my snuggle bunny

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when i was little, i remember waking up in the middle of the night and going into my parents’ bed, cuddling up next to them, and going back to sleep.
or in the early morning while we gathered to read our scriptures and say family prayer, i would nestle into my parents' covers where it was nice and cozy and drift back off to sleep.

my mom and dad would call me their snuggle bunny cause i loved cuddling with them.

as i got older though i was way too cool for it.
i still loved laying in their bed and cuddling up with their warm sheets,
but i was very much against the idea of being a "snuggle bunny."
no respecting adolescent would be caught dead having such a nickname.

only now do i realize how much my parents probably loved those moments
and missed them when i got to be too cool for them.
because now, i have my very own snuggle bunny.

Elijah loves to cuddle up with me on the couch.
even though he can be a little demanding {and OCD} about it
(my elbow canNOT be near his head)
it is my absolute favorite thing when he comes over and makes room to lay next to me.

we just lay there on the couch, me scratching his back, watching cartoons or singing lullabies.
almost every morning that is our ritual.
{and every night before we put him to bed} 
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and snuggles.

Adam is totally jealous too that Eli is my little snuggle bunny.
he tries to get Elijah to cuddle with him but Eli refuses.
the other night he finally laid down next to him but it didn't last very long.
[probably because Adam just squishes him and bites his cheeks... who wants to snuggle with that? ;)]

so it makes our cuddling sessions even more special.
because this is a moment he only reserves for his mama,
something that i will always treasure.

now i understand why my parents always let me come into bed with them even though it
a) hardly fit all 3 of us
and b) couldn’t have been comfortable at all.
because those are very fleeting moments, moments that soon my little boy will push away.

i'm so glad Elijah deems me cool enough now to want to cuddle up close to me,
to want to be with me right by my side all the time.
even after all the whining and tantrums and hitting and screaming…
i will take his snuggles all day, any day!
cause he will always be my very own snuggle bunny.


Gentri said...

So sweet. :) That's so funny that he won't let your elbow be near his head... why? haha

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little man! My 9 month old daughter won't snuggle with me any more and I hate it! She is way to concerned with moving right now. Maybe she will become snuggly again as she gets older!

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh... SO SWEET!! I hope baby girl will be a snuggle bunny because I know I will absolutely love that! But I'm kind of worried she'll only want to be a snuggle bunny with Eric, not me :( Ha!

Kristine Foley said...

Agreed girl!! I still carry Maggie all over the place, and people are like she's too big for that, and all I can think is one day she won't let me or one day I won't be able too. I'll take it all in now :) Loved this post!

Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

Stacey said...

I love that your family uses that term too! My family still says snuggle bunny, and there are no little kids around, haha :)
P.S. your hair looks really cute in those pictures!

Nicole said... sweet. I miss those sweet toddler years. My boys are cuddlers so I can't complain.

Pamela said...

So sweet! I love, love, love snuggle time.

Camille said...

Awww, so sweet. :) My daughter gets a little OCD about snuggles lately too. She instructs me whether to pat, scratch, or rub her back lol.

Ruthie Hart said...

despite his crazy wild energy, I am so glad he loves cuddling with his mommy!

Beth Dorsey said...

So cute. Nate used to call me his Cuddle Buddy, but then he started calling Tommy that. When I complained he said, "Fine. He's my *Portable* Cuddle Buddy." :) Tommy isn't very cuddly anymore though... maybe when he gets a little older again, I hope!