trick or treat: $30 Urban Outfitters Gift Card

Happy Halloween! 

i have a special treat for you all today to celebrate this festive, cavity-inducing holiday. 

first, meet Elizabeth from The Bradley's 


i love Elizabeth! 
she has the loveliest blog and the cutest, curly-haired little girl ever!

[aren't they both so gorgeous!?]

i consider her a true, real-life friend as well and just think the world of her. 
i love hearing about her adventures around the world & her perspectives on family. 
she's amazing! 
if you haven't gotten to know her yet or checked out her blog you definitely should.
right now!

today, Elizabeth is being so kind to give away a special Halloween treat:
a $30 Urban Outfitters Gift Card

pretty great way to celebrate Halloween right??

-enter below!- 


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Amy said...

Thanks for doing this Givaway!!!

Health, art, and the girl gamer said...

Oh thank you hun!! Love you guys, REALLY wish we were neighbors. I would totally come over and you could take a nap!!! ;)

katilda said...

Shoot, I could totally use a new pair of jeans (my current go-to dark skinnies are a pair of Miley Cyrus brand from goodwill that only stay on with a hair tie since they won't button) ...anyway, Urban Outfitters has good pants. That's all I'm trying to say.

Ananda Rock said...

Thanks :D