new sponsor swaps

chubby superman
[doesn’t have to do with this post. but oh my gosh look how cute and chubby Eli is!!]

i decided to make some changes to sponsorships {again}.
i have thought about it a lot and in an attempt to make my blog feel more organic and get back to my roots with blogging.
i feel like this will help me get out of the blogging rut i have been feeling lately.
as selfish as it may sound, i want to try and focus on my original dreams & desires for my blog and work hard to bring those back out to the forefront of my blog.

and in addition to all that, i have come to the realization that i am having a hard time keeping up.
with Adam’s schedule and Elijah’s never-ending energy it is hard to do everything.
so i know i need to adjust some things.

i absolutely LOVE working with sponsors & helping promote their businesses.
it is really fun for me and i especially love the relationships that develop.
i still want to work with others but am just changing up how i do it so that sponsor posts and giveaways aren’t the bulk of my blog posts.

so starting this month i will only be doing 200x100 ad swaps.
as of right now it will only include sidebar ad space and i won’t be doing group giveaways or spotlights. that may change in the future but at least for October it will be just the ad space.

i also will be switching up sponsors each month! 
i want to give more people the opportunity to swap if they want without having to spread myself too thin and keep my blog simplified.
now, sponsor spots will only last 30 days and cannot be for consecutive months.
for example, if we swap in October then the ad can’t be renewed until December.

the new sponsor spots are first come, first serve.
so if you are interested be sure to email me for the swap code.
i'd love to have you!!

i'm excited for these new changes cause i really feel like it will help me feel like myself again in this funny, blogging world.
i hope they don’t offend anyone & you can all understand my decision.

thanks for everything you all do for me!! :)


Aubrey said...

i might be on the verge of getting my blogging butt in gear. if you decide to keep doing it this way (which I totally love), maybe just maybe i'll be ready to sponsor swap next month.

Angie Bailey said...

Hi, lady! I'd love if we could swap!!! Use code NovLNL on my advertising page for ANY size you'd like! Than we can discuss everything else through e-mail. :D

My e-mail is: