 
if i move, he will move right next to me again. 
i have to remind myself that i will miss it when he doesn't want to be snuggled right up to me all the time so i should enjoy it as long as i can. 

this kid gives me a 
i have breakdowns every day over the frustrations of trying to get a toddler to listen and obey. 
{no exaggeration} 

but then Elijah, in all his sweet innocence, wants nothing more than to just be by his mama and i think to myself.... 
i guess motherhood isn't that bad after all. 
if only for these precious moments, it makes it all worth it. 
[usually... :)] 

Inspiration: Easter Message

super star 5: fun facts friday

i love getting to know people and hearing their funny/interesting facts about themselves.
i like knowing the fun things that make them unique.
so i thought it would be fun to dedicate Fridays to sharing our fun facts with one another!

i'll share 5 random tidbits about myself first and then would love to have anyone who would like to participate share your fun facts and link up your blog post below. 
[you can also just share your 5 fun facts in the comments if you don't want to write a blog post]
you can then go and visit each other's blogs and meet some new people!

here are my Super Star 5 Fun Facts! 

1. i ran cross country in 9th grade as a way to stay in shape for track. but i basically didn't try at all cause i'm lazy. i would always stay in the back and just told everyone i was the motivator and cheer everyone on, ha. then at one meet our best runner was hurt so my coach asked me to "step it up." i ended up coming in 14th out of 80 or more girls which was pretty decent. then the next day at practice i went to back of the group again. :) moral of the story: i could probably try harder in life.

2. when i was little i used to cut my bangs all the time. i once cut them right before we had passport pictures taken so in my passport picture i have a big bandana on my head to cover them up. one day my grandpa told me if i cut my hair again he would shave my head like Charles Barkley. and i never did.

3. i met almost all my favorite bands except one [a few pictured below]. i tried not to fangirl too much even though i was crying inside out of sheer joy each time.

meeting Mae with my friends Doug (in the white shirt) and Lauren.
meeting the singer of Copeland (in the black) with my friends Adam, Myles, and Doug.
meeting Eisley with my friend Amy (in the red).
4. in junior high my friends and i had a really great idea to make our Halloween costumes... out of butcher paper. i don't remember why we thought it was great... but preteens always think they are awesome i guess. so we dressed up like hula dancers and made skirts and bikini tops (that we wore over white shirts) out of paper. it was cool. until i see old pictures then i think it's hilarious.

5. i once tried out for BYU Young Ambassadors but was so embarrassed by my singing portion of the audition that i didn't go to the dancing audition. in my defense, they told me an hour before the audition time that there was an opening and i had to have two songs memorized. so... basically it was a train wreck. dreams of being on Broadway dashed.

now it's your turn! 
link up your 5 Random Facts posts or share some fun facts of yours in the comments below. 
be sure to then visit at least two other blogs who linked up and comment on their posts. 
have fun with it!

$100 Visa Giftcard Giveaway - 3 winners!

i know this week has been a big week of giveaways
[Shabby Apple and custom blog design
and i promise i didn't really plan it that way, it just kind of all happened. 
but i mean... can we really complain over free stuff?

we'll just chalk it up to a big celebration of Spring!

anyways, i hope you all aren't too annoyed of them yet. especially because today's giveaway is pretty awesome.

me and 11 other bloggers have teamed up to give away
three $100 Visa Giftcards!! 
that's three winners, people! 

that's pretty great right?
meet the lovely bloggers who made it all possible!

Life is a Sunset // and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson // Classic & Bubbly

Big Mario Life // Sparkles and Shoes // The Egg

be sure to check out all their wonderful blogs and get to know them!
i know for most of the entires you have to visit their sites...
but i mean really stay a while. you won't be disappointed!

as mentioned before, this giveaway is to win one of three $100 Visa Giftcards! 
i wish you all the very best of luck!!
{i truly wish everyone could win :)}

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::: p.s. be sure to get your Five Fun Facts post ready for tomorrow's link up!

how helped a marriage + a giveaway {closed}

i have known Laura for a while in the blogging community and always knew what an awesome person she was and talented. i have enjoyed reading her blog and hearing her stories. so when i got the chance to work with her more one-on-one i was really excited to get to know her better. and of course, she has totally blown me away by her kindness, generosity, and honesty. 

when i read the following guest post, i got completely emotional. first of all, i'm so incredibly grateful to her for what she wrote and for willingness to share her story. and second, i think her post is so important because most people deal with conflict and arguments in marriage than they would like to admit. it seems too taboo to ever say we don't like our spouses sometimes. but the truth is that happens to the best of us and there are great tools out there to help us get through the tough times. 

i hope you enjoy Laura's post and it can help you have a happier marriage as well! 
{and be sure to check out the great giveaway at the end! :)}


I've never told Megan this, but she really helped my marriage.

If you know Simon and I, you would know we are pretty tight. We do almost everything together, we laugh at each other's jokes, we seem to have almost identical life goals, and I count myself incredibly blessed every day to have married someone I am so in tune with. So from the outside, it could never have looked like our marriage needed any help at all.

But it did. Simon and I would get on great, apart from when we fought. When we fought, we fought dirty. And I would get angrier and angrier and Simon got more and more defensive, until a huge wall of silence crashed down beneath us. We would go to bed, backs turned on each other, and I would lay there seething whilst he snored softly. And the next day we would paper over the cracks we had made in our marriage the night before and carry on as if everything was okay.

This would happen every three or so months. Words that should never be used in a "loving" argument were used. Doors were slammed. Until one night I ran out of the room and I lay on my bed and I sobbed and sobbed. It felt like we just kept hitting the same brick wall again and again. And randomly, Megan popped into my head.

Now that's a bit weird, I know. But suddenly I remembered that last year she had blogged for a site called - and I had liked what she had had to say. A lot. And I thought, maybe if I looked on that website, I could find some of the answers to this problem that had somehow, along the way, turned into a something that seemed insurmountable. 

I looked at Stronger Marriage and I realised it wasn't just us (which was a relief!). Other people had the same problems and they had written extensively on what to do when you felt angry with your spouse. So I read this article and I sat down with Simon and we made an agreement, on how we would argue (sounds funny, but true!). We based it on this acronym:

A is for admitting your anger to your spouse.
R is the desire to restrain your anger and not let it get out of hand by blaming or belittling.
E stands for explaining in a very calm manner why you are angry.
A stands for action planning or doing something about the cause of the anger.

Now, our marriage is so much happier. Not perfect, but happier. There has been much less standing up and yelling, but more sitting down and talking. No more insurmountable issues because we sit down and action plan what to do next when one of us is unhappy. And progress has been slow, and we've taken a few steps backwards at times, but I really believe that through all of this, we are making a strong, lasting marriage.

So thank you, Megan, for pointing to a great marriage resource. And thank you, for providing one.

If you managed to get through that essay, well done! As a prize I am giving away one free custom blog design from my Etsy shop, and for all other readers 10% off with the code "HERESTOYOUMRSR".

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Shabby Apple for the win! + $35 giveaway (CLOSED)

it can be really hard to find cute, modest dresses. 
usually when i'm looking for dresses in stores they are either too short or sleeveless or both. 
or i feel totally frumpy. 

i mean, i'm a young woman! 
i should be able to look cute while still being modest and covered and not in an old lady way.

that's where Shabby Apple comes in and saves the day. 
they have a wide variety of modest clothing that is incredibly cute & great quality.
i have some Shabby Apple dresses and they are by far my favorite to wear.
i feel so feminine and beautiful in each one. 

here are some items that i'm coveting right now: 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

what's your favorite Shabby Apple item?
check out their website and tell me below to win a $35 gift card!

[enter below]

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things i'm loving lately

- how cushy toddlers make life seem. just give Elijah some Lucky Charms, an episode (or 12) or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and some good cuddling and he will love you forever.
- i feel like my life depends on this skirt. i think i desperately need it in my life.
- this DIY for bow-ribbon flats. i feel like this is the next best thing to fulfill my ballerina dream. plus they are adorable!
- the way Elijah bows after you tell him "good job!" he loves the attention. he's totally my kid through and through.
- the sweet spirits of little children.
- Eli's concern for his friend when he saw that he had hurt his head. he's very sensitive to head injuries these days. i wonder why....
- this amazing and powerful article of the divinity and power of womanhood.
- this article that called all the mommy-judgments out. finally.
- and this parent who said everything that all other parents need to hear (and possibly wanted to say at one time or another).


working with the youth in my church i am constantly impressed with their goodness & strength. 
they have been incredible examples to me of faith and virtue. 

i love watching these Mormon Messages for the Youth videos and hearing the testimonies of young people throughout the world. 
i can feel the Spirit so strongly as i listen to their stories and learn from their experiences. 

this particularly message is a powerful one and was one i need to be reminded of daily. 
i love this video and hope that others can be strengthened by it as well. 

super star 5: fun facts friday

{to learn why i call it Super Star 5 read the first post here}

i love hearing/reading fun, random facts about other people that you normally wouldn't know when you first meet them. 
so i thought it would be fun to dedicate Fridays to sharing each other's fun facts with one another! 

i'll share 5 random tidbits about myself first and then would love to have anyone who would like to participate share your fun facts and link up your blog post below. 
[you can also just share your 5 fun facts in the comments if you don't want to write a blog post]

then, go and visit each other's blogs and get to know some new friends! :) 

here are my Super Star 5 Fun Facts! 

1. when i was 9 or 10 i had to get stitches in my lip from getting hit in the face with a swing. i remember thinking it didn't really hurt when i first got hit but then once my cousin told me i was bleeding i started freaking out. i have a little scar on the right side of my upper lip but you can hardly see it. i guess it helps that i have chicken lips so you don't notice as much.

2. i have really weak ankles and twist/sprain them often when playing sports {or doing anything really}. they also pop anytime i walk. my dad always joked that i could never be a cat burglar cause you can hear me coming a mile away. i have even woken up Elijah because of them. it's embarrassing... 

3. in college, i fiddled and sang in a folk ensemble group. i was terrible but it was so fun and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. i wish i could do it again. 

4. in elementary school i would make up awesome dance routines for talent shows and was so incredibly proud of my moves. my parents would try to gently encourage me to ask a friend of our family's who was a dancer to give me some choreography tips but i always thought i was pretty set. then once, at a church talent show, i got so nervous and forgot all my moves i made up to the Star Wars theme song {i know, awesome choice of song right?} and some boys in the ward made fun of me. i stopped dancing solo in talent shows, or anything else, after that. 
[but i still love dancing!! which brings me to my next fact...] 

5. i love dance parties like nobody's business. it was almost a deal breaker that Adam didn't like dancing crazy as much as i did. but then he pulled some awesome moves at a party once and it sealed the deal. 

dance party with Adam. such babies!! 
now it's your turn! 
link up your 5 Random Facts posts or share some fun facts of yours in the comments below. 
be sure to then visit at least two other blogs who linked up and comment on their posts. 
i want to make this all about getting to know each other better so let's go and make some new friends!

can't wait to read your posts!

AZ Blogger Meet-up

for the record, the cute baby i'm holding is Alexis'. i did not have a secret baby. 

Camille and Katie are the awesome brains behind the Arizona Blogger Meetup group and recently hosted the first party at Sweet Cakes in downtown Mesa.  
it was so so fun to go and meet lots of new girls in this awesome Arizona community. 
and the sweet treats from Sweet Cakes definitely were the literal icing on the cake. 

when we first moved to Arizona i had a really hard time thinking about all the friends i left behind. 
i felt very alone most days and didn't really know who to turn to or what to do with myself. 
i missed all my friends so much, including all the wonderful girls i met through blogging. 

i didn't really know anyone in the blogging community in Arizona. 
i had heard of all their blogs but didn't actually know them personally. 
and since i'm entirely too nervous to put myself out there to the veterans Arizonans, i just kind of concluded that i would probably just be the odd-man-out here. 

then i met all these super amazing, super friendly girls and everything changed. 
[some before this meet-up who i am incredibly grateful for!]

all of a sudden i felt like i found a little place for myself, 
like i actually had friends again. 
i didn't feel so alone anymore. 

since meeting these wonderful women, i have felt my whole perspective and attitude change. 
i know even Adam has seen a change when i go meet up with friends and come back rejuvenated and happy. 

that's by far my favorite part about blogging, 
the wonderful community and friendships that are made. 
i honestly don't know where i would be without them! 

Chrissy from Let Me See Your Sparkle
Alexis from Alexis Laughs

of course i ended up snuggling that little baby all night and talking to lots of people that i didn't get a chance to take a lot of pictures. 
but here is the list of everyone who came and you should definitely check out all their blogs!

thank you Camille and Katie for an awesome night!!
it was so fun and much needed.
now i can't wait for the next one
{maybe a west side meet-up?? :)}

laughter {in marriage} is the best medicine

i agree with this quote whole-heartedly. 
and if someone can make me laugh, like really laugh, i automatically think of them as my new best friend. 

this week i realized how even more important laughing is in a relationship. 
some of the times that i feel closest to Adam is not when i'm crying & he's trying to comfort me 
{which actually sometimes turns into a disaster cause the poor guy.... i'm make it hard for him, ha}
but are the times where we are both laughing really ridiculously hard together. 

i feel freer, 
i feel more like myself, 
i feel silly & crazy & totally in love

after stressful days or even after frustrating disagreements, 
if we can get a really good laugh in then everything feels right in the world
[even though the next day still ends up being crazy... it's alright for at least a few hours :)] 


make sure you laugh hard with your husband! 
let him in on inside jokes, 
be goofy, 
have a sense of humor with each other's quirks {and flaws}, 
just have fun

i'm so grateful that i'm married to a guy that knows how to make me laugh. 
and laughs along with me over stupid, silly stuff. 
because really it just makes anything hard in life a little easier 
and gives hope when you feel hope is lost.

super star 5: fun facts friday

[taken at Christmas, as you can probably tell from the aftermath of opening new toys behind me]
i love learning random facts about people. 
i love hearing/reading new things about people that you normally wouldn't know unless you've known them forever. and even then maybe you wouldn't know certain things. 
[this is why i pretty much Wikipedia/IMDB everything and everyone to learn all the interesting trivia.]

it's fun to find out what someone is like when they aren't trying to put on their best "nice to meet you" face or learn interesting things about how they grew up. 
even though i sometimes hate trying to come up with my own about me's {because i can never think of anything}, i like hearing everyone else's and getting to know people better. 

[this is kind of a take from the Instagram game that has been going around. i loved reading everyone's little facts!] [and that link is to my first 5 facts that i shared which are completely embarrassing :)]

sooooo, the point i'm getting at is this: 
i want to hear your fun facts!! 

i'll share 5 random tidbits about me first and then would love to have anyone who would like to participate leave a comment with your 5 fun facts or even write a blog post and share the link. 
i think it would be so fun for us all to get to know each other better and maybe share a few laughs {or tears or even shocking gasps} together. 
and if it seems like a hit, we can make it a weekly thing? 

what say ye? 
i'm excited! 

so let's get started. 

here are my Super Star 5 Fun Facts! 
(p.s. in one of my classes in college my teacher had a list of names people gave their children. Super Star 5 was one of the names on the list. i thought it was amazingly hilarious and have loved it ever since.]

1. i was voted "Everyone's Best Friend" in high school. i was totally embarrassed about it and thought it was so lame. i couldn't have gotten best dressed or most likely to be famous?? but now i think of it as a major compliment and think it's pretty awesome. especially since i only went to that high school for 1.5 years. 

2. i wish i could be everything and do anything. if i could i would go to school for multiple careers including business, cosmetology, culinary, law, writing, art, photography, medicine, teaching, and more. i also have lots of different business ideas i dream of pursing {but probably never will}. 

3. a few weeks after Elijah was born i called my mom sobbing because i was afraid he had my nose. i was absolutely physically distraught by it. that was one of my biggest fears about reproducing. and also i was chalk full of raging post-partum hormones at the time.

4. i play[ed] violin, harp, piano, softball, track, and was in diving and also sing. I have given up almost all of them {except piano & singing kind of} because i'm lazy. i regret it all the time

5. when i was 7 i wanted to be a cheerleader more than anything. i thought it was my destiny. then i realized i could never do any gymnastic tricks and my dream was crushed like a bug. 

now, what are 5 random facts about you??  
share them below in the comments or on your blog! 
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have a Super Star day!

things i'm loving lately

some things i'm loving as of late: 

- how Elijah eats with chopsticks. hilarious.
- this gratitude journal idea. i need to start this. 
- have i told you yet that i love Mega Stuf Oreos? mind blowing. 
- this great marriage post

- looooove this headband. so creative and so so cute!
- this dress. can't handle it. 
- Parks & Rec marathons. basically been watching it every day and LOLing hardcore. by myself. it's not sad. 
- this toddler color match activity. great idea to keep Eli busy and learning new things. 
- Elijah's new stunt when he wants to get out of something, "Mom, I just need to talk to you." clever boy.


- i need new recipes for our dinner rotation and can't wait to try this
- this hilarious post about what bloggers say or do. right on target. 
- funny story: when we were walking out of Wal-Mart one day this elderly lady called out to us, "Do you want some free grapefruit??" we had no idea who she was and never eat grapefruit but felt bad saying no... so we said sure! so now we have a big bag of grapefruit and don't know what to do with it. thankfully i just found this awesome tutorial for using grapefruit to mop the floors. sweet!

what are some things that you are loving on this boring Thursday? 
maybe that tomorrow is Friday??